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My patience with competitive multiplayer toxicity is paper thin

  • Jaimeh
    I got t-bagged on the most inoffensive healer build the other day by an EP group which lawnmowed over us, so basically don't expect a lot of reasoning behind taunts, whispers and t-bags. No point whatsoever in engaging with things like that.
  • Fruity_Ninja
    I disagree OP. Bagging is a sign of respect, and age old tradition in the PVP arena. Nothing like having being bagged and then bagging back!

    Just got to go with the flow, don’t let it get to you.

    Of course you get the toxic PVPers who take it too seriously and get personal. But you’ll get that with PVEers too, and in other games.
  • boi_anachronism_
    I only teabag my friends 😂
  • Shardan4968
    If you want people to stop tbagging you, then my advice is to not reward them with the attention like you do with this post. I mean, what makes a player like that more ecstatic than the knowledge that them pressing control with their pinky two-three times over your virtual corpse makes you actively seek them out and hold a grudge, which is about as childish as insulting others over a video game. Unless you have a self-esteem issue and if that's the case then you working on it is probably more productive than asking a person who doesn't respect you, not to do something. That's just my take though, you can do whatever, I'm not your mom.
  • xFocused
    I don't even mind getting bagged, it's funny and just makes it even more sweet when you get to bag them back. It's the toxic whispers I get that make me cringe. I've gotten racism, threats, etc...all kinds of hateful nonsense in my whispers just for killing someone, lmao
  • geonsocal
    t-bagging is simply lazy behavior...

    seriously, there's like a billion emotes available to enact...and the best you can do is to crouch and uncrouch...

    strive to be better than that...put a little effort at least in to creatively taunting your foes...

    it may be one of the very best aspects of hanging out in cyrodiil...

    recently i've taken to parking my mount over allied baggers...i used to redguard dance on top of them, the mount though covers everything up nicely...
    Edited by geonsocal on December 30, 2022 7:05AM
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  • OBJnoob
    @geonsocal See... You get it.

    My old cyrodiil group back in the day used to all bust out their brooms and clean up the floor of a keep if we'd just taken it.

    I always liked the emote that throws a bucket of water. Like hey man, what's wrong? You're just laying there.

    Honestly it does go too far and people are pretty toxic. But I find if you aren't known for dishing it out you don't normally get it. Respawning quickly helps. Lol.
  • Casul
    Across 2 platforms I have experienced PvP. All I can say is this.

    Go in there with the most off meta, no proc, no try hard skills, no showing off, nothing.

    Still get bagged.

    Just comes with the territory.
    ID: YourACasulPSN: CP 1500 Stamden (Retired)LV 32 Imperial Stamplar (Active)PC:CP 800 Heathcro (Retired)
  • Veinblood1965
    I think it's awesome when someone does something extra after I die. I personally have never done it but it adds to the feeling of being in a war against someone lol.
  • Amottica
    Ignore toxic comments. I have come to realize that when in a PvP match, those who engage in chat-based PvP try to make up for their deficiencies in actual PvP play. Their comments are meaningless, and they are irrelevant. Ignore them (no need to add them to the ignore list) and move on.

    As for AvA, it is not competitive PvP. This is evident through the alliances can be way out of balance. The leaderboard only shows how active someone was, not how good they are. Granted, it is a fun design, but these points are another reason not to take the comments from those hotheads.

    So ignore them, move on and enjoy the game.
  • boi_anachronism_
    Tbh if someone bagged me I take it as "you were a pain in the butt to take down". Sort of a weird compliment. So no, doesn't bother me although I mostly just do it to my friends 😂
  • OBJnoob
    Random story but I thought this might be the place for it...

    I was doing a BG the other day (high mmr Xbox NA,) and I arrived to help a teammate of mine in a 1v2. So we 2v2 for a while... It's pretty clear nobody is gonna die. Then a third enemy shows up... And then a fourth. I'm thinking... Mmk, time to go, but my buddy isn't really on the same page. He gets focused hard and dies leaving me in a 1v4. I run like the coward I am and they're chasing me but eventually give up because I've gone Super Coward level 4 at this point, spikey blonde hair and all.

    Only one of them has continued to follow me, and it's one of about 5 players who REALLY stands out as being better than the rest of us. I turn the corner, spin around, and meet him with surprise burst. Didn't know who it was at the time. Surprisingly ALL of my attacks and CCs land perfectly-- perhaps his buffs were down from chasing-- and I kill him. Basically by myself.

    After a few seconds of looking around to see if the coast is clear I notice the name of the dead guy. I run up to his body, very briefly, and instead of t-bagging I jump once instead. Sortve how I say "gg" or show respect. I reckon he took it the wrong way because he HUNTED me for the rest of the match, lol, and when he did kill me once he bagged the crap out of me.

    Which... Didn't make me all that mad. On one hand-- I'm aware he doesn't know what I mean when I jump. On the other hand-- I KNOW he is better than me. So you know, okay I guess. In the end I guess I just decided "I got under a really good players skin... Good for me." But low key, yeah, I could do without the toxicity.
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