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Official Discussion Thread for "5 Fun Ways to Prepare for Greymoor"


This is the official discussion thread for the "5 Fun Ways to Prepare for Greymoor" blog article.

Are you excited to dive into the new stories and adventures arriving with Greymoor? Here are five fun ways you can prepare for the release of the upcoming Chapter.
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  • tinythinker
    Djiku wrote: »
    Greymoor includes Blackreach, some new Alchemy reagents, and the Antiquities system, among several other changes (including to set items). So, some of the other ways you can prepare are:
    • Level up your Alchemy skill line to 50, learn all the other current ingredient traits, and prepare to make new and interesting poisons and potions when Greymoor comes out. (Crimson Nirnroot, anyone?)
    • Get the Pathfinder achievement for as many existing zones as possible. General merchants in each zone will, once you have this achievement, be able to sell you a "lead" for Antiquity system items within the zone. Many of these are special furnishings, so...
    • Get a new, bigger house ingame, ready to display all the Antiquity furnishings you may soon find! (Or do some serious housecleaning to clear up the current clutter to make some room :smile: )
    • Start saving treasure maps for each zone. Treasure map chests are one of the many ways in which you can find leads for special Antiquity items, e.g. a special treasure furnishing (from the Glenumbra zone, I think?), or possibly Mythic armor, or parts of a new mount.
    • Stock up on skill points! Go get those missing skyshards and the skill points from zone main quests, group dungeons, public dungeon group challenges, and sometimes from side quests. You may need a few to invest in the two Antiquities skill lines.
    • Read up on the monster set and other armor set bonus changes, and check if you should update your build once Greymoor comes out. If you are excited for the new "Perfected" vMA and vDSA weapons, practise a bit now just to check if you still have the same old magic (or are too rusty?), and perhaps get a DSA group together already before launch day!
    • Go back to an old Skyrim saved game to explore the mystery of Blackreach - although remember that TES V is set a long time in the future of Tamriel, and the monsters and items found may not be the same as seen in Greymoor.
    • If you play on PC, make a donation to all your favorite Addon authors. While you've been in Covid lockdown gaming land, they've been working hard at trying to update their code so that it doesn't just crash your game once Greymoor launches.

    Note: If you want to refer to pre-launch information (subject to change)

    Definitely the better write up.

    Both are good. Love the info Pyr0xyrecuprotite added, yet the article's mention of doing the Rivenspire storyline and the Q1 dungeon DLC are relevant to the story and characters in Greymoor, as are the zone stories for Eastmarch and The Rift. Put the article and that comment together and you're pretty solid for launch.
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  • Dusk_Coven
    "Create a Nord and goth them up" -- So additional character slots will be available?
  • Banana
    I've cured my vampires. So I'm ready
  • RPGplayer13579
    My first Vampire and Werewolf characters are currently being planned for after Greymoor has been released. Will I be given the option to turn a new character into either a Vampire or Werewolf near the start of the new chapter? Or does that come later? And if so then should I create these two characters now? Thank you.
    My Characters.

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    Catelyn Rivers - Breton - Sorcerer - Destruction Staff - Daggerfall Covenant - Telvanni Magister.
    Ashara Sand - Redguard - Warden - Two-Handed/One-Handed and Shield - Daggerfall Covenant - Heroic.
    Tormund gro-Largash - Orsimer - Dragonknight - Two-Handed - Daggerfall Covenant - Furious.
    Lysa Rivers - Breton - Nightblade - Bow/One-Handed and Shield - Vampire - Daggerfall Covenant - Brassy Assassin.

    Jon Karstark - Nord - Dragonknight - Two-Handed - Ebonheart Pact - Drunk.
    Arya Sand - Dunmer - Dragonknight - Dual Wield - Ebonheart Pact - Assassin.
    Sansa Snow - Impeial - Warden - Destruction Staff/One-Handed and Shield - Ebonheart Pect - Swashbuckler.
    Jojen Reed-Walker - Argonian - Templar - Restoration Staff - Healer - Ebonheart Pact - Melancholy.
    Alys Karstark - Nord - Nightblade - Bow/Dual Wield - Ebonheart Pact - Minstrel.

    Nymeria Woods - Bosmer - Nightblade - Bow - Aldmeri Dominion - Thief.
    Brandon Wings - Altmer - Templar - Restoration Staff - Healer - Aldmeri Dominion - Scholar.
    Lyanna Flowers - Altmer - Sorcerer - Sword/Destruction Staff - Aldmeri Dominion - Duchess.
    Marvolo-jo Riddle - Khajiit - Necromancer - Destruction Staff - Aldmeri Dominion - Deadlands Firewalker.
    Obara Woods - Bosmer - Templar - Bow - Werewolf - Aldmeri Dominion - Cheerful.

  • TheImperfect
    Anyone who has played already on the pts, without spoilering the story in Greymoor, is it better to play with a character with vampirism, werewolfism or just a normal character? Or will it not matter? Is a nord better?
  • GenjiraX
    What better way to explore Western Skyrim than with a brand-new Nord character?

    I'd love to do this before Greymoor launches. Can I have an extra character slot, please?
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