Scalecaller Peak HM - Last Boss Enrage/Timer based Mechanic?

Soul Shriven

somebody there who finished the hard mode of Scalecaller Peak and could help?

Our Group died two times quite in the end and we dont know how this happened. I dont find something on guides online. We got the boss down to 20%, finished the "last" frost-giant phase and then, once on 14% life, once on 11% another group of frost-giants suddenly appeared and killed us. On every guide we looked its written that they come with 20% damage made. But why in the end? There is nothing written about an enrage phase or something like this. Does someone know the reason for that so we can prepare?

We dont have highest dps and usually need a bit to finish the giant phase, especially our healers ult. But in these 6% we cant build up another ult for him.

Knowing the reason or the rule behind this mechanic would help us prepare for it, it think. And yes, bursting the boss isnt really possible with our dps (we arent max CP yet). Still we think it possible, we got here after all.

Would be nice if you could help us.

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