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ESO Article Round-Up For June 26- July 2

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Hi All, this is your round-up for all of the articles shared over the last week (June 26, 2022- July 2, 2022).

Link To Article "Get A Free Mount, Crates, and More with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate"
"For a limited time only, you can unlock special in-game items and collectibles with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription."
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Link To Article "Receive Special In-Game Items & Collectibles with Amazon Prime" Bookmark"
"Don’t miss out! Claim special in-game items and collectibles with a linked Amazon Prime Gaming membership."

Link To Article "
Crown Store Showcase- July 2022"
"We’ve prepared an exciting assortment of new and returning collectibles you can acquire during the month of July. Let’s dive in and see what awaits in this month’s Crown Store Showcase!"
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Link To Article "Gift Event Tickets During Zeal of Zenithar & Receive Free Crown Crates"
"Receive free Dark Chivalry Crown Crates by gifting Event Tickets during this year’s Zeal of Zenithar in-game event!"
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Link To Article "See Tenkou's Cosplay Bringing The Knight Errant Isobel To Life"
"We were thrilled to team up with Swedish cosplayer and designer Tenkou to bring Isobel Veloise to life through this extraordinary cosplay!"
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