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Roksa; Death Dealers Stacks Bug

*Just dropping this in here, not sure if it was reported before at all.*

Currently Roksa's monster set and Death Dealers Fete mythic, has quite an annoying bug.

When you die these sets sometimes stop working and stacks do not accumulate. Options to fix it is either re equip them or die again and hope for it to start working. In most pvp areas it is very hard to get out of combat to re equip it and nearly impossible in in Battlegrounds where you actively need to be going after objective and don't have time to go into corner of the map and sit waiting for half minute to get out of combat...

It would be nice to get acknowledgment that this issue is know and will get fixed. DDF bug to me personally occurred around one year ago.
  • N00BxV1
    I've been using Roksa's ever since the first day that it released on PC (tanking vet dlc dungeons, battlegrounds, imperial sewers and cyrodiil). And I have also noticed this set sometimes not working... There will be no buff icon, no visuals, no sound effects, and no increased recovery - it just completely stops working until I un-equip and then re-equip the set (luckily it hasn't required me dying to fix it yet). This bug has even happened to me when first entering a veteran dungeon using the dungeon finder. So I have no idea how to reproduce the bug or else I would just so that I could show it off...
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