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ALL Classes Grand Overlord

Soul Shriven
As you all know AP accumulation is like XP accumulation : It's all about time and focus and not necessarily skill … so this is not a post about skill.
Over the weekend I loaded into an argument in zone between 2 people claiming to know the 1st player on PC NA to rank up 4 different classes to Grand Overlord - I had never heard of either but I did know of a player who had ranked up 5 different classes( now 6 with Necro) to Grand Overlord. After much disagreement and debate we decided to settle our argument on the forums. Here is proof of the player i know(provided i did this correctly)

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  • Hashtag_
    Doesn’t that guy boost ap?
  • soulpreacher
    Soul Shriven
    Never knew him too - he helped me and a few friends get Emperor on a dead Malacath campaign a few months back - much resource PvDoor and wall reps involved to pass others on the leaderboard but no 'boosting' - let's see your proof or are you just shaming/hating ?
  • ellahellabella
    I know him, he's a friend of mine and an incredibly nice man.

    He's legit. Has always had a great nose for ap.
    That picture doesn't have his first ever GO there. An Argonian templar, 'Walks-To-R'Lyeh'
    Guess that's because 'Hunts-For-R'Lyeh' is a Templar too.

    Now that we got the conspiracy out of the way, I have but one more thing to add:
    Nerf Sorcs Walks
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    Try to read everything I write with an Australian accent

    PC NA
    Full faction locks are only further dividing an already dwindling pvp community

    Ebonheart Pact
    Sophis (M. Templar), Lilivah Rallenar (M. Sorcerer), Diakoptês (M. Dragonknight), Pins and Needles (M. Nightblade), Claws-your-Curtains (S. Sorcerer), Raan-Mir-Tah (M Warden), Hezik (S Warden)

    Aldmeri Dominion
    Sophis-ticated (M. Templar), Tis not easy being Green (S. Dragonknight)

    Daggerfall Covernant
    Sirius Delatora (M. Nightblade), Ellaberry (S. Templar), Ellabear (pve tank) Claìr De Lune (M. Sorc)
  • nryerson1025
    I have had the pleasure of knowing this man the past several months. A really nice guy doesn't do it justice. One of my favorites in eso. And he has explained to me the intracacies of ap ticks, which helped me to get my first Grand overlord way faster than I would have without him. Nullmage is as legitimate as it gets. Congratulations!
  • fastolfv_ESO
    grand overlord mattered when all your ap came from killing, once keeps and resources gave enough ap to hit GO in a few months without actually ever killing another player it stop mattering
  • nryerson1025
    No one is claiming reaching GO means you're the best pvper. It's still an accomplishment to reach the final alliance rank, let alone to be the first to reach it on every class in the game
  • frozywozy
    Grats. I was going really hard for this achievement but you beat me to it. Still gonna try to go for second.
    Frozn - Stamdk - AR50
    Frosted - Magplar - AR50
    Frodn - Magden - AR50
    Warmed - Magblade - AR50
    Mmfrozy - Magsorc - AR43
    Necrozn - Magcro - AR29
    PvP Group Builds
    • Fix Volendrung (spawn location - weapon white on the map causing the wielder to keep it forever - usable with emperorship)
    • Remove / Change CPs System, remove current CP/noCP campaigns and introduce one 30days with lock, one with no locks
    • Fix crashes when approaching a keep under attack because of bad / wrong rendering prioritization system
    • Change emperorship to value faction score points and not alliance points - see this and this
    • Fix long loading screens (mostly caused by players joining group out of rendering range)
    • Add 2 more quickslots to the wheel or add a different wheel for sieges weaponry only
    • Fix Balista Bolts not dealing damage on walls or doors if deployed at a certain place
    • Release bigger battlegrounds with 8 to 16 players per team and only two teams
    • Fix the permanent block animation - see examples : link1 link2 link3 link4 link5
    • Gives players 10 minutes to get back into Cyrodiil after relogging / crashing
    • Add a function to ignore the Claiming system of useless rewards
    • Improve the Mailing System / Rewards of the Worthy stacking
    • Assign specific group sizes to specific campaigns (24-16-8)
    • Make forward camps impossible to place near objectives
    • Make snares only available from ground effects abilities
    • Change emperorship to last minimum 24hours
    • Fix body sliding after cc breaking too quickly
    • Remove Block Casting through Battle Spirit
    • Fix the speed drop while jumping - see video
    • Fix loading screens when keeps upgrade
    • Fix Rams going crazy (spinning around)
    • Bring back dynamic ulti regeneration
    • Fix speed bug (abilities locked)
    • Introduce dynamic population
    • Lower population cap by 20%
    • Add Snare Immunity potions
    • Bring resurrection sickness
    • Fix character desync
    • Fix cc breaking bug
    • Fix gap closer bug
    • Fix health desync
    • Fix combat bug
    • Fix streak bug
    • Fix server lag
  • Morgul667
    Congrats to him!

    Dunno if thats a first or not
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  • ScruffyWhiskers
    Just curious for all the old timers here. Who were some of the earliest rank 50's? Sometimes I wish I hadn't deleted my kill count so I could go back and reminisce. Frozn and Xylena were 5 star a long time ago. Pain In The Axe was 5 star a long long time ago I'm pretty sure.
  • nryerson1025
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