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  • GeneralEU
    Problem? Only EU server have this. -,-
  • Czeri
    I got the infinite loading screen, so I closed the window and tried to relog. No luck so far.
  • Xologamer
    how long did it take yesterday to fix it `?

  • Gwyijnblade
    Well done...again...not easy to play new DLC when stuck in loading screens or can't login!
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    Error 303 now.
  • befriendlyordie
    Locked up when trying to Log out ......this is getting to be a weekly problem that is Obviously not being taken care of. PLEASE fix your servers....we pay for a good service not an "OK" service.
  • Haenk
    One statement, only one honest statement from ZOS - is that too much to ask for?
  • ivanakamarkus
    how long will the servers be down?
  • mattiellosa
    Its ok guys! Our raid group have comprised and we are having an ERP session with Z'Maja instead!
  • Cirantille
    ZoM_Head wrote: »
    Selen67 wrote: »
    Why is it always pc eu, honestly?

    Because we are never that important, since day 1 ESO we were running on US servers

    How does that even make sense, running eu server on us? Like why would they do that?
    I would go play on NA if I wanted, I picked this for having more stability :s
  • Nando70
    Same here, this many issues would be tolerable if at least Zos could and would compensate the paying player with something. it's happening way to often, days before patch and then a day after patch wth!?
    Not because I don't have a life
    But because I chose to have many!
  • RaggaBomb
    U ZOS rly need compencate to players ur incomompitence, cause this is rly madness
  • Foxhearted
    Looks like I won't be able to collect my hireling mails again :/
    no fox given.
  • Essavias
    Boy, PC-EU is in such tip-top shape after this update!

    Said no one ever.
  • Arrodisia
    Again? Two days is a row we have never ending load screens, players kicked from the server and unable to log back on. Please, solve this.
  • KingMagaw
    Another flawless delivery.

    Glad we didn't pay for this content lol
  • Rowjoh
    Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are seeing these reports and looking into it.

    This happened YESTERDAY at pretty much the same time. This has also happened SEVERAL times after previous updates/patches, so you should know what the issue is by now and have an eta for the hot fix...

    Edited by Rowjoh on October 22, 2019 7:20PM
  • Deohjo
    They can't even fix bugs in game launchers that remain in the taskbar.
  • Aznarb
    The day we have to reinstall game (it's already planed) it better work smooth, especially when ppl like me need 2 fkng day to download all <.<

    I love the game content, but the perf are just so bad..
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  • aldriq
    Not again?!
  • Ufretin
    Xologamer wrote: »
    how long did it take yesterday to fix it `?

    I doubt they fixed anything. I guess things sorted themselves out after more players left in frustration and server load decreased.
  • Agalloch
    R.I.P. AGAIN...
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    EU server must run on Vodka -> Gets drunk half way through the evening.
  • KyraCROgnon
    So, is it some weird conspiracy to make sure us europeans go to bed early and get plenty of sleep ? was the same last night after 10 pm ...
  • Asmodean
    I do miss the days when you would be excited for sw/game updates. thinking of all the potential, cool improvements, etc.

    Now, it's a dreaded thing where you are wondering what is going to be broken and how long it will take you messing around with things to get it back working again after every update..

    It's exhausting : / lol.
  • Carbonised
    Gee, PC-EU down again, what a surprise.

    Btw, you reading this, @code65536 ?
  • Eva13
    Do all of you really think they made something yesterday? They just waited while some people log off and another part stopped trying to log in so they servers let the remaining in. Now it's repeating. Imagine, what'll happen 24th when in addition to 3 days old dlc witches event will start. But don't worry, they already stated in TOS they don't guarantee you can log in and use they product and they don't take responsibility for it ;)
  • Agalloch
    The EU Server is a cat??? ..I hope it has 9 lives...and soon ZOS will spend money to upgrade their servers..infrastucture..etc..

    English is not my native language.
  • zaria
    I love how it makes you feel like the problem is at your end :D
    Low frame rate / high ping tend to be an client issue.
    Random loading screens while playing, yes you can get this in overland PvE but more an cyrodil issue, unusable long time to load an zone is server issues.
    Also mobs not reacting had that on Sunday, Saturday I was in Cyrodil and IC nice performance, Sunday I waited on an call to go so jus did delves and public dungeons, and yes mobs did not behaved right, most of the time you could just run past them.
    Yes as I was farming skyshards and skillpoints this was an buff :)
    Last two days at prime time doing zone changes tend to give infinite loading screens.
    Note that all who is not overland require zone change. BG, dungeons, trials,vMA. Even housing and solo quest instances i instances but guess the last mostly is run on the same server.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • Hexys
    Working again, back in the game.

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