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What houses would you like to see added to the game?

As the title says, what houses would you like to see added to the game? I know I personally would love to see a dwarven ruin home in the Arkthzand Caverns, a house on Galen with a good view of the volcano, a house on Amenos, and I hope we get a nice apocrypha house later this year.
  • Araneae6537
    Agreed on an Apocrypha themed property! :smiley:

    I’d also love to see a townhouse in Balmorra and open plots, especially a property in the woods of Summerset, some place like Indrik Frolic. :love:
  • katanagirl1
    I always wanted a small house in Sadrith Mora like Sun-In-Shadow’s, maybe we can get one in the next chapter.
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  • princesspurpleblob
    I will repeat what Ive been saying for the past year or so.

    Can ZOS please release small/medium houses in the expansion areas - I really would love one in Summerset.

    Also, I would love to see less mouldy Elsweyr style home.

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  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Nightwielder Tower

    Left abandoned after the mysterious mage Azra Nightwielder disappeared without a trace some 100 years ago, this little piece of Evergloam on the borderlands between High Rock and Skyrim is perfect for the kind of hedge-wizardry best done shrouded in shadow, away from civilization.

    A true Breton Wizard's tower that could be used to emulate great wizard homes like Frostcrag Spire or Archmage Quarters (from Skyrim and Oblivion).

    Like Sweetwater Cascades did soooo well, it is situated on a plateau between Mournoth and The Reach, giving views into both zones. Its a little detail that really puts the house in the world and is appreciated so much. There are also exits to both zones, giving easy access to both Evermore and Markarth for your eye of newt and powdered tears of a dreaming demon shopping needs.

    We have a tradition of Oblivion open-plot houses. Coldharbour Surreal Estate, Hircine's Hunting Grounds, Doomchar. We don't have anything for Evergloam yet. I love the idea of having a Tower in the overworld, which holds a portal to Evergloam open plot, much like Hircine's did. I think that Northern Bangkorai's theme of crows and remote wilderness make it the best location in all of Tamriel for a Evergloam-Feathered Court-Crowy Crow-themed player home.

    The concept riffs on some old-school lore for theme- Azra Nightwielder was a mysterious shadow-wielding mage from one of the earlier side-games. I actually don't recall when it was that he was supposed to have disappeared, but this is the exact part of the world with which he was associated, and I think the themes of shadow make the idea cohesive and cool.


    I think such a house would lend itself to a classic Gargamel hermit-wizard type house on the borders of the civilized world. Evermore is my character's home since 2014, so I still dearly hope for a good Breton-style home here in the mountains.
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  • Wise_Will
    I would like to see Small/Medium houses with 600 slots. not too fussed about the Zone, though some nice greenary and a river would be pleasent. I would also like to see wild critters/deer etc roaming in the lands.
  • RedBranch
    An underground Argonian home in Vvardenfell.
  • EthanolMuffins
    RedBranch wrote: »
    An underground Argonian home in Vvardenfell.

    A house like an underground railroad for escaped argonian slaves would be cool af!
  • Ashryn
    Thatched roof medium cottage with lots of land to landscape.
  • thecatsme0w
    Cozy druid cottage!

    Eventual goal: Own all the houses. Currently 4 short of that goal.
  • kargen27
    I still want a ladder going up to this where I can make my own little camp.


    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • TaSheen
    Erlibru's Cottage, please!

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Yes, Erlibru‘s cottage would be fine!
    Also a small home (or a collection of those) with a nice orchard on the Gold Coast (think of that evacuated village in Cyro, just NOT in Cyro). A small home in Kvatch or Anvil. And another small home in the Summerset countryside. A small home in Balmora. One in Orsinium (the city). A Galen home (small, what else). And… a home in Cyro, either in the home base or its untouchable outskirts (ya, I know it‘s impossible due to full campaigns etc, but still).
    A small home on Bleakrock, and a small home on Bethnik (yeah, I‘m looking at you, sunken Nedic monstrosity).
    And a ship home for traveling between all major ports, as in Daggerfall.
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  • LunaFlora
    a bosmer notable house,
    a bosmer house that isn't one or more snugpods,
    a house of any size in evergloam,
    a maormer ship house like aldmeri grotto but instead of an aldmeri ship it's maormeri with the serpent at the front and at a beach or a small island.

    a farm?
    an abandoned tavern?

    maybe a tiny hut on the walls of cyrodiil at the western elsweyr gate that you could enter via a ladder in Reapers March as the gate is right there near Fort Sphinxmoth

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  • maximusrex45
    I'd love a penthouse with some outdoor space in Fargrave, right over the center of the town.

    Also, more small homes not in the main cities. It feels silly to me to have two houses in the same town so usually the free inn home wins for me.
  • SilverBride
    I want more midsized houses with a small yard or courtyard and not a lot of doors with loading screens.

    I've considered Amaya Lake Lodge but going in one door, then up stairs, then out a door to the outside, then around and up more stairs, then in another door just feels like a maze and does not feel cohesive.
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  • derkaiserliche

    If i get a nice size manor where the companion base is located in skyrim, i can rest in peace forever.

    Imagine that nice mountain view B)
  • Ugrak
    Would be great with a real ship at sea. Something like the ship: Silver Swan, from the High Isle questline.
  • NoticeMeArkay
    I think it would be really great if the convenant would get a new home that's purchasable for gold.
    We didn't get a single home of that kind with any dlc release. Meanwhile the other two alliances got a whole bunch, medium and large sized ones. Unlockable with achievements and purchasable with gold.

    Please give the covenant a home. Breton, Orcish, this point it really doesn't matter anymore. Just something!
  • LukosCreyden
    Another Nedic themed house! Sure we have Seaveil Spire, which is beautiful, huge and impressive, but I think it is a little TOO huge and impressive lol. Something a bit smaller, with Nedic architecture, would be fantastic. Currently, I'm using Mournoth Keep for a Nedic house. It's situated in an appropriate location and Orcish stonemasonry works well with Nedic furnishings.
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  • DinoZavr
    The game is seriously missing medium and large houses, especially in the smaller DLC zones (for which only Crown Store manors are currently offered). Manors are very expensive and suffer a lot from the furnishing limits. It would be great if Zeni deploys such houses available for the ingame gold.
    And there are no houses on Galen at all (also, adding a small house in Blackreach Arkthzand could be helpful too).
    PC EU
  • MotherOfMoss
    I'd be all for some smaller (=medium-to-large) houses too (with a garden, and preferably with the garden being the first thing one sees upon entry – I struggle to buy homes where the entrance is straight into the interior, and certainly ones where there is no garden at all, and thus no open sky). I adore some of the bigger houses, but they are difficult to furnish in a way that feels full and lived-in. More compact houses also leave more room for the imagination, when you have enough slots to even transform the place completely.

    As for areas which I feel are a little under-explored:
    - More houses in the starter zones. They're some of the cutest places in the game yet sorely lacking in houses (with exterior space).
    - More houses in DLC areas, as the above comment also said. It would be nice to see all the existing different styles of houses explored a little more, with houses of various sizes and situated in various zones.
    - Houses overlooking towns and cities (or ports, or other notable locations...). I feel like the many beautiful vistas in the game don't really get to shine as much as they could, with houses either out in the countryside or not really offering the best view of a city. Some delightful exceptions include and, are probably not limited to, Quondam Indorilia, Ravenhurst, Lucky Cat, and of course the more recent Sweetwater which makes really good use of the Elsweyr aqueduct. Could be just me, but it's somehow nice to craft my own abode adjacent to views that are familiar from the game proper!

    Some very idiosyncratic wishes to wrap it up:
    - A Gold Coast Imperial house which is not massive. The basegame Imperial houses look pretty dated, and besides, I never stopped loving the Anvil house we could unlock in TES IV: Oblivion through that one quest :smiley: As it stands, the huge and stately Linchal manor is the only Imperial style house with more polished visuals... and without a tent ceiling in its sky. (The snowglobe home is quirky-beautiful but quite limiting.)
    - Another Ayleid house which is not massive? Houses with views of Ayleid ruins, perhaps? If I could get a property with a view of Halcyon Lake in Bangkorai, it'd be better than an early Christmas.
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  • MotherOfMoss
    ... I should add "beautiful natural sceneries" to my list of desirable views, too, just to balance that statement. Sometimes it kills me that there is a city right outside my total conversion build :D
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  • BergisMacBride
    I've always wanted a Nord house pretty much like Fallowstone Hall (The Rift) in design. I'm not sure why they never made one. It'd be a nice large home with a decent-sized outside area, maybe with a small lake, stream or river outside. Fall or early winter for the season would be perfect.
  • kloverleaf
    I would love to see moderate to small homes in Fargrave, The Clockwork City, and Galen. Those are some of my favorite places.
  • Vaqual
    The large Breton manor, ideally either the Montclair manor in Shornhelm (after completing the questline) or in a new remote location, kinda like the Thieve's Oasis house but more in the style of Kerbol's Hollow. Maybe even include multiple buildings. Maybe connect them with an instanced cellar or something like that. Should be a low effort house to make.

    Edited by Vaqual on April 13, 2023 10:28AM
  • noblecron
    I'd love a smaller druid cottage in High Isle or Galen. It'd be cute. A smaller Ayleid home would be awesome as well and not that one Ayleid ruin.
    Edited by noblecron on April 13, 2023 1:20PM
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