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Warden Tantrum over, time for some real talk

I'm really disappointed in this PTS Cycle, myself and several other people have worked really hard to stay relevant during this cycle and week after week there has been nothing regarding Warden. You slap us in the face with "Master's of Ice" while nerfing Arctic Blast out of PvP. I feel like every bit of feedback was touched on this patch except for Warden (And probably mNB, sorry sneaky dudes) and it's really disheartening.

I thought that maybe if we could get enough feedback, and I'll admit I went off the rails with some memes and concept stuff, but the real feedback, it feels tossed aside. I even spent time trying to justify why Frost Warden should be more present via the Lore of Wardens and Y'ffre and Frost Elves, but whatever. We've even got a new Frost Damage Trial set that isn't terrible, Nunatak, a new monster set that is kinda meh but has potential, the Brittle Status which is a nice status change for Warden on the Frost side.

This is the patch where Magden will probably be the worse spec in PvP and in PvE you might as well respec to Stamden because that is where the development time is going.

I hope I'm wrong and Zos switches it around, but yeah this sucks.
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  • ESO_Nightingale
    Here's what i think. I like whorl a lot and I'm really happy that it's being included. The content of high isle is awesome, but the patch content/changes on the other hand have been utterly soured for me because they nerfed the crap out of arctic blast and the rest of the winter's embrace changes seemed entirely out of touch with what warden's have been asking for, for about 4 years now which is frost dps skills on their class. Minor breach on deep fissure isn't what i would have done at all. But it's a buff to the skill i guess. We still lack the fundamental things that other classes have in pvp. An on demand stun that works with the kit and a solid high tt 1gcd burst heal for self, another annoying reactive stun on crys slab is neither of those and it sort to "solve a problem" that they just utterly demolished with the arctic nerf. Stamden can circumvent those issues by being able to use vigor regardless of their weapon settup and having access to multiple stamina costing stun skills but Magden is still left in the dirt once again for pvp. What seems to happen time after time on warden is they make dps changes that mostly buff or affect stamden.

    Frostden is still okay in pve but it's performance wasn't exactly my issue. My issue is the lack of frost damage skills that are viable. This hasn't changed once again.
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  • Dekrypted
    My magden will probably be all but benched for the foreseeable future due to these updates.

    If I knew wardens were going to take such a beating from the devs, I wouldn't have pre-ordered the class back in morrowind and would've just bought it on sale because this is painful.

    Glad I invested my time into other classes I guess. Really bummed out with this patch for wardens.

    Edit: this is mainly from a pvp perspective, but ya boy won't pve unless he can pvp
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  • PvP_Exploiter
    Just change all animal companion animations to blue, frost damage, remove magic damage passive & class fixed.
  • LeHarrt91
    Just change all animal companion animations to blue, frost damage, remove magic damage passive & class fixed.

    Unfortunately that does not fix the issues in PvP at all. Warden still doesnt have a reliable class stun or an effective burst heal.
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  • Snow_White
    In all honesty, I’m curious if Zos has any real intent to enable frostden as a DPS gameplay style.

    Best I can figure out, frostden = warden tank, a roll in which it performs well, and Zos doesn’t seem to be moving away from that formula.

    If anything, it’s a symptom of Warden’s split personality…. Is it a Druid (healer), Ranger (DD) or Ice warrior thing (tank)?

    At least when they created Necro they stuck with one cohesive theme. They could easily follow Necro’s example and split Warden into three separate classes.
    Edited by Snow_White on May 16, 2022 11:47PM
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