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Buff discussion NB Sorc and DK

  • Weckless
    OBJnoob wrote: »
    Weckless wrote: »
    I feel like they can probably take the cast time off dark exchange & morphs

    The resource sustain cannot ever be made instant fast that’s way too strong tbh. But the heal could be made juicer maybe a stronger upfront burst heal and followed by a good sized HOT.

    If they made it possible to block during the cast i think sorcs would settle for that

    Oo. Interesting. I haven't heard that before-- good one. Question though... So would it still be interruptible? When blocking I mean.

    Okay after thinking about it for a minute I see a problem with the plan. Sometimes you WANT to cancel a cast time ability. And my preferred method to do that has always been block.

    Also... I dunno, lots of little things. Does every other cast time ability in the game get the same treatment? Might not be the worst thing in the world I guess, just as long as channeled abilities are left out.

    Easy. If you're blocking while you cast block stays. To cancel drop block and block again or just bash
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