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There's no shortage of threads with grievances or ESO "shortcomings" so I figured I'd switch it up and start a thread on things we DO like.

I'll share a few:
  • The fluidity of the animations in ESO are smooth and complete compared to many games that seem to enjoy implementing "choppy" animation. It's unappealing in my opinion to watch your avatar run and move like claymation.
  • The fact that I've been able to enjoy the same game for a decade. How many other MMOs came out and died in this span.. ZOS deserves some credit for its business prowess and financial decisions. I'd rather have an ESO that needs continual updates and tweaks, than no ESO at all.
  • I love the character customization options and the outfit system.
  • PVP in this game is fantastic. Yes I have complaints, but the enjoyment still FAR exceeds any frustrations if it's all boiled down.

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  • wilykcat
    Yes finally. Thank you.

    I enjoy eso because the game has playable cat people, a huge variety of unique dungeons, beautiful realistic landscapes, awesome dance emotes, the quest progression is very fun, and the forums are spectacular 😀.

    There's so much more positivity I want to share with everyone, that my comment will end up being TL;DR. 🤣
  • AzuraFan
    Because I still have things to do in the game that I enjoy: I still have to get some achievements I want, collecting lore books, filling the sticker book, chasing down leads, filling out different types of collections.

    I also enjoy questing and playing through the stories.
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  • TaSheen
    I'm still here because the game is still a lot of fun. When it stops being fun for me, I'll leave like I did WoW and RIFT.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • ClowdyAllDay
    I'm stubborn and dumb. thats why i'm still here. On my first account i got from humble bundle i connected it to steam and i quit like 3 times in the first 6 months because of toxicity in game from other players. I had my eso account deleted and started over with the same steam account. I have subsequently quit and started over a couple more times on a second account which i think i paid for back around elsweyr timeframe or maybe summerset..

    I guess i'm still here because i prefer non-conformity to arbitrary social standards that are in all reality based on whims of whosoever calls the shots. There is a genuine moral standard but it wont be found in any video game.

    Once i owned aand ran a guild that i wont mention by name, doesn't matter anyway it's long gone. I had my longest break of about 15 months and then another about 6 or 9 months. being mental the passage of time is wonk so take the length of time with a grain of salt.

    I truly might need an intervention as i now have 10 accounts that i got for free the upgraded some of them while there were sales on eso. two acounts now have 3 toons each and another has one i am leveling up crafting.

    Largely i think eso helps me discover what boundaries i genuinely have and what i cant tolerate esp from people, with the buffer of a pc between me and the rest of you all to help limit the damage. Historically, this kind of game i usu play single player and i seem to like battling back the monsters that i often cant do anything about in real life.

    As to what i like, it's crafting and discovery and story.
  • Treeshka
    Feels like i am doing Aetherian Archive.

    Jokes aside. There is one main reason Escapism.
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  • driosketch
    Yesterday while I was doing my writs, there was a player holding block by one of the Writ Boards, shield bashing at those who approached, and I thought to myself, "this place is alright."

    This is just a game world I enjoy spending time in, even if it's just doing some nonsense.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    • flexibility and variety of builds
    • freedom to explore (especially with the entire game being scaled so you cant "outlevel" areas)
    • the pvp is fun, certainly not the best but its still fun to participate in
    • variety of content to do, ranging from the solo arenas, up to the 12 man trials)
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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Well... I am just waiting for a Black Marsh Chapter... which will probably never happen :neutral:
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    • Character customization is unparalleled. I love the character designs, the fact that I can combine multiple motifs to create unique costumes for my characters, and how there are so many cosmetics available which allow me to create a unique individual. I'm a writer and storyteller at heart, so character design is of the upmost importance to me.
    • The housing system, as an extension of character creation, allows me to create a home which expresses personal aspects of my character. It's deeply immersing to be able to craft an environment that a specific character would call home, and to choose furnishings that would suit their taste. Arranging different little details to imply what their interests are and what they would spend their time doing outside of battle gives me an opportunity to deepen my exploration of what I imagine their personalities to be. I glean so much inspiration for my writing from the housing system.
    • "Endgame" in terms of combat, is not the only activity in ESO, like it is in many other games. There is so much to pursue in ESO, that I can log in and do something completely different every single day if I so choose. I love that I can balance my passion for PVE and PVP with other activities. I can spend the whole darn day fishing if I so choose. The next day, I can be out there pursuing my PVP goals. Love the variety. It means I don't end up with burnout on combat.
    • In spite of its issues, PVP in ESO really is fantastic. I love Cyrodiil, I love the massive keep battles, I love defending and taking forts, and I had a blast getting EMP/helping others get EMP, the tactics involved in playing in Cyrodiil, and I'm enjoying grinding out my AvA ranks.
    • PVE in ESO? Also fantastic. I enjoy the challenges presented by various dungeons and trials. My new obsession is IA which makes me combine my knowledge of PVE and PVP builds in order to pursue it. One of the best things they implemented in the game IMO.
    • Loving the "seals of endeavor" system and the fact that it allows me to snag a few choice items from crown crates that I really want.

    As it currently stands, I actually have very few complaints about the game and have been enjoying myself immensely. Other than my concern for the state of PVP at the moment (only because I love the game mode and want to see it thrive) and a few outstanding issues caused by AWA, I'm quite content with ESO and looking forwards to its 10th anniversary.
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  • RetPing
    Because I'm waiting for AGS to finally bring in the west that game I'm waiting for.
    Hoping that there there will be some interesting PvP.
  • DigiAngel
    It's a game I can literally veg out too...most of the time I don't even use head phones. I usually end up having conversations with folks while I play.
  • OtarTheMad
    For me it’s the lore. PvP is also just so fun, it’s like a boss fight where the mechanics are constantly changing. Housing is also kind of fun but expensive.

    Plus, I think this game will be just about my only chance to see all of Tamriel since Bethesda is taking forever between TES titles.

    I also enjoy some of the stories and characters created. I love running into Raz.
  • Melivar
    The story telling and aesthetics got me here, not from the beginning as I wasn't familiar with the ESO lore from the rest of the series. Played a little Skyrim but not fully nor any of the other games though I do have them in my steam lobby and plan to play them eventually.

    The stories keep me here. Just about finished with everything on my main after 5-6 years should wrap up by the release of the next chapter assuming I don't sidetrack myself on some other task which happens often thus not finished yet.

    Justy recently started my 18th character and redoing the main quest along with the TG and DB story lines which is great with the upcoming event and forgot how fun they are and how enjoyable the voice acting is as well.

    While my play times keep me mostly as a solo player I am in a few guilds that I run with when my schedule permits and often get end of the run calls to join groups that have people who need to drop out or wish to go a little later than the schedule. So always something to do and 95% of the time its fun and enjoyable.
  • LunaFlora
    i like the game.
    i love being in a fantasy game where there's also other people and in which i can be a wood elf with antlers.

    housing and outfits are awesome too.

    edit to add:
    i love Elder Scrolls, its world and quests.
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  • KlauthWarthog
    It is quite relaxing once you stop caring about it or expecting anything from it.
  • Cazador
    I'm a fan of the elder scrolls series. It's what brought me here in the first place.
  • old_scopie1945
    Simple, I play it because I love it.
  • gariondavey
    Sunk cost fallacy mainly at this point
    Also the pipe dream that zos will use more resources for pvp
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  • Elvenheart
    I’ve been playing since beta. I had dabbled in Oblivion and Skyrim some, but since I mostly played MMOs after discovering Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, and Worlds of Warcraft, I didn't do much with them. I did tinker with Spellcrafting in Oblivion, and made some outrageous spells!

    When Worlds of Darkness was announced I was so excited about an MMO dedicated to vampires! While waiting, I heard about ESO having playable vampires, and decided to give it a try even though I knew little to nothing about the lore from my little exposure to Elder Scrolls. Well, WoD was cancelled, and the lore of Tamriel SLOWLY grew on me (although I kept wishing for years that this game engine WOULD magically turn into Neverwinter or Lord of the Rings Online), and I’m still here because I love the characters I’ve made, the adventures I’ve had, and Uncle Sheo. And, after all these years, this is the only game with nice graphics where you can play vampires and werewolves (such as they are). I’ve seen other MMOs in the works, and tried some of the other recently released MMOs, but in my opinion ESO still has the best graphics out there, and it’s been my go to game for so many years now I can’t really imagine starting over somewhere else.
  • Kendaric
    Mainly the lore/setting, as I've been a fan of TES since Arena. Apart from that... the housing and character creation/customization.
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    • merpins
      Brakkish wrote: »
      The fluidity of the animations in ESO are smooth and complete compared to many games that seem to enjoy implementing "choppy" animation. It's unappealing in my opinion to watch your avatar run and move like claymation.

      For the most part, yeah the animation here in ESO is good. Even the new class, Arcanist, has good animation. Then there's the templar change to jabs... We don't talk about that.

      So I'm not playing ESO right now. I'm keeping an eye on it, of course. It's my favorite MMO. But it's pretty stagnant for me at the moment. I've done everything in this game, and can't really find any fun with its itemization or builds anymore. Done all the quests more than twice. It needs something else, a change or something, to bring me back for any longer period of time (e.g. vet overland, a big overhaul to classes, spellcrafting might do it for a bit). I still like it, and might run dungeons in it as-is, but other than doing that occasionally (once every couple months), there's no reason for me to stay atm.

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    • DarcyMardin
      I absolutely loved Morrowind, my first ES game, and I also enjoy MMOs, so when ESO was announced, I signed up immediately. Along with dabbling in many other MMOs, I played LOTRO from its launch until ESO launched, and I’ve been here ever since.

      I enjoy exploring, the combat, the quests, the voice acting, and the fact that I can do most of the content solo, since that’s how I usually play. What I can’t do solo, I can usually do when I team up with my husband, who has also been here since the beginning. We don’t raid, but did plenty of raiding in LOTRO, so I don’t really miss that aspect. And ESO always has plenty of other stuff to do to keep me interested.
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    • Tornaad
      I love the world of the Elder Scrolls.
      I got lost in Morrowind 20 years ago and never came back.
    • Tandor
      When I started at PC launch I realised within 5 minutes of first logging in that this was going to be my main gaming home for some years to come, following on from EQ, EQ2 and LoTRO before it. Almost 10 years later that's still my feeling today, notwithstanding there are a few things I don't like (such as the trading system and the achievement changes). The TES connection is important of course, having played every TES game over the years.

      Overall, it's still a great game that I enjoy a lot as my main, but not my only, game. I put that down to the whole blend of graphics, character development, questing, voice-acting, combat, housing, crafting and all the other things that have always worked so well including, for me, the performance. I have no interest in PvP, guilds or formal groups, so those parts of the game aren't reflected in my comments. I guess I could sum most of it up as "immersion".
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    • carthalis
      I've been playing mmo's since the days of Everquest and ESO has been a constant since One Tamriel with the odd break inbetween. I love playing ESO for its lore, its history, the characters you meet along the way and the gorgeous environments we get to explore and travel through. The daedric princes are fascinating and I'm always drawn into their stories and machinations.
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