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Will Ward Ally become useless this patch?

With the changes to the base skill making the shield go from 300% to 100% potency, I'm not sure how effective Ward Ally will be other than to guarantee Major Vitality with a BRP Resto equipped.

When they removed the initial heal to Healing Ward it made too much sense to run Ward Ally. Especially since really only NB and Sorc could benefit from the secondary heal.

Now with Healing Ward getting a decent HoT attached, it appears as if Ward Ally is now on the back burner...again.

  • ccfeeling
    I think the dev assume most of us have VBRP restro staff ?

    Maybe they have to check the BIG data before the nerf .
  • brandoncoffmannub18_ESO
    Healing ward can go on any rando close to you

    Ward ally guarantees you

    Healing ward assuming you are the only one and a friend duo-ing around and it will go on one of you, it's still only one of you

    Ward Ally with go on both of you

    The base is stronger now and even if it only scales 100% it's still useful.

    So the question becomes; Do I want to risk no shield that would have been awesome, or do I want to be guaranteed a shield that's kind of awesome.
    Raise your arguments, not your insults.

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    PvE and PvP

  • Cries
    Playing solo -> healing ward
    Not playing solo -> ward ally
    PC NA
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  • danara
    Cries wrote: »
    Playing solo -> healing ward
    Not playing solo -> ward ally

    Aaaah i think i disagree...

    It depends on the context... If you play pve then i think that Healing Ward is better for class that dont have access to a strong single target flash heal like templars Breath of Life (for example DK, not sure about warden)?

    If you play on pvp it depends what your are doing, big group i would go for Ward Ally cause if you are in trouble go for the shield and someone will heal you in 95% of the case.

    If you are in small group like in BG i would go for Healing Ward. Then it also depends on your build and rôle...

    For example, If you are a healer with the BRP resto staff and a lot of HoT maybe then go for ward ally like that both of you enjoy the Major Vitality

    In my opinion is not as simple as you say and a lot of things have to be considered... Your rôle (healer, dd, tank ?), your build, your gamzplay (pve, pvp BG, pvp cyro with zerg, or solo ?) and a lot more questions...🤔
  • Derra
    All i can say is:
    Anyone thinking healing ward/ward ally (yeah both morphs) will be even remotely useful if you don´t match 1 or ideally both of these criterias:
    1. Stack them with another shield
    2. Have a (v)Brp Resto

    Will be in for a reality check come next patch. The ability is garbage tier if it´s used alone for defensive purposes. As always purely a pvp pov on things.
    Every comment is from a pvp pov unless stated otherwise.

    I live. I die. I live again.

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  • Insco851
    ccfeeling wrote: »
    I think the dev assume most of us have VBRP restro staff ?

    Maybe they have to check the BIG data before the nerf .

    You don’t need the vet version for it to be useful. Sure the added regen is nice but the normal version is some of the easiest content to do.
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