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Buying a new full game package - does it overwrite anything?

I have ESO and ESO plus, which gives me everything up to and including Blackwood (I know I have Blackwood as I picked up a companion). However, I want to add High Island soon and as it is on sale I tried to buy it. For some unknown reason I get "Error: You do not qualify for this product". It occurs to me that it would be cheaper to buy the full High Island game while it is on sale than to wait until someone figures out why I'm not qualified and then buy the High Island upgrade at full price.

Is it safe to buy an new full game and install it over my current one?
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  • tmbrinks
    Yes, it's safe to do so.

    All account data is stored remotely on the game's servers. You can play on multiple computers and all your gameplay will be saved.
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  • Tantala
    Thanks, I guessed that would be the answer but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • ZOS_Bill
    As this is a duplicate discussion which has already been answered, we will now close the thread. The original discussion can be found here.
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