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Expired Gifts.

Soul Shriven
A good weekend everyone.

I need some help with gifts. According to this article, I thought that expired gifts are automatically returned to the sender. Is that different at this time? That article is from around 2018.
The gift recipient must accept the gift within 14 days to receive the item, but if they decline or fail to accept the item in time, it is simply returned to its original purchaser. Note that the purchaser in this case is unable to make use of any returned gifts themselves, but can resend it to the original or a different recipient.

I sent a gift to someone that I didn't intend to. Either that recipient has ignored the gift and my few messages or they don't play anymore. The gift hasn't been accepted and the time counter is at zero and it's been this way for quite some time. Is it just lost? Customer support is using one -steps to reply to my cases.

  • ZOS_BillE

    As mentioned in the help article here, someone only has 14 days to accept a gift that has been sent. If you fail to accept a gift during this period, the unaccepted gift will be returned to the original sender.

    Do you have an open ticket number?

    If so, you can post it in this thread so we can check on what is going on.
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