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Still no response from customer support after almost a week.

Hello, as the title says, it's been almost a week by now and i still didn't get a response from customer support.
On the 4th of September an email was sent to me saying: "This account has been suspended indefinitely and is pending investigation." without actually getting a reason as to why I am being suspended/investigated.
Before when i was in contact with the customer support I didn't have a problem with waiting a week or two for someone to respond to me, I try to not be impatient, but since this time I'm actually not able to play the game and I'm missing out on a lot of things especially because it's the IC event right now, it's getting a bit unpleasant for me to wait so many days to get a response from someone.
Ticket's number is # 190904-002451.
I'd be delighted if someone could look into it and help me out. @ZOS_BillE
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