Maintenance for the week of November 27:
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· [COMPLETE] EU megaservers for maintenance – November 28, 9:00 UTC (4:00AM EST) - 23:00 UTC (6:00PM EST)
The maintenance is complete, and the PTS is now available.

Any Dungeon Bug Fixes Planned?

I know this is Week 1 and things aren’t finalized yet but reading the entire PTS patch notes and not a single bug fix for a dungeon is disheartening to say the least. Considering we repeatedly have bugs reported on the forums and all and the ingame bug report tool I was expecting something.

Some bugs examples include but not limited to:
Vet Castle Thorn Circle Disappearing
Dread Cellar NPC Disappearing
Maarselok 2nd boss permanent invul state
And more recently Volenfell level bug

Unless I missed a section, and if I did, please tell me but this is the bug fix patch can dungeons please get some love I beg you.
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