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    PC-EU broken again.
  • Flaminir
    Yep... we have a raid right now but half the group can't get logged in, and even those who have got in can't join the group!
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  • Rin_Senya
    Over and over and OVER again, the same *** happening to EU and Zenimax don't care whatsoever!
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  • nk125x
    +1 kicked trying to get into cyrodill now cant login
  • Credonias
    Can not read Server...
    no Login possible...

    PC- EU
  • Varana
    If the EU server were a horse, we would be posting dead horse memes.
  • Lady_Sleepless
    Yup, same here. Me and my partner just got kicked in the middle of a loading screen.
  • fierackas
    Its dead again :(
  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are seeing these reports and looking into it.
    Staff Post
  • FooWasHere
    Yes, RIP logins now. And endless loading screen. PC EU.
  • Coatmagic
    Oh good, endless loading screen... again tonight xD
  • MagiiC_One
    Best Patch ever... Dps Rip.. Achievements Rip.. Server Rip
  • Xologamer
    Selen67 wrote: »
    Why is it always pc eu, honestly?

    because they hate pc eu jsut simple as that
  • Witar
    Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are seeing these reports and looking into it.
    Can we get a permanent solution? It's been 5 years with every major patch having similar problems.
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  • StrawberryKitsune
    After a little bit of a break from this mess of a game it's good to see some things never change. 😂🙈👌

    Cannot connect to server by the way.
    Edited by StrawberryKitsune on October 22, 2019 7:12PM
  • Rowjoh
    here we go again.

    the usual complete waste of time trying to log in and play after an update/patch.

  • Anony_Mouse
    Got stuck on a load-screen in Southern Elsweyr. Alt+F4 out of the load-screen after 10 mins. Then logging back in to Character load-screen went ok, but when I select my character I get stuck on Requesting Character Load. Been about 10 mins now...

    PC EU

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom
  • Sturmfaenger
  • Ufretin
    Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are seeing these reports and looking into it.

    What's there to look into? Server can't handle the load during prime time, just like last night (surprise).
    All we can do is wait until more people give up trying and server population drops.
    Edited by Ufretin on October 22, 2019 7:13PM
  • nk125x
    Account logged in - LOL I wish
  • Rin_Senya
    can you explain to us WHY it's always EU that has to expirience the same issues and you doing NOTHING to fix it? Things that you do only helps for 1-2 days and then it's back to normal crap. We literally can't play the game.
    Anairi ~ EP | NA | AR50 - Dracarys
    Anaire ~ AD/EP | EU | AR50 - Banana Squad/Zerg Squad/AOE Rats

  • Joinovikova
    really its start to be sad story :D
  • Lord_Hypnos
    Hey all, just wanted to confirm we are seeing these reports and looking into it.

    and perhaps fix it permanently?
  • PureEnvelope35
    Heeeere we go again!
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    EP Athena the Pure Stamina Dragonknight (PvP)
    EP Elizabeth the Pure Stamina Sorcerer (PvP)
  • ShadowHvo
    Woop woop here we go again.

    It does feel very anticlimactic when you're on the very last quest, and this hits right before the finalé, lol.
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  • UrbanMonk
    2 hours of game play tiem that i get, half of the time server RIP...FML

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  • RouDeR
    Your account is already logged in.
    Cant freakin login for 30 mins now ...

    If this is Improvement, oh boy i can't wait to see what a mess will be the "performance improvement" next year ^^
    Edited by RouDeR on October 22, 2019 7:15PM
  • ZoM_Head
    Selen67 wrote: »
    Why is it always pc eu, honestly?

    Because we are never that important, since day 1 ESO we were running on US servers
    mDKs still need a lot of love!
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