• chriss23
    Thanks for this, very helpful to an 'older, new to MMO' player!
  • BrianQ24b14_ESO
  • Tobiz
    The little star up at the title, to the right. Its what you use to mark a thread as worthy to save.
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  • Ysne58
    I miss all the threads about skills and morphs that were so nicely laid out.
  • ihernandez69
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    This will be very helpful Thank you :)
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  • cuz_mike200
    I started my addiction to ESO at release and I have always loved the game, but I was really confused and done internet research and I learnt the game's mechanics and the way if works so I definitely needed new player guides.
  • Joejudas
    This is cool. You also have great folks like Deltia who is on youtube who have stated the will dedicate their time to trying to help newer players. Also if your new to the game...join a guild. People in guilds will always help you out
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  • WackyFiasco
    Bumping to request updating: I haven't played since June of 2014, and I am not at all familiar with the new Champion system.
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  • damor86
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    Probably a noob question, but as a templar i have flurry ability unlocked in dual wield however its always greyed out in combat and inactive, Im dual wielding a sword and and a mace, anybody know why?
  • Hawco10
    Thank you so much for this. I'm new, I went as a templar because it seemed to be a popular choice on the web, so I spent 4 days running around skilling up heavy armor and two handed swords, kept wondering what this Aedric spear skill was and the dawns wrath too. Now, I'm frantically trying to skill up those two after discovering that they are what makes a templar.
    Thanks for the guide, it's going to help a great deal !
  • Silentmase
    How do you repack your siege weapon after you have placed it? Ps4
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  • Winterpsy
    You press the green triangle when you are using the siege engine.
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  • Silentmase
    thank you
  • VirtuallyInsane
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    I can help anyone out who's new (:
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  • sophiek_8
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    Just wanted to say that I found this really useful :)

    If anyone has any other random tips for new starters I'm all ears!
  • Deadfinger6
    Just come back to ESO after fallout 4, tis a joy to be back even after a 9gb update. All the improvements seem spot on well done ZoS. Now to find an active guild
  •  joshylonstoky
    guys what do you think its better for a damage base character in stamina: the stone of max stamina or the stone of wapon damage?
  • Karacule_Fairystar
    guys what do you think its better for a damage base character in stamina: the stone of max stamina or the stone of wapon damage?

    there are guides that could help you choose what mundus.
    but as far as I know, I choose Shadow for the increased critical damage and also if my crit rate % get passed to 50% or nearly at 50%.
  • RaXZon
    This is helpful!

    Thanks guys
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  • LordDragos
    great work
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  • Devil_Doc8404
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    New to ESO, I haven't seen if there's a level cap to the champion points that you can earn. Can anyone tell me if there's a level Cap?
  • Omnisoul
    Currently 531. 30 point increase in the next big patch.
  • Devil_Doc8404
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    Thanks much Omnisoul.
  • DearestAutumn
    This is helpful, but could someone add in the forum's lingo so I don't feel so dumb looking through the discussion boards. I feel a little lost in there being a new player to EOS.

    Greatly appreciated!
  • CAG_JB
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    First time ESO and MMORPG player,this thread has helped me out a great deal in what seems like a massive overwhelming game at times from a new players perspective.
    Thank you
  • SmokinGnu
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    Great guide !
    Thanks from a new player :)
  • b3nius
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    very good tuto very helpfull Thanks
  • TheNorthernDragon
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  • Qbiken
    Looking for the "animation-cancelling" guide. Can´t find it xD
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  • TheNorthernDragon
    sorry, double post
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