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Necromancer backstories

Those of you who have made a necromancer character...what's your story?

My Dunmer magicka dps is a member of House Telvanni who seeks power at all costs.

My Imperial tank is an ex-Legion Zero heavy who seeks to use the necromancy he learned to combat the very beings that taught him.
  • TheShadowScout
    I have a altmer necromantrix who may or may not be a distant relative of Mannimarco, and had to flee her homelands because of her hobby, to seek refugee with the pact and a secluded place to get into her research without the villagers always coming after her witrh torches and pitchforks...

    I have a imperial wannabe knight who could only gain acceptance with an order of tomb guardians, learning necromancy en passant and still trying to be honorable and chivalric even if he is more likely to be seen as dour and intimidating...

    I have an albino-ish argonian grave robber who often tries to scare away people by pretending to be a ghost, then robbing the freshly interred, sometimes animating them to cover of his dastardly deeds, but generally has a somewhat decentr heart beneath all the pretending to be eeeeevil shell...

    And those are mine.
    "True understanding can be found only in the Shadow between Light and Dark..."
    Leskandera - Sneaky Dunmer Bounty Huntress
    Kelasendar - Shy Dunmer Goth Librarian
    Kes dre-Lana - Righteous Orsimer Amazon
    Alakserden Haughty Dunmer Pyromancer
    Leers-Kanda Chivalric Argonian Dragon-Fangirl
    Karel Danes Drunk Nord Mountain Man
    Elsa Dekran Imperial Deserter Piratess
    Akar-Sendel Brutal Orsimer Executioner
    Skelandera Evil Altmer Necromantrix

    Andrea Selk Melancholic Breton Vampire Waif
    Al'Serkande Fat Redguard Ex-guard Bandit
    Dane Sarkel Fabulous Breton Hedge Knight
    Ales Endark Dour Imperial Grave Guardian

    Deslankera Busty Altmer Priestess
    Selkendara Happy Bosmer Tree-hugger Girl
    Kera de'Saln Skittish Khajiit Clockwork Kitty
    Selan Dekar Stern Imperial Blood Mage Exile
    Kral Na-Dees Pale Argonian Tomb Raider
  • TigressCreed
    Mines the recreation of this guy;
    Xbox NA TigressCreed
    Altmer Magblade *Master Crafter*
    Altmer MagSorc
    Altmer MagPlar
    Altmer Magden
    Altmer MagCro
    Khajit StamBlade
    Bosmer StamBlade
    Argonian Templar Healer
    Orc StamCro
    Dunmer StamSorc
    Imperial StamKnight
    Breton MagSorc
  • VaranisArano
    "Necromancy isn't illegal when its done to humans and beasts. I'd never desecrate a Dunmer that way!"

    Strangely enough, the town guards don't listen to my necromancer's protests. He's a Dunmer, a former slaver for House Dres who traveled to Elsweyr in hopes of finding some Khajiit laborers who want to emigrate to Vvardenfell. He's not having much luck with that, and that was before the dragons showed up...
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