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High Isle and Update 34 Roadmap

Hi Everyone,

Want a glimpse of what’s ahead for ESO in the coming months? Then check out our Roadmap through Q2 and High Isle below!


For an evolving year long roadmap, follow the link here.
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  • Feljax
    Mundus in the armoury! Yes! What about hide shoulders (and other slots)? :#
  • Maitsukas
    Nice one, is the title screen where we select our char after log in ? can we choose the background as well, or just music ?

    Pretty sure it's the login screen.
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  • Starlight_Knight
    Maitsukas wrote: »
    Nice one, is the title screen where we select our char after log in ? can we choose the background as well, or just music ?

    Pretty sure it's the login screen.

    Yea sounds like it is, just made me think because on steam it logs in for you so you'll never experience this feature
  • Olauron
    That's nice (especially the title screen music), but what about character screen (background, music, animation (emote) for each character)?
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  • DragonRacer
    Will be nice to have the Elsweyr music again :)

    The quickslot wheel. It would be nice to have more slots and also to be able to slot emotes.

    Houses? This one still hopes for a little sandy island to make her own.

    This one hopes for a mythic to help crafting or something not combat related perhaps.

    Furnishings? Maybe an elegant Breton yarn basket or two?

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws

    Does PC not already have a quickslot wheel for emotes? On console, we have a quickslot wheel for momentos/actions/potions/etc and a separate quickslot wheel just specifically for emotes.

    If PC doesn't have the same set-up, I agree it should be added for you! But... it may bear exploring options to see if perhaps you have missed seeing the emote quickslot wheel? I know you've been in Tamriel a long time, but mayhaps you missed seeing it (I seem to find new things all the time, even after 8 years walking those warm sands myself).

    EDIT to add: And yes, Elsweyr title screen is best screen! :smile:
    Edited by DragonRacer on April 13, 2022 6:02PM
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  • ADarklore
    THANK YOU for the Mundus addition to the armory system!! This will definitely earn you a lot more Armory sales and make a LOT of people happy!! :)
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  • Chaos2088
    Choosing your own background and music for different characters on the log in screen would be awesome.
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  • Dalsinthus
    Awesome stuff. The inclusion of mundus stones in the armory system is wonderful news. Nice to know the number of new mythic. Intrigued by the changes to the quick slot wheel. The increased efforts around communication are noticed and appreciated.
  • FluffWit
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    FluffWit wrote: »
    All the High Isle specific stuff listed was revealed back in January. You have nothing new to announce.

    Yes, we did reveal all of this in January. This is a roadmap to give everyone a timeline of when features are being added. This is one of the efforts being made to strengthen communication for upcoming features.

    This isn't a road map.

    A road map would cover multiple upcoming updates, like what you were planning on doing with 34, 35 and 36.

    This is just a list of what's in the summer dlc/ summer base game update.

    A road map of your plans for the rest of the year would be great.
  • Monweel
    I love all the new additions to the base game, though some things I think would make this update perfect are: A new tab in the collections, for us to use all the new eyes with another face marking and the option to put helmet on the companions (seeing the same people literally everywhere is getting old, and the addition of new companions won't change that, just the option of adding a helmet to them will solve this problem). Those two little things don't seem that complicated do add and would make the game have a lot more variety!
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    RevJJ wrote: »
    It would have been nice to see “communication on feedback received from the community, especially on topics that have 90+ pages of replies” in the roadmap.

    True. I'm still holding out hope that they will at least touch on it during the ESO Live tomorrow.
    But not holding my breath, but hopeful.
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  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks for the update!

    Stay safe :)
  • Sarannah

    For the quickslot wheel, I'd like to have a second quickslot wheel only for event items. These could then be automatically placed on that wheel, when we complete the event quest for receiving the event item.
  • Mayrael
    I am actually very pleasantly surprised, I didn't think I would ever read such information. Great job! Also, you're really doing a great job communicating with us @ZOS_Kevin, we really missed that.

    Do you happen to know if there are plans to add armory stations in the starting locations of IC and Cyrodiil? That would be a really great improvement for everyone who enjoys PvP.

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  • tomfant
    I'm curious behind which insanities they hide the leads for the new mythics this time...
  • Sidereum
    @ZOS_Kevin Any news on a possible "hide shoulders" (or even more pieces) in the Outfit Station? :(

    Regardless, I'm really excited for these upcoming changes! Awesome update.
    Edited by Sidereum on April 14, 2022 7:14AM
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  • UtopianWarrior88

    I was genuinely excited until I read the line after.

    If there's such an option, it would be really cool if we could set our own titles without using an addon to make that a thing.
    Edited by UtopianWarrior88 on April 14, 2022 2:02PM
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