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Blue screens continue after maintenance.

PS4 EU server. Using PS4 pro console, 75mb/s download and 19mb/s upload solid connection.

8 blue screens in 4 hours. 1 in PvE and 7 in PvP. I have noticed no improvement at all since the maintenance patch released today to try and counter the blue screens.

I am removing my eso+ sub until this is fixed, the game is so bad on PS4 right now we should be getting eso+ for free until the fix it!
  • dotme
    Same for me too. PS4Pro on PS4 NA server continues to dump to dashboard in PvP after heavy fighting and I feel like a lunatic paying a monthly sub for this kind of effort from ZOS.

    Not being snarky... this is a serious question: How long are we supposed to wait for this client-based memory issue to be taken seriously? We keep getting patches that state that the memory management is being fixed, and yet the blue screens continue unabated.

    Relogging after being dumped out of the game every time I play is really getting old.

  • EddieRavendark
    To give a bit more of a view this is a video of all blue screens I've received in the last 72 hours...

  • ZOS_BillE
    As an update posted here, we are currently looking into this issue with blue screen crashes. Since there are multiple threads about Blue Screen crashes on the PS4 we will be closing this one. You can continue discussion and find troubleshooting in the thread linked below.

    Blue screens in trials
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