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Loremaster’s Archive Q&A: Mehrunes Dagon and Daedra

  • Thevampirenight
    Two possible questions that could be answered, for the article.

    1.Lyranth, you went into the concept of demiprinces in one of your previous interviews, but it was worded vaguely enough to cause arguments within certain scholarly circles . Are all offspring of Daedric Princes and lesser beings demiprinces? Would Emmeg Gro-Kayra, the son of Malacath and a mortal Orcish women qualify under the definition? Is Molag Grunda a Demiprince?

    2.Lyranth, I’ve heard that Molag Bal has a grasp on the souls of vampires, which is comparable to Hircine’s hold over lycanthropes. Rumors say your master holds the souls of werewolves who served the Gray Host, seemingly because their leader made a pact with your Lord. If I wish to keep these "gifts", but hope for a more forgiving afterlife, can I put my faith in a deity, or form a pact with a more "benevolent" Daedric Prince to save my soul from torment?

    Sincerely an anonymous vampire.
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  • Supreme_Atromancer
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  • Fullerton
    Soul Shriven
    Lyranth, pal, buddy, friend,

    So some chap running around in Blackwood tells me that ten years ago the Akavir invade and precipitate the formation of the Ebonheart Pact. Furthermore, a lass on Balfiera describes a number of ongoing catastrophes. And so I began to think: what a horrific year that the 582nd of the Common Era has been, what with the invasion by your master, the rampage of the Celestials, the invasions by Dagon through the Oblivion Gates—incidentally, why's he abandoned the use of these?—in Auridon, Greenshade, and Rivenspire; the Rage of Dragons, the Dædric War, the true alliance between that nice fellow Svargrim and the dapper chap Rada.

    So my question is twofold and thus: how do dædra—such as yourself and such as your master and Mehrunes Dagon—relate to this chaos and turmoil? Do you see it as an opportunity, as drudgery, or as simply irrelevant? And secondly: How do you perceive all these concurrent events—as a flowing current of forces battering the Mundus, or just natural occurrences on its face?

    Ta from IOSEPHVS SVPERBVS, own man unburdened.
  • LonelyStone
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings, the Dread Lady.

    This one humbly wish you not being offended nor upset, and save her from being scolded a "house cat". This one has had her bunch of share into this quite enough with so many lesser daedra, yet you must be superior in all the ways.

    Not long ago, my Pakseech found a piece of fragment from an ancient book in a Nordic ruin. It read quite extraordinary, referring Merrunz as The Leaper Devil King, or, The Leaper Demon King. It even claimed that he was once eaten by Alduin. This is quite incredible.
    Inspired and intrigued, this one began to collect and study through various materials on this subject, with strict and prudent endeavor of scholarship, to see if such claims confirmed or disproved. Yet all researches led to vain. However, as the Dremora whom you belong to are known to be primary followers of Merrunz and can be communicated, this one hopes you could help clarify this issue.
    Var var var.

    M'Afra, a conjurer of Sangiini Jeehatar.
    Construct Moons-Tower! Dominate Mundus!
  • ElenaVolkihar
    Greetings, Dread Lady! I'm very honorored to be able to ask such a powerful dremora. Please satisfy my curiosity.

    1. I've heard you're quite informed not only about Daedra matters but about all our Universe. Can Old Life Piligrimage Shrines be connected not only to Aetherius but to your Oblivion as well? My friend could see her dead Orc husband at such shrines despite he was Malacath worshipper. How can this be possible?

    2. Sometimes in my travels I meet Daedra who look like little kids. Are they Demi-princes or they just chose this appearence? If so, then why would they do it?

    3. Can daedra travel to Aetherius? Some Imperial Mananauts in those good old days said that they have seen even Lord Sheogorath himself in some Aetherius plan. But why and how he did such long(and probably difficult) journey?

    4. How did mortals learn your language and your alphabet? And how daedra learned mortal languages?

    Best wishes, Lady Zaash of Corinth
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  • val_hallen
    Soul Shriven
    Oh, Lyranth, my sister from another mi... wait, how does your kind come into being, again?.. Anyway, always lovely too keep your company again. Oh, don't make the long face like you aren't happy to see us after all those times we've helped you out. (And if you are going to pretend you don't recognise us again, we might just remind you by shaping you into sabatons for our orcish friend or something).

    To the point at hand - I know we've summoned you for intelligence on yet another daedric scourge threatening our beautiful Tamriel, but Mehrunes seems like a pretty straightforward dude to me and there are always so many hostile beings trying to destroy our bodies, I'd rather get answers on some of those mysterious religious matters to maybe help find better ways to save our souls.

    So. We, pitiful mortals, have so many varying accounts of how the world of Mundus was created and many conflicting views on the guy behind the idea, so conflicting in fact, that most of the pantheons, including our own, prefer to put him aside and pronounce dead, or "missing". And I worry that we are to quick to dismiss our dear old Shezarr, who you might know by some other strange names like Lorkhan or whatever, when so many extramundial forces fight for the souls of the dwellers of his realm, trying to steal his power, perhaps? It would be wonderful to have some daedric perspective on Shezarr's story and the only (is it?) case of the apparent death of what we call a god.

    And then there's another deity of questionable status, who some of our western brethren seem to venerate, known by names Y'ffre, Jephre and others, but I get differing opinions of it being of masculine or feminine appearence, love of animal forms, and some lesser spirits talking as being a part of it, as if this Y'ffer is a conclave of multiple beings. Some say they are still around and some say they "sacrificed" themselves to become the so-called "Earth Bones", whatever that means. Would love to have your input on the matter.

    By the way, back to Dagon, I happen to have heard of a weird nordic story that might or might not have him connected to Magnus, the Architect of this world, who seems to also be almost forgotten, despite the colossal role in this whole mess. What do you know about this?

    But don't mistake my pleasant talk for weakness, Kyn. Speak the truth or suffer our wrath, for we have many ideas on how to make a use of the daedic animus that you won't find very pleasant...

    Perdita Anima, Sorceress Supreme of the Megalomoth Legion.
  • Aramithius
    Hail Lyranth, killer of fools and death of the deathbringers!

    You yourself have gone through many trials and changes, both of home and of substance. While I suspect that your allegiance is one simply to affect the change you desire, do you perhaps feel some kinship with Mehrunes Dagon, who may have gone through changes himself? Do you know anything of the process whereby Mehrunes was allegedly created by the Magna Ge?
    - Aramithius, Writer in Uncertainty
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  • sealordst1
    Soul Shriven
    I would Prefer hermaeus mora I guess you will make a fine Substitute
    Question 1. Lyranth how long have you served Molag bal
    Question 2. What’s your connection to dagon?
    Final question what’s your favorite flavor of cake do you like
    I got a jubilee cake at my place if your interested. I don’t eat cake i prefer blood
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  • SchalidolOK
    Soul Shriven
    Gorgeous Lyranth, I'm very glad you gave me your attention. Despite my desire to study the Daedra, I cannot advance in understanding one issue. How are the children of Daedric Princes different from Demiprinces? I have never heard the term "Demiprince" in relation to Molag Grunda, the famous daughter of Molag Bal. This also applies to several other Greater Daedra. Is there any difference between these concepts?

    Octavius Schalidol, the Cabal of the Mages Guild
  • Valpro
    To skip to the pounce: Are deadra an extension of their Prince, choose to work with the Princes or some combination of the two. This one hopes you can resolve a dispute on the matter. Warm Sands, Ja'Khir the For Hire
  • TheRimOfTheSky
    In regards to the nature of Flame Atronachs having the collective realm of Infernace and Storm Atronachs having Levinace, what realms do Iron Atronachs and Frost Atronachs belong to? (I hesitate to even ponder where Shadow and Stone atronachs originate)

    Similar to how the Dark Seducers are known as the "Mazken", is there a "true" Daedric name for Crow Daedra, Daedric Titans, Harvesters, Hoarvor Daedra, Hungers, and Watchers?

    For as long as memory has served, Mehrunes Dagon has often been depicted wielding a great Battleaxe in his palms, and occasionally three blades on his wrist. What is the name of this axe and what story is behind it, if any?

    —Cyandor Fargothil of Seyda Neen
  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Thanks, everyone! We've taken some questions from this thread to answer and will post the Loremaster's Archive when it is complete.
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