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  • Jammy420
    Because I have naive hope that one day they will actually jump over their own shadows and listen to the playerbase / pts, since I have thousands of euros sunk into this game.
  • aspergalas4
    I love the Elder Scrolls and the fact this game allows us to see parts not seen in the single player series. I love the aesthetic of the zones in recent years (and hope a base game revamp is eventually carried out to bring it up to par), and think that plays a huge part in why so many of us can get so immersed here. The world building is very good, the team that designs the zones carry the game in many aspects, as do the voice actors and the music department. Writing being hit and miss.

    I speak for myself but I just wish there was more of it, more content, more risks taken with it and more in depth systems, more weapons and equipment to play with, more in game rewards, more stories to follow and get immersed in. The fundamental root complaint people have with ESO is there isn't enough of it which should tell you all you need to know about how the majority feel about the game.

    Throw some actual heavy resources behind the title it is not going to die after TES VI releases, but it will if you keep up this bare minimum content drip. Adding systems that you plan to expand on thereafter like antiquities, housing etc are great and I appreciate that approach, but make the initial release of these systems a bit more content rich so we don't feel ripped off for wanting the game to succeed.
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  • Photosniper89
    joergino wrote: »
    Frankly, I have absolutely no idea. Bad habit, most likely.

  • LouisaB75
    Well I have not been around as long as most of the people here. I have only been playing since High Isle released when it popped up on Steam as a recommendation. But why am I here... because I love it.

    I love the stories and the quests. I love the freedom to wander wherever I want and pick up whatever quests I want.

    I love being able to do whatever I feel like doing, whether it is a dungeon, Endless Archive, a random quest, harvesting, scrying, Tales of Tribute, or PvP. The huge variety means that whatever I happen to be in the mood for, ESO has something to offer me.

    I love the scenery and sometimes will just stop and grab a screenshot of a particularly great view. I love climbing up to high vantage points to grab them and my screenshot library is ridiculously large in this regard. Did you know that if you climb really high at one of the places in the Telvanni Peninsula that you can find cliff striders that don't attack you? Probably because they didn't bother coding them to attack anyone up there, but I like to think it is because they are so far removed from people up there, they don't know how dangerous we are and so don't automatically attack.

    I love the tiny details that I find that I have previously missed. I must have gone through the Necrom inn dozens of times before I noticed that you could give the dog in there some water. Finding random things like the ghost and skeleton on the bed in Apocrypha. Learning I can pet the baby gryphons in Coral Aerie. All the random little things that are so easy to miss, but which make me smile and, in some cases, wonder at the stories behind my new discovery.

    I love the music, especially the song that is sung by the guy on the boat in Gonfalon Bay. I will sometimes hang out there just to listen to him.

    I love the housing and decorating them with things I have found, crafted or purchased. The variety of styles and items is great and I love finding new furnishing recipes to make. I do wish I could pet my non-combat pets in the houses... but maybe that will come later. I live in hope.

    I love cheering on my friends for their achievements and lucky drops as well as commiserating with those whose luck is not with them. And know that they do the same for me. Like yesterday, when the RNG fates seemed to be laughing at me - at least 5 months grinding for a minotaur motif for a writ - which then dropped on my brand new level 6 toon on the NA server, when I need it on EU where I play. I had only set up a toon on NA to test for an error message I am getting on EU. Took her to do a holiday quest and there was my oh-so-wanted motif in the very first box I opened. You have to laugh at the odds.

    I love how helpful people are if you shout out in zones for help with bosses or quest sharing or general questions. There is always someone there to give others a hand.

    Sure it has it's bugs - I will never forget my duo partner in Endless Archive having to complete the run as a goat, which was a riot! - but the good far outweighs the bad in the game for me.

    So that is why I am here and why I anticipate sticking around for a long time to come.

  • DorianDragonRaze
    ESO is satisfying. Sometimes it wastes, but then it satisfies again.
    I like events when I chase event tickets and new outfit styles and sell loot for good coin,
    then I feel like I probably wasted time because I don't want to abandon any of my current outfits, so either I have to buy another outfit slot or make notes, so tedious (!), of what my current outfit is before I change it.
    Also during events I don't have time to play quests, so I feel like I probably could have more quality time in a single player game, because ESO events are tempting and it's hard to ignore them for me while playing ESO.
    But in general I want to return here again and again because the game is beautiful, it has numerous activities that I can switch between like housing, antiquities, fishing etc. There's always something for fun here. It does not crash, like modded Skyrim. It runs great on my Mac.
    ESO is convenient for me.
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    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got the ESO on my hard drive...
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