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Loremaster’s Archive Q&A: Mehrunes Dagon and Daedra

Hello ESO lorehounds!

We are pleased to announce a new upcoming Loremaster’s Archive Q&A, and we need your questions! Remarkably, we’ve managed to convince Lyranth to take the time to answer your questions about Mehrunes Dagon and Daedra during Tamriel’s Second Era. So, if you have a lore question on this specific topic, please submit it in this thread.

Note that due to volume, we won’t be able to answer every question submitted. Please keep your submissions to no more than 2-3 lines max and on topic.

In about a week and a half, Lyranth will select which questions she wants to answer, and we’ll aim to publish them on the official ESO website in the middle of May. Have at it!
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Staff Post
  • Credible_Joe
    Hi Lyranth!

    Can you tell us more about your kind, the Dremora, the Kyn? Where do you come from? How do you choose which daedric prince to serve? Is it uncommon to remain independent from a prince?
    Thank you for coming to my T E D talk
  • KingArthasMenethil
    Hello there.
    These Oblivion portals that have opened all over Blackwood how do they differ to the Oblivion Gates encountered at Firsthold and the City of Ash? And do you know why for such a change when an Oblivion gate could've done the same especially with the expendable cult members.

    Why Do the Imperials seem to favour the Daedra more? Do they realise that they are actually Bretons thus have no identity or have they finally realized that the Aedra are False gods and should not be worshipped unlike the Daedric 8.
    Edited by KingArthasMenethil on April 20, 2021 3:48PM
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    Livia Sulla 50 Cyrodiil Nightblade.
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    Selvia Sulla 50 Cyrodiil Templar.
    Attrebus Mede 50 Cyrodiil Warden.
    Zirath Urivith 50 Dunmer Dragonknight.
    Dame Edwinna Gelas 50 Breton Dragonknight.
    Agrippina Tharn 50 Cyrodiil Necromancer.
    Bedal Dren 50 Dunmer Dragonknight.
  • Jeancey
    Recently, you mentioned you had your best banekin working on a problem. Do most Dremora utilize a staff of lesser daedra, or is it only important Dremora, such as yourself?

    Respectfully, Jeancey, Loremaster of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
    Administrator - UESP - Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995.
  • LaerothKeykalyn
    Hmmm, how interesting and original, mmm Zenimax? remember post 2015 , maybe i can find about Mehrunes Dagon post?
    Edited by LaerothKeykalyn on April 20, 2021 3:32PM
  • Legoless
    A few questions to choose from:

    Lyranth, Foolkiller, Wehkehpneht-kamdo! By these words I summon you!

    I understand you were recently taken captive by Baron Zaudrus within the mines of Deshaan. What manner of foul Daedra was this creature, and how could it so easily overpower the infamous Dread Lady?

    I have heard rumors of a fearsome Daedra that stalks the swamps of Blackwood. Firsthand sightings claim to have seen a Ruinach. What purpose would such a creature have for coming to Tamriel?

    The Truth in Sequence speaks of "Sarmissonays'um ghoul-things" falling in chunks from Dagon's body during his attack on Mournhold. Does this refer to the creation of Ruinachs? If so, is there any truth to their claim of Dagonic pedigree?

    —Legoless, Tiger-Doyen of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
    Edited by Legoless on April 20, 2021 3:31PM
  • Aliyavana
    The blind eyes of a Havocrel, the hooves of a Herne, and the golden tooth of an Aureal! I place these in the offering brazier for you, Lyranth the Foolkiller! I ask that you sate my curiosity in return.
    1. I've heard rumors about Meridian Daedra describable as Auroran armor inhabited by beings of sentient light. The Undaunted slew the Ayleid king, Narilmor, who transformed into one, becoming the Symphony of Blades. Another of its kind, Iratan the Lightbringer, was defeated In Pellitine. Do you know what race these Daedra are?
    2. I've seen many kinds of armor and weapons made of Ebony bound to daedric souls, such as the set of armor in the Telvanni style worn by the famed Divayth Fyr, and the equipment reminiscent of the rustic Deadlands used by the forces of Mehrunes Dagon. What determines the aesthetics of Daedric armaments? Is it determined by the bound animus, by the allegiance of its crafter, or simply by smiths hammering it in their own style?
    3. What is the relationship between Mehrunes Dagon and Hircine like? Do they regard each other positively? I ask for these reasons, though they may merely be coincidence:
      • I had a premonition that Mehrunes Dagon has, is, or will invade a place known as the Battlespire. Concurrently, a portion of his forces will hold The Ritual of the Innocent Quarry, though Great Hunts fall under Hircine's domain.
      • Mehrunes Dagon forged the Spear of Bitter Mercy out of his own power, but it is now known to be Hircine's signature weapon.
      • A seemingly extradimensional being once stated that Hircine was "a favored high ranking General of Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction".
    -Analeah Oaksong, Knight of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
    Edited by Aliyavana on April 27, 2021 4:34AM
  • Atharaon
    Fiendish entity,

    Answer me truly, if you are capable of such a thing. I wish to know more about the Mysterium Xarxes supposedly penned by that illiterate brute Mehrunes Dagon himself. What connection does this book have with that elven god whose name it invokes? Indeed, why are so many books associated with Daedric Princes also connected to Xarxes? Are those perfidious island elves worshipping Daedra by another name? Is their "Auri-El" the Taskmaster god-guising as the Great Dragon? Their "Phynaster" the Spirit Queen herself, whose antipathy to the natural laws of Arkay is well known? Their worship of "Trinimac" speaks for itself. Tell us, once and for all, of the Daedric origins of the Aldmeri taint!

    Yours never,

    Junius Valpero, Prelate of the Great Chapel of Julianos, Skingrad
  • MolagBallet
    Soul Shriven
    Mighty and mysterious Lyranth,

    I spend my time preparing rituals, and taking the time to ensure our mutual Lord and Master is welcomed to the coven as befits one of His lofty station when He is tempted to our corner of Tamriel. But I don't do any of the actual summons or binding, and those who do are currently out on our threshold beating back a small contingent of Mehrunes Dagon's childish minions.

    My question is this: is the term "vestige" just another word for "Daedric soul"? I was under the impression that the animus was the "soul" of the Daedra, and that "vestige" is a word for the husk which the Daedra's essence inhabits.

    Yours in service, Darkcaller Kaliara of the Third Conclave
  • Danel_Vadan
    Xivkyn look down upon the Dremora, but what is the Xivkyn view on the Xivilai?
    Tam! RUGH!
  • CE_Nex
    Lovely Lyranth, the ancient Khajiit have an obscure tale of the Prince of Destruction being held captive and tortured by Molag Bal. And a drunk Nord even had a fantastic tale of the World-Eater having cursed what used to be Dagon in a supposed previous iteration of the Mundus. Can you comment on either of these, admittedly fanciful, tales? Also, marry me?

    C.E.Nex, Arch-Fool of Yarg
    Edited by CE_Nex on April 24, 2021 10:22AM
  • SantieClaws
    Greetings angry lady.

    This one would like to know if you have ever wished you could live life unnoticed as a foolish mortal for a few days and if so what things would you do that you would not want other daedra to know about.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
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    Find it here -

    Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
  • Fennwitty
    Why are there so many banekin and clannfear about, when their intelligence is admittedly far beneath a Dremora's?
    PC NA
  • AltmerGF
    Fivefold venerations, cerum. It is a rare enough thing to be given the opportunity to converse with a denizen of Oblivion, at least in a manner that does not involve pain for both sides involved. I will keep this brief, as I'm sure your immortal time is ever so short. I have heard rumors over the years of creatures of Oblivion, such as Dremora, Xivkyn, occasionally even the Princes themselves, engaging in relationships of a more...intimate nature, in mortal verbiage, with creatures of the mortal world. What would be the draw of such a thing for a being such as yourself? Can such unions produce offspring, or are these tales mere storybook fancies as I suspect?

    Ancestors blessings,

    Sub-Sapiarch Aerya of the Kinhouse Nayrenni
    Edited by AltmerGF on April 20, 2021 9:24PM
  • Inari Telvanni
    Inari Telvanni
    Oho? A daedric scrib from the depths. Inari Telvanni bids you answer, monster, for I seek the forgotten and the mysteries of Oblivion! Praise Seht!

    I am not well-versed in the oddities of predawnic mythos, and yet I cannot help but ponder...
    1. What is the true relation of Mehrunes Dagon and the long-lost realm of LYG, ancient home of the Dreugh, and the Magna ge of beyond?
    2. Does the Destroyer truly have overlapping spheres with Boethiah, the unlawful overthrow of authority and therefore revolurion, or Meridia, the 'infinite energies'? Is his rule stepping on toes?
    3. Who was this... Leper? Leopard? Lewhatever Demon King the old tomes speak of?

    Answer and I will provide knowledge of House Telvanni the likes of which your kind only dares to dream of.

    -Spellwright Inari Telvanni
    Daedra Hunter, Welkynd Scholar
    Edited by Inari Telvanni on April 24, 2021 7:46AM
  • theamazeman
    B'vek, I hope this summoning is worth the gold that Telvanni fetcher swindled me out of. I am told you are called Lyranth. By the magics I have been assured are involved in this summoning, I command you to answer me now, servant of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles.

    Daedra are not an uncommon sight in Morrowind - particularly not your ilk, the Dremora. Tribunal Priests have been binding your 'kyn' to serve as shrine and tomb guardians for millennia. Your dark Lord, Dagon, laid waste to Mournhold at the closing of the First Era before being resoundingly banished back from whence he came by the Sacred Lady and the Father of Mysteries. It seems that the Prince of Destruction was not defeated quite soundly enough, and now seeks to trouble Tamriel again. I have been entrusted with the training of House Redoran warriors, to ensure they are ready to fulfill our role as the Hereditary Defenders of Morrowind and put you and your kind down should they threaten Resdayn again. My query is thus this; what weaknesses, if any, do the Dremora have in battle? Can you be defeated conventionally with blade and spell, or is there more complex methods required to send your kind hurtling back to oblivion? Do you possess resistances, honorless tricks? Martial techniques? One warrior to another, I would know how to properly do battle with your kind.

    Answer truthfully, and I promise you I will ensure this binding is promptly dispelled. Upon my honor.

    - Serjo Redoran Feran Derethi
    General in the Redoran Guard
    House Father in Great House Redoran
    Patriarch of the Derethi Clan.
  • TPC9000
    Soul Shriven
    Esteemed Lyranth,

    While I have never visited the Deadlands myself, I am curious about its structure. Those who have travelled there often report finding themselves on distinct island-like masses. Are these islands interconnected within the major realm, or decentralized?

    I am also curious about the reported magma-like substance which surrounds these islands. Is this a form of chaotic creatia native to the Deadlands, or something else?
  • BlissfulDeluge
    Hello sweetest Lyranth,

    My name is Cato Curio, but you can call me Uncle Cato. I do hope my letter reaches you, though one can never be too certain with Banekin and transliminal deliveries in the mix. Please forgive any excess letters; I only sent about a dozen or so.

    I once had the chance to overhear talk of "the waters of Oblivion," and I simply MUST ask, are the waters of Oblivion synonymous with chaotic creatia? If so, is all the water in each realm of Oblivion its native creatia, and by extension, is the water in the bodily fluids of the Daedra from each particular realm replaced with the creatia of that realm, as well?

    Oh, but dear me, I might have embarrassed you already! That's alright, dumpling, don't be shy. You're in Uncle Cato's good hands. Perhaps I should explain myself. You see, I am writing this lovely new play. It is quite a bawdy and ribald story, I call it 'The Minxy Dremora Churl'.

    Speaking of which, since Daedra like to mimic the mortal world and its inhabitants, and many Daedra oft make lascivious advances and inappropriate remarks of brutalizing mortals, does your mimicry extend to your nether regions? I have it on good authority that some Daedra like to have a female's scrumptious bust, and I should like to know just how extensive your mimicry is, for my writing.

    Kindest regards, sweetcake
    Cato Curio of House Hlaalu

    Edited by BlissfulDeluge on April 21, 2021 9:06PM
    Former completionist with all achievements unlocked up until Update 29 (Flames of Ambition). Avid RPer, writer, and former Breton lover. Then Legacy of the Bretons was released and I realized just how boring and uninspired the Bretons are according to the writers.
  • StarMoth
    Soul Shriven
    Lyranth! Dread Lady! Heed my summons, and obey! Or, at the very least, answer my inquiry!

    The forces of Oblivion are legion, it is known. Molag Bal and his pitiful Worm Cult have invaded the Imperial City, and ravaged the Heartland. The affairs of Daedra are obscure to us mortals. Has Mehrunes Dagon's influence prevented the Lord of Brutality, and his worms, from gaining a foothold in the Blackwood?

    - Nolus Decimius, Magician and Refugee Aid Worker
    Edited by StarMoth on April 20, 2021 10:30PM
  • Magic_Doogies
    Long time no posting! Here's my question-.What is the Daedra's (lesser and greater) opinion on Lorkhan? Do they despise him for creating the mortal realm or do they cheer him for trapping the Aedra?
  • megageeklizzy
    A kyn who answers questions willingly? What a delightful rarity!

    I've no doubt that there are many others asking the finer details about Daedric Lords and Oblivion, but I would ask a more mundane question, if I may. Your lives are nigh incomprehensible in length to one such as I. Does your recreation consist primarily of meddling with mortal sages and fools, or is there more to your society than initially meets the mortal eye?

    - Buoyant Armiger Telvanni Aaronen Nerathyl
  • LickingHistSap
    Apologies for all the mortal summons, my question is, hopefully, a straightforward one.

    Several documents have been leaked from Ebonheart Pact intelligence referring to you, one detailing a previous binding in Shadowfen and another a debrief from the Mages Guild about your role in the invasion of Coldharbour. Both of these documents share a commonality, referring to you as a loyal yet independent servant of your Lord Molag Bal.

    Recently, however, a small cult surrounding the "Dread Lady" has arisen, appearing independent from any connection to the Lord of Brutality and revolving entirely around you. So I must ask, what has inspired you to break away from Bal and strike out on your own in the mortal realm? Has recent experience with mortality granted you a more unique perspective, have your relations with your master frayed, or do you simply seek to foil his competitors while he stews upon the Seat of Tyranny?

    - Hist-Sap-Licker, Adept of the Order of the Lamp
  • DarcyMardin
    Dear Lyranth,

    I do hope you’ll forgive me for addressing you by your first name, but I feel that we have become somewhat acquainted since you graciously accepted my invitation to be a houseguest at my humble home.

    I am pleased to inform you that I will shortly be extending another invitation to a fellow called Stibbons, who is accustomed to obediently performing almost any task for the high-born lady whom he serves. Since that lady will not be accompanying him, I am wondering whether you might find some use for this Stibbons? I am quite sure that he will abase himself to you in a manner that you will find both satisfactory and mildly entertaining.
  • The_Drop_Bear
    To the mysterious Dread Lady,

    What is the general opinion among daedra both greater and lesser on the entity known as Sithis, do they believe in it and if so what do they think?
  • Benefactor
    Dear Lyranth,

    Since we have last corresponded it has peaked my interest in just how much mortals do not understand the realms of Oblivion and their inhabitants. To most mortals our understanding of Daedra while vast is actually quite shallow. In particular I am quite intrigued with the idea behind Mehrunes Dagon's belief that Nirn is his realm that belongs to him. Would you kindly be able to expand upon where this notion of Dagon's came from?

    Thank you,
    Librarian, The Imperial Library
  • Nihilee
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings, powerful Lady Dremora. I'd hope this improved summoning circle could provide you some satisfaction and comfort with your binding here.

    My first question is, when casting a bound spell, is it just pure energy of oblivion that shaped into daedric items, or is it actually a conscious daedra with shape of that item, or a conscious daedra got enchanted into that item and brought here? As all know, consciousness brings power and might. Do daedra lose come of their strength and power when they get destroyed and rebirth from waters of Oblivion? Do they have memories when into the waters waiting their shapes to be reformed?

    And to my second question. Recently a friend of mine sent me a tiny sample of Azure Plasm from the ColdHarbour, and told me all daedra are born from it (by the way, it sticks!) As you have traveled through planes of Oblivion, do all Daedric Plasms show the same cold and bluish color? For example, I'd thought those from the Deadland with firey colors, or why do almost all the Dremora and Xivkyn from there have such bad temper and short sight like a stream of lava?

    And last, that certain friend of mine once bluffed about his adventures and encounters with several old and powerful vampires in the Druadach Mountains. He mentioned ancient vampires succeeded dragging Daedra into the vampire husks to empower them. Is it possible due to vampires are literally corpses to be enchanted?

    For that, maybe it would be more effecient to enchant weapons with Dagon's Daedra and Power, or to enchant crowns and sceptors with Molag Bal's Daedra and Power. Would your ladyship mind to provide some inspiration?

    Thank you very much.

    Nil Ilee, Gwylim University
    Edited by Nihilee on April 21, 2021 10:43AM
  • CoolBlast3
    Greetings lady Lyranth.

    In the name of the College of Winterhold, I've a question of the upmost importance that could change our understanding of Daedra for centuries to come.

    Do Dremora lactate?

    Thank you.
  • DrNightstone
    Soul Shriven
    "Earth is Bone,
    Water is Memory,
    but what are Air and Fire?"
    -The Scribe
  • Peter_emrys
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings, Lyranth of the Foolkiller Clan

    I am a scholar and mage who has long been curious about the nature of magicka. It is generally accepted that magic found naturally in Mundus flowed from Aetherius through the sun and stars. Presumably, Daedric magic arises from your inherent power as an et'Ada. My question, is the Aetherial magicka we mortals use in any substantive way different and distinct from Daedric power, and if so, how, or are they essentially the same thing and we mortals mistakenly see them as different because of their sources?

    Peter Emrys of Shornhelm, Wizard of the Mages Guild
  • thejadefalcon

    I've found myself... inspired by your Prince and his experimental Xivkyn. I'm pursuing similar research, to mix the best elements of Daedra and mortal. Specifically, Xivalai and Altmer, combining our unique traits, to create something... unique. Please, share your views on likely avenues of success or failure and how much power I might require to achieve this.

    Edited by thejadefalcon on April 21, 2021 11:11PM
  • Palafico
    Soul Shriven
    I recall you once comparing how daedra perceive mortals is similar to how mortals perceive the insects that crawl beneath our feet. Why, then, do you find any interest in us at all? I understand the fleeting interests of some who may keep an ant farm or observe the metamorphosis of a butterfly, but what kind of mortal plays with a bug or takes pleasure in stomping it into the ground but those with the emotional maturity of a child? What does that say about daedric lords like Dagon or Bal who call us puny and yet expend such unusual effort and energy into conquering our little sphere, and often failing miserably? I understand that many daedra claim it is beyond our comprehsion, yet they never seem to even give it a shot at explanation. You yourself said that one in a hundred mortals surprise you with what they can do, perhaps give us a modicum of credit and give it a go. I don't doubt our insignificance in the grand scheme of eternity, so why in Oblivion don't these literal gods mind their own realm of existence and stop making us sting them out like a colony of hornets? It seems redundant on their part, like they are just trying to prove something to themselves.


    P.S. - I do appreciate the effort you've given to help us along the way. Your self-entertainment by way of guidance and answers does not go unnoticed. Thank you, and have a pleasant eternity.
    Edited by Palafico on April 23, 2021 2:20AM
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