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Gray Host Playstation EU very laggy after August 3rd’s maintenance

After 2 weeks of talking to german customer service i have been told to open a new discussion here in bug reports. English is not my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

In the middle of the last "Midyear Mayham Event" we had a maintenance on 3rd August 2022. In the hours and days after the maintenance the game suffered an extreme performance loss.

I recorded this video on the weekend after the maintenance, so a couple days later:


You can see that i am trying to use abilities, but they only work after pushing the buttons a couple of times. My char interrupts the animations and wriggles/flounders (?) like me in the disco when i am trying to dance. When you look at my teammates you will see them trying to use abilities too, but they seem to have the same issues. NPCs are so scared of our dance moves they just look at us, and refuse to fight such a stupid group. Some of us did manage to use their ultimates, but the NPCs do not care, they do not take damage, they just run away to the first flag, to mock us. I am pretty sure the NPCs are mocking us, yes. You can also see that there is not a single enemy player. But still very poor performance. Just some ineffective AD players and some op NPCs looking at each other. The rest of the campaign is waiting in our homebase, or hiding somewhere behind a tree, playing the "zonechat game". But they changed the game: They stopped telling us what to do. They do not call us names and yell at us for being stupid. They do not fight each other over destroying bridges or not, they do not moan about useless guilds and bad groupleaders. All they want to do now is talk about the bad performance of this game.

I almost never press record on my playstation, so i do not have video material from the hours after maintenance. I wish i had, because it was even worse than what you can see here. People stopped playing on Gray Host and moved to Blackreach. The new performance issues seemed to effect exclusively the Gray Host campaign. Blackreach was fine for me when i went there. Not perfect, but fine. So Gray Host has been empty for almost two weeks, and the performance is better now. As long as you do not meet enemy players. It is just player versus doors and NPCs at the moment, so who cares. I do not know how it will be when people come back to play PvP.

Customer support tried to get me to open all ports, try NAT Type 1 and record again. I tried, but there is nothing to record now. As i said, the campaign is empty. And since almost all players i know experienced extreme performance issues after the maintenance, i guess something went wrong on your side not ours. And again, i am not talking about the usual performance issues. Since maintenance it has been way worse than in the months before.

I would like to quote another players reaction to an admin/moderator asking us to try the troubleshooting in some link:

apri wrote:
"This assumes the error is to be found on our end. While our end did not change between before and after maintenance, something on the servers did. So the attempt to fix things on our end that remained the same is not helpful and will not fix anything other than possibly just mess things on your costumers internet or network settings. I do not find this helpful, I do find such instructions dangerous, in particular the port adjustments that can easily overwhelm the average customer and come with a risk to mess up connectivity in other regards if done wrongly or if other settings are changed by mistake. Therefore, such recommendations should be used only when all the indicators point on individual issues which is not the case here. In any other case it should not be recommended to change network or internet settings because there is a risk to mess things up. In this case, the problem is not individual. All players in Cyrodiil experienced a change in playability between before and after the maintenance and it is highly doubtful they all changed router settings while waiting on the servers to open again. So the ball is not in our half and we should not be given instructions to look at solutions where they cannot be found. Problem needs to be fixed where it's due."

You can find the full conversation in this discussion:

Other players also have reported the new issues with Gray Host on the forums, but they did not get a lot of attention:


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