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Moongrave Fane Dungeon Guide (Veteran) - Fully detailed with instructions and images.

Hey all! Just finished writing up a dungeon guide for Moongrave Fane, still working out a few kinks and HM but this should definitely be helpful:

I will keep updating it as we find better methods. Any feedback is more than welcomed :D

Hope ya'll enjoy! Good night <3
  • code65536
    Nisaazda will start summoning a Sangiin Thirst (demon with wings). You cannot stop her from doing this.
    Hit her with the blood ball to interrupt.
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  • Pontypants
    Ah thank you, didn't know you could do that! Great info, I've updated the guide!

    Thanks :D
  • DLM
    Once you heavy attack the red orb, it will fly at the boss and break his shielded state allowing you to continue damaging it.

    Something that most guides that I have seen, even Alcast's, are missing as well as most people that I have seen running it and who thought the orbs were useless because they weren't doing anything is that no, heavy attacking the orbs is not enough, you have to heavy attack in the direction of the boss to splash it with it. And you need 2 orbs, one is not enough, to remove the shield.
  • essi2
    Well done! Very nice guide, saved our sanity in vMF.
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  • Ryath_Waylander
    @Pontypants A huge thanks to you for your guide. There are one or two other guides out there at the moment, but they are wholly inadequate for Vet if you're not a dps god on PTS and need to follow the mechanics to survive. @code65536 thanks for the tip on interrupting Nisaazda. That Sangiin Thirst was continually causing us to wipe until we found out the blood ball will stop her summoning it. Happy to say if you can make it past Nisaazda, the last boss fight is much easier.
  • Pontypants
    Yey! Thank you all for the very positive feedback! ^^ I'm glad the guide helped you guys/gals out! @DLM -> I will update the guide with this, thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!!
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