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ZOS Help! I have 92 surveys to do

  • tmbrinks
    Writs are already the most profitable thing in the game. The new passive makes surveys even better. I've heard it all... between this and the thread saying that daily random normals give "too many transmutes", some people really will complain about everything.

    If you have time to do the writs themselves, you can collect the surveys. And resetting is easy, just wait until you have a 5 or 10 stack, go to the place, mount away for 8 seconds and back. it's not work, you're getting stacks of materials and resources, there is no better time/reward ratio in the game.

    The CP passives don't affect surveys. They're not "normal" nodes.

    They absolutely do affect survey nodes. This is something that is easily testable and verifiable.

    "normal" in this case refers to overland nodes and not to things like heavy sacks/crates, and other non-standard ways of getting those materials.
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  • Nestor
    Just pick one or two zones a day and do them. Once done, do other things.
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  • FlopsyPrince
    Resetting the nodes is not "easy" in many cases. Some have short travel times to go away and come back, but try that with the blacksmith ones in Northern Elsweyr for example.!
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