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PSA Dark Shaman Crown Store Costume Has Several Problems Buyer Beware

1. Hat does not dye AT ALL.
2. Body Sections affected by very few dyes and it is impossible to make the costume certain colors.
3. None of this is disclosed in the description.
4. Will be trying to return it if not fixed.
5. Buy at your own risk.
  • Eirinin
    Any chance you'd be willing to post some screenshots?
  • buttaface
    Eirinin wrote: »
    Any chance you'd be willing to post some screenshots?

    I don't know exactly what I would screenshot. When you go to the outfit station, the hat has no dye options. Apparently the hat does take some dye from the base suit upon further experimentation, but not well, and I don't find that acceptable on a 1200 crown costume. Moreover, I am unable to dye the front of the skirt so that it looks other than a dirty dishrag. All manner of different colors turn the skirt gray, not remotely the color of whatever dye is selected. The arm pieces and gloves dye OK admittedly. The chest doesn't dye accurately and the skirt, as stated, dyes extremely poorly.

    These things would be easy to fix. Will be patient, wait a week or so, then send a support ticket asking for a refund if nothing is done.
  • SydneyGrey
    Yeah, the dying on it stinks. They're not going to improve it. It's already an old costume that's been brought back and they never spent the time to improve it before. Some people really like it, though, even though it doesn't dye well.
  • StormChaser3000
    The plume on the helmet is dyeable. The front part of the helmet (skull or whatever is that) is not dyeable. Front part of the skirt doesn't dye well too and will remain lighter than other parts.

    However it looks nice to me overall if to use dark black dye on all 3 color channels.
    Edited by StormChaser3000 on August 19, 2019 5:19AM
  • buttaface
    The plume on the helmet is dyeable.

    I don't consider a part of a costume that cannot be directly dyed, but gets some ambient dye from the other parts dyeable personally. If this were a generic 600 crown costume would understand, but it's not.

    On consideration, will probably not bother trying to get it refunded and just won't buy anything else from the crown store going forward.

  • Asha_11_ESO
    I LOVE this costume.

    But I will agree with you that it doesn't dye well with many of the colours.

    Some costumes do dye better than others, but unfortunately you can't tell until you buy the costume. I'll only buy costumes if I really like how they come as is.
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    Amaltheia Althaia | Altmer Templar (AD)
    Sabah Al'khir | Redguard Warden (DC)
  • baratron
    Wait, some people actually use the hat on the Dark Shaman costume? :o
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Here's a pic on my Orc Stamina Necromancer with the dye changed to the Blood Gold from Elsweyr ...

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  • buttaface
    Here's a pic on my Orc Stamina Necromancer with the dye changed to the Blood Gold from Elsweyr ...

    I found very few dyes that did not make the front of the skirt look like a dirty gray dishrag. A majority of dyes I tried did not register any change to the front of the skirt at all. IMO should not be this way on any costume, particularly an expensive one.

    And while I'm griping, on a related note, there are so many motif pieces that are broken and need reworking in the way they take dyes. In many motifs applying the exact same dye to different pieces will result in entirely different colors or sometimes no change in color at all on certain pieces. ESO's dye system leaves much to be desired for a game that's been out five years.

  • ThirdHorseman
    A rework of their dye system could be in order. Possibly added to their things to do list. Benefits could be a rerelease of old items in the crown store. Generating additional profit with some hard work by the devs.

    Just need to get those pvp bug fixer trolls to stay quiet a few minutes...
  • esp1992
    This is honestly on of my upmost favorite costumes for “Evil” or Necromancer characters, but I do agree with you.

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