• idk

    Why is the OP of this thread not kept up to date? Looks to be last update was pre-CP. of course console but that would need different info for controls and such.
    Really, idk
  • mjonis
    I'd add a few things:

    1) DO NOT buy any bag or bank upgrades until after level 16. Apparently there's a "feature" (it's on the bug forum). Something to the effect of:

    At level 7 you get a free inventory bag space upgrade, but only if you did not pay for one prior.

    At level 16 you get a free BANK space upgrade. But only if you did not buy any BAG or BANK space upgrade prior.

    Since I used my first 200 gold or whatever to get a bag space upgrade, I missed out on 2 free upgrades.


    2) You can visit a Stable every day to buy upgrades for your mount. Not sure if you buy the mount space upgrades if it ruins #1 above.

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