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Lucky Ghost is almost at 10K viewers


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Edited by ZOS_GregoryV on June 17, 2022 7:12PM
  • Cendrillion21
    Lucky Ghost is so entertaining. One of my favorites. Thanks for the head's up.
    You'll never walk alone
  • LalMirchi
    He almost hit 12K and I've watched him all day as he has a pleasant voice and a very agreeable manner. I also got all the available drops so I'm a happy gamer :)
  • phairdon
    LalMirchi wrote: »
    He almost hit 12K and I've watched him all day as he has a pleasant voice and a very agreeable manner. I also got all the available drops so I'm a happy gamer :)

    Yeah. Impressive numbers for Lucky :)
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  • Bat
    How many bots though.
  • Rowjoh
    Had no idea Luck Ghost was part of the ESO team. Unfortunate as his YouTube content is interesting, but will be tainted with bias.

    And if he had any input whatsoever over the disgusting Murkmire safebox fiasco, then along with all my firiends we're unsubscribing to his channel and leaving some choice comments.
  • jecks33
    Rowjoh wrote: »
    Had no idea Luck Ghost was part of the ESO team.

    "ESO Stream Team" not "Eso Team", they are just the most viewed streamers that play Eso, nothing more
  • jecks33
    Abelon wrote: »
    Just imagine if every ESO Team (which is huge at this point) streamer's fans would start posting such threads every day. "Look, Streamer X just reached Y viewers". This place would be flooded with posts barely relevant to the game.

    This would be better than all the pvp complains :D
  • Pepegrillos
    DagenHawk wrote: »
    Any time you specialize any group or person over everyone else you cause problems for everyone else. Currently you have one streamer that has the ear of one of your developers Finn. He spends hours at a time on this guys stream heck they drink together on this guys stream...and this Stream is about Mostly Vet Trials...which concerns a lot of folks I know that the game may be steered into a raid or die platform.

    This reminded me of that time back when there was a single streamer from the team constantly in the spotlight. He was even invited to ESO-Live and all, if I recall correctly.

    I think most of those who were around back then remember how that ended. Those who don't might want to read one of the many articles that were written about it. There is one about the doxxing drama in Massivelyop, for example. Given all that, it would be reasonable not to pick favourites again, at the risk of having another one of these PR nightmares.
  • jaws343
    tim77 wrote: »
    Advertising: We do not allow advertising on our forums. This includes, but is not limited to advertisements and promotions for the following:
    Outside businesses and services
    Other games
    Any venture that results in monetary profit

    (no mention of special exception groups)

    ArchMikem wrote: »
    No advertising on the forums.

    LuckyGhost is part of the ESO Stream Team.

    didn't people even get banned for having YT or TTV in their names (because it counts as advertising)?

    if all people's rights are the same, some seem to be more equal

    There is literally a pinned post on the forums telling players to go watch these streams to get drops for their chapter promotional event. Really not a big deal.
  • Lucidilusions
    ATomiX69 wrote: »
    Bat wrote: »
    How many bots though.

    Its not bots, its "embedded viewers" which are "watching" without even knowing from being on other websites like wikis and such, most of the time its a small window hidden on the bottom of the website with volume turned to 1% so you count as a viewer on twitch, super scummy but basicly legal viewbotting.

    What they said, there are not actually thousands of people in the stream lol. It's embedded viewership, it's used to inflate your numbers for the twitch algorithm. Tons of high viewership twitch streamers do it, it's not exclusive to Lucky.
  • Destai
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    Hi All, wanted to clear up any confusion here.

    It seems like the intent of this thread was to celebrate the success of a stream team member, who is also a fellow ESO community member, just like everyone else here. We will note there is nothing wrong with that.

    However, we do want to remind everyone there is a difference between celebrating someone's success and trying to get more people in someone's stream. That can be seen as crossing into advertising territory. So please be careful with how you present someone else's stream to avoid this confusion with other users. Especially as it can put the highlighted community member in an odd position with the community.

    @ZOS_Kevin So where's the line? That's SUPER nebulous. Of course presenting Content Creators will get more people to go there and see what the buzz is about. These people make a living off of bringing people into YOUR game. Why even worry about it? People like Alcast and Nefas hold a lot more sway than you might think.

    I like seeing the newfound embrace of content creators and I hope ZOS keeps supporting them, even if it means them making money of it. That's how you get buzz going - not punitive measures towards content creators over their in-game names being the same as their TwitchTV channel. That's straight up antagonistic.
    Edited by Destai on June 17, 2022 7:39PM
  • ZOS_Kevin
    @Destai, just trying to understand your point here. We are not saying players should not talk about or post content from content creators. We want you to get an independent point of view as well. We are just highlighting to be careful when mixing support of a content creator with giveaway goals being tied to someone's viewership and giving updates to that effect. That is the line. When it crosses into active promotion for possible gain (like a giveaway). We have and will continue to support content creators. Also want to highlight that the content creators did nothing wrong here. We just want to make the clear distinction for users going forward.

    The second part is a completely separate issue that players should go through the appropriate process to appeal if their account has been impacted. We are happy to have that conversation with a player and get that resolved.

    Edited by ZOS_Kevin on June 17, 2022 7:53PM
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