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Update 33 Combat Preview

  • ealdwin

    We’ll also be dual sourcing buffs on abilities and item sets like Major Prophecy with Major Savagery, with the same thing applying to Brutality and Sorcery. In the long term, we plan on simply merging these bonuses so there are fewer names and effects you need to worry about,


    Best guess is something similar to the Fracture + Breach = Breach change.
  • phaneub17_ESO
    Curious how this will affect hybrid builds that evens out both resources, so generally focuses on increasing weapon/spell damage to supplement the damage loss. I do however like to see all the daedric pets scale with max stats so that stamina players can use the exploding imp and get effective healing out of the matriarch. Can you also reevaluate the clannfear burst healing to be a heal over time? Also would like companions taunt to cast while the clannfear area taunt is in effect, right now the pet's passive threat generator prevents the companions from regaining control when their taunt effect falls off and won't recast until the clannfear dies forcing constant recasts of the pet.

    I'm hoping some changes like to Lotus Flower morphs where one increases the duration and the other increases the healing done now that it will grant both weapon and spell critical. Likewise with Inner Light can be used with stamina builds as another source for weapon critical earlier on before getting something better.

    Would it be weird if more abilities worked like soul trap that changed damage type based on highest stat? I like to see a new skills in the future that does that, based on your max stats like magic/physical, frost/disease, fire/poison, or shock/bleed while costs remain static to magicka or stamina.
  • ZiggyTStardust
    In general I'm concerned about this forcing everybody into builds that cherry-pick the best skills.
    I hope we will end up in a place where the diffrent morph are both equally competetive but just offer diffrent playstyles, so you can pick and choose on how the skill feels and looks, and not only based o
  • Bowser
    ...such as Power Bash’s new functionality of being treated as a Bash attack...
    Cool! I hope this turns into a good damage ability for tanks.
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  • joseayalac
    Then nerf Vigor please! It was implemented just because stam characters where falling behind in heals, but makes no sense thematically.
  • Vaoh
    I think most players would be fine if only the abilities which have Magicka+Stamina morphs were given this sort of scaling.

    But all abilities....?

    ...waiting for PTS
  • robpr
    Since weaving is allowed with light attacks shouldn't weaving also work with heavy attacks?

    You already can that, pressing a skill during charging heavy will queue the skill fire right after GCD ends cancelling rest of the heavy animation
  • Destai
    This is awesome. I'm pretty excited about this.
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  • Parasaurolophus
    Well... I don't want to lose my optimism, but there are some things that worry me. In today's realities, in PvE everyone will be forced to use the inferno maelstrom staff. Yes, I understand that more free gameplay is good. But now, instead of playing mages / wars that we understand, we will be forced to make some kind of mutants from our characters without a clear identification in pursuit of the meta. And it is possible that this will destroy our identification as magclass or stamclass and be just a class. It scares me.
    I hope these changes will be similar to the armor passive changes. They were good, but did not change anything cardinally. However, weapons and skills are a completely different matter.
  • kookster
    I am excited for the build potentials that open with this, i have always hated running degeneration on mag toons to get major sorcery, i run a 2h on my templar so i can use rally/forward momentum to get it, sounds good to me. Though I am concerned about potentially broken combos opening up. We will have to see how things go on the PTS, but I am cautiously optimistic.
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  • silvereyes
    I like the overall hybridization design goal.

    However, I agree this will probably be an absolute nightmare to balance. I foresee many long forums threads about certain builds being too OP, and then having the skills they use nerfed into obsolescence.
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  • theweakminded
    People really seem confused that this is just adding more skills to the same scaling system on many abilities now... its not adding more power to them
  • kookster
    VarisVaris wrote: »
    Some broken combinations that people have mentioned in the first 10 seconds after they heard about this change:

    Magdk with Master's DW.
    Magplar with vigor (on top of that absolutely unnecessary buff to javalin).
    Stamnecro with intensive mender and resistant flesh.
    Stamdk with Coagulating.
    Stamnb with healthy offering and merciless resolve.

    What the result of this change will be pvp is that there will be no longer mag or stam specs for each class but there will be one single skill set for each class and that's it, maybe we see some variance in which of the broken sets are being used but there will be absolutely no variety in which skills are being used.
    A lot of classes will get something that can make them even stronger.. but then theirs mag sorc and how theres literally nothing from the stam side that would make it stronger.. just kind of pointing out how bad of a place stam sorc is in vs magsorc.

    Maybe I'm not thinking of something, if anyone can feel free to reply.
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  • Nisekev
    Sounds like you may as well merge stamina and magicka bars/attributes into one to save time.
  • xDeusEJRx
    Time to get mega healing on my stam characters because of this. PVPers beware
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  • Seraphayel
    Seraphayel wrote: »
    Does this mean we can effectively use Staves as Stamina players and Bows as Magicka players and still be competitive and deal the same damage?

    "With this, we want to retain the identity of many playstyles by reinforcing ability cost as a limiting factor in how frequently you can engage with abilities, but with less concern as to how powerful that ability is based on what stat path you’ve chosen."

    As I understand it, a staff-wielding Stam player will deal the same damage, but the skills still costs magicka.

    If all you want to do is cast Elemental Blockade every cycle through your rotation, it should be fine. If you were hoping to use Force Pulse as your spammable, you'll chew through your limited magicka pretty quickly.

    Same for a Magicka player - the occasional Endless Hail and Caltrops for extra damage over time isn't going to break the bank, but you probably won't have the stamina sustain for a full bow/bow build.

    Does that make sense?

    It does and if it really works like that it opens up a lot of possibilies. I always wanted to play other different versions of characters and not just the usual one. A dual wield mag DK, a bow Mag Sorc, maybe a Frost Staff Stamden.
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  • Faulgor
    I'm delighted about the mess this is going to make! This shall be known as the Sheogorath update.

    In a way, this is the logical conclusion of a system without attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, etc).
    The main determinant for a spell's / ability's power in TES has usually been the associated skill. So when I max out my "Siphoning" skill, why should it matter that some abilities cost magicka and some stamina? I've already mastered the skill, give me full power!

    Of course this suggests that in the long run, Spell and Weapon Power should be consolidated into one stat as well, that just serves to differentiate between different players and a choice between damage, sustain, defense, etc within a build.

    I can see this make sense. Hopefully down the line, this means we will get more interesting and varied morphs instead of "the green and the blue one".
    Not really sure about the example for Lotus Flower though. I feel that skill needs something more.
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  • Noerra
    I'm both excited for this and terrified that we will create some monster Meta Balance issues xD

    Overall excited though of course... really interesting.... So Power/Reverb Bash from SnB skill line will scale off resists? Bash Builds going to love that.

    Also - In pvp it's going to be very hard to kill anyone now that they have access to both Vigor and Regen O_O
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  • StShoot
    VarisVaris wrote: »
    This is the worst thing that could have ever happened to Eso's combat system.

    I can't think of anything that would create more balance issues than this change of making all skills scale with your highest resources.

    This will blow survivability through the roof with everyone being able to run Vigor.

    Vigor is still going to cost stamina.

    Speaking of when I regularly ran as a MagDK healer with my Raid, stamina management was a big limiting factor. I could use Vigor in a pinch or even sometimes as part of a rotation, but it was always balanced against the need to keep enough stamina to block, dodge, sprint, and roll out of those Negates ASAP.

    I think that cost will still be a factor here, like they said: "With this, we want to retain the identity of many playstyles by reinforcing ability cost as a limiting factor in how frequently you can engage with abilities,"

    It might be a problem that my occasional Vigor can heal my teammates for more now, but this change won't let me cast more Vigors without running myself out of Stamina.

    Yeah but thats only the case for magica specs. Staminas on the otherhand will have a blast with this change, because their off resource is not limited by dodging, blocking and sprinting.
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