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Official Discussion Thread for "Community Guides—Scalebreaker Special"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the Community Guides—Scalebreaker Special blog article.

Update your builds and jump into Scalebreaker’s new dungeons with these brand-new guides from the ESO community!
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  • karthrag_inak
    "duel" -> "dual".
  • Marginis
    No healer builds? Wonder why...
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  • Asmael
    Marginis wrote: »
    No healer builds? Wonder why...

    There is, it's the very last one >:)
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  • mateosalvaje
    This article contains builds for the following: Stam Mag Stam Stam Stam Stam Crafting. I guess that's populously accurate 😒
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • Idinuse
    This article contains builds for the following: Stam Mag Stam Stam Stam Stam Crafting. I guess that's populously accurate 😒

    Elder Scrolls Stamina Online
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  • Skullstachio
    Good 'Ol UESP, it’s never let me down.
    (Just be sure to use DuckDuckGo when browsing the UESP as google has a nasty habit of throwing scams right in front of you when browsing some of its pages, not to mention the other sites tracking everyone using it such as twitter, facebook, Amazon, etc. and believe me when I say it isn't the only site said websites track, feel free to check out https://tosdr.org/ if you don't believe me the first time.)

    Getting back on topic, When creating builds, you can definitely trust in the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages to stay up to date with the latest revision, they even have guilds you can join for each console on each megaserver if you decide to. Moreover, it even has all the lore you can think of, not just from the one title, but from all the elder scrolls games.(even the really old timey ones.)
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