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  • Curious_Death
    Hello, my 1st post... i just... like always got caught, by ZOS actions... i just got eso+... i didnt even finished 1st part of quest lane i cannot login... i get dc and account logged in... why... why the .... again... :s:(
    I cannot imagine, what would happen if i supply bugged software to my customers... idk... we supply 80% of law offices... and we never had such a ... "problems" and we re 2 programmers and testers...

    didn't forget last non elsweyr players getting necro... now after waiting such a long time for new/fresh content.. i cannot even continue on quest, got excited... read whole dialogs... and then ZOS happen... guys... i just dont get how this happen again and again ...

    not mention about casting time on ultimates that fire 30% of time because lags in cyro simply doesnt allow to aim it perfectly...

    ps. "balancing" abilities by more than 10% is much... doing changes of 170% or even 40% its called experimenting...
    experiments that takes few years and still every two months i needs to change my gamestyle and learn everything step by step.

    sry english is not my native... but i ... gave up... no more.. frustrated to the limits...
  • hregrin
    Patch day, no play
  • KingMagaw
    Lets be optimistic surely.

    Not like anyone paid for this content. This patch lasted far longer than some of recent patches so improvement certainly before the server died again.
  • fierackas
    Worse than that, it's dead Jim
  • Itzmichi
    Well, if I were to imagine that would be the results of my work, I'd be so ashamed, that I would never leave the house again.
    I mean, if it were the first time happening, that would be alright, but it became a habit and that's pathetic.
    Here, have a chill pill 💊!
  • Aznarb
    Awww was having fun questing in the new dlc :(
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  • gatekeeper13
    Game looks totally broken after the update. Loading screens are insane, almost doubled in waiting time. Teleported to Windhelm, 7 min and still loading.
    Edited by gatekeeper13 on October 21, 2019 8:09PM
  • EC_Rob
    Oh my, we certainly didn't expect that to happen! Oh no, how tragic!

    oh wait, no... we actually kind of did.

    How does it keep happening... you'd expect that after so many server fails at a patch releases, you guys would know how to counter it. Yet, also quite unsurprisingly, you don't.

    Just like the rest of my fellow adventurers, I ended up in an endless loading screen and soon after I had to force quit my game. Unable to log in after, and being told my account was already logged in.


    EDIT: I'm back in at 22:15 GMT+2
    Edited by EC_Rob on October 21, 2019 8:14PM
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  • Nirntrotter
    Getting the following errors: 301, 304, login time-out, generic "cannot connect to game server".
    Location is Austria. Pretty much never have issues login in otherwise.

    Edit: Literally logged me in 10s after hitting the post comment button.
    Edited by Nirntrotter on October 21, 2019 8:12PM
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  • Thaeryndhel
    Logged to character.

    EDIT: Logged into zone.
    Edited by Thaeryndhel on October 21, 2019 8:13PM
  • DrOuttaSight
    It's 21:06 here in the UK,
    and I tried 8 times to log into the game,
    and on the 8th time, i got into a second loading screen only to be told I don't have a valid internet connection,
    on the 6th attempt it was a time out, try again.

    I wanted to get into the game, and spend some money on a mount (I like Cat mounts they are very graceful).
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  • Nyladreas
  • okiav
    I must say, I truly feel sorry for Gina. I hope at least the pay is good. Because its just ridiculous having to listen to the customers' complaints that basically repeat again and again and again... because the product simply doesnt work as intended - its tough being the messenger on stuff like this.

    Also PC-EU and can't login, again, just like so many times before...
  • I_killed_Vivec
    Infinite login over! :)

    Oh, but I've been booted and now I'm back to the login screen :'(

    "If this happens again contact Customer Service"...
  • EdoKeledus
    We need a new EU server doesn't matter if the data migration take six mouths.
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  • Hexys
    @ZOS_GinaBruno confirmed working again (for me and some of my friends)
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  • daedalusAI
    Qbiken wrote: »
    But I thought PC/EU was ready :(

    ZOS clearly has a different definition of ready than everyone else.
  • zaria
    TragedyOA wrote: »
    Working fine for me PC eu.
    Don't do an zone change. This includes TG bases. Probably also group dungeons or BG. Questing in one zone is probably safe.
    I got account still logged in error 30 minutes after I killed the game because of infinite loading screen.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • daedalusAI
    okiav wrote: »
    I must say, I truly feel sorry for Gina. I hope at least the pay is good. Because its just ridiculous having to listen to the customers' complaints that basically repeat again and again and again... because the product simply doesnt work as intended - its tough being the messenger on stuff like this.

    Also PC-EU and can't login, again, just like so many times before...

    What makes you think they actually listen?

    It could just be an edge-case of them listening by chance.

    How could any sane person not test something like that, as yet again a the servers don't function properly after ZOS touched them?
    Edited by daedalusAI on October 21, 2019 8:29PM
  • Azirius
    Well. I’m stuck in a group. Cannot leave. Cannot be kicked.
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  • 0lbertikus
    i gave it another try and could log in - char loaded successfully.
  • Master_Kas
    I managed to get in but can't see names of anything. Not on characters, wayshrines etc.. xD
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  • Neophyte
    I love how it makes you feel like the problem is at your end :D
  • fierackas
    Apparently I'm still logged in even though I force closed it 30 mins ago :#
  • EvilAutoTech
    At this point ESO+ should be free for EU until this bad joke is over.
  • regime211
    Should of been a console player.
  • gepe87
    daemonios wrote: »
    PC-EU can't take the load on launch of a new DLC? Surely that can't be right, what with all the capacity that was added earlier this year!

    Yeah! All ESO players have bad internet and potatos!
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  • DonRavello
    Just remember:
    1. the EU server died a long time ago. => ZOS: "let us reanimate the body"
    2. it was reanimated a few times, but with each patch it died again. => ZOS: "reanimate! REANIMATE!"
    3. patch 21: EU server well beyond its extended lifetime, dying again. => ZOS: "introduce necromancy. BRING IT BACK!"
    4. patch 22 launched and the server was reanimated. => ZOS: "necromancy is the solution! Go necromancers!"
    5. patch 23 launched and the undead beast died again. => ZOS: "more necromancy! BRING IT BACK!"
    6. patch 24 launched and the undead beast died again. => ZOS: "we are aware and .... BRING IT BACK!"
    7. ...
    Edited by DonRavello on October 21, 2019 8:30PM
  • ThePlayer
    I log in but…

    1) Long loading
    2) I cant sell in any guildes, i cant move the items
    3) Game consume too much resource from computer, everything slow down, even discord
    4) i cant use the guild chat, i didnt check the others chat

    Time to do something else or check the NA server
    Edited by ThePlayer on October 21, 2019 8:41PM
  • criscal
    Same procedure as every patch.
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