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New mana meta - new reality

  • Wuchtdrescher
    Soul Shriven
    RIP Magicka!
  • ebix_
    Play magblade, class still have all list: class spammable, execute and unique ability :trollface:

    you can't bash cancel in raids like this with all the lag and fps drop + you need stamina for some mechanics and you won't get 100% uptime with siroria on 95% of bosses . the worst thing about dot meta with no spammable is that you don't have quick burst damage for short fights like add phases in boss fights ... your damage need to build up with all stupid dots .
    this gonna be the weirdest patch for magdds .
    I'm already moving to stamdk but I still don't think it's enough cuz Zo$ want us all to play stamcro
    if you are in pc eu then I will cu ^^
  • Saril_Durzam
    Vlad9425 wrote: »
    Vigor nerfed, Rally nerfed, Caltrops nerfed, Rearming Trap nerfed, among all the other nerfs class specific or otherwise nerfs to stam. I don't think Mag builds are the only ones nerfed this update...

    Vigor isnt nerfed compared with life; at least on selfhealing. It´s a nerf for "healers" but doesn´t affect own performance. Actually there is a small buff there.

    Rally isnt a hot anymore, but a somewhat burst heal. Caltrops and Trap nerfed as every AOE dot.

    Sure, some are nerfs and everyone used them, and stamina classes will stop using 2 skills. Maybe 3.

    But they didnt take half way of class identity as ZoS has done to magSorcs this patch, destroying petsorc with Matriarch nerf, AOE nerf, LL nerf, Clench nerf, Shields nerf, Surge nerf... the Sorcs will stop using 6-7 skill slots. Not a joke. (actually for my Sorc im glad as looks like im having a new class... fun!)

    Vigor is nerfed in compare to what it did at the begining of pts. I understand that they reduced its value because of healer in pve. However, Pvp wise, they almost killed most stam builds that way. 3 new dots, and each ticks higher than vigor. You get two, you die with the vigor in pts. 2 undodgable dots, if anyone though of dodging them. They are unblockable as well.

    Actually, dots affects everyone, not just stamina. Light armor magicka will be much more affected than others, being heavy armor stamina the least.Before patch, Shields could be a reasonable defence vs dots but now, with skyrocketing costs, most mag builds wont be able to sustain, wont have magicka to counter these attacks as they will be usign all theirs to stay alive. 20k dots on Light will be 10k dots on Heavy, perfectly manageable. Even 2 of these dots wont deal more than 20k in 10 secs; just Vigor will regen 16k with 2 casts in those 10 secs, and health regen will do the other 4k. And only spending 2 GCDs of 10 and little stamina (compared with high mag cost), the stamina heavy armor will destroy light armor dot users.

    Dots wont be kings of PvP, Heavy armor stamina will be... like they are now.

    Few things

    One, trap wasn't nerfed, changed to barbed and is a buff and isn't an aoe.

    Two, heavy armor stamina isn't king, nothing is, it's all playstyle and opportunity cost, I have a burst heal and a shield, now if I use resto I can have my own vigor and healing ward is no small mention, AND I get capped resistances in light armour, do you even try to build because it's sounding like you are regurgitating what people say and never test these things on the PTS.

    Three, Matriarch nerf is still free passive damage and a burst heal for two people.

    Four, crafty alfiq, bright throat, 0 bastion 8-9k harness magicka.

    Five, rally isn't a burst heal on demand and requires a 2hander.

    Six, vigor is a nerf because 4s versus 5s kills the offensive window.

    Seven, I'm going to guess you only use magsorc, and not much else because you don't seem to understand so much about stam and what it's all about and what they go through; you can talk about your class but unless you have perspective don't try to explain things you don't understand.

    Few things.

    One, i stand corrected, i meant caltrops but dunno why, trap ended up there.

    Two, call it whatever, heavy armor stamina is king. or meta. Not my words, actually, but many others. Which doesnt mean other builds dont work. In BGs you will play HA and will be better than any other armor, except on deathmatch, or even there if on a premade. Ofc the Resto staff works, worked on Live and works on PST even better. Yeah, i tested it. As ive said in other threads, for pvp Resto is a must for magicka on backbar.

    Third, Matriarch plainly sucks. You cannot waste two skill slots on a 1k DPS ability plus a mediocre burst heal. If it was one slot, it would be good; as it is now, is a waste and only the lack of burst heals can make a Sorc think about using it.

    Four. I tried it with Necro and bright throat and got 6-7k health shield depending on enchants. In PST. Did you try it?

    Five. True, Rally is a delayed burst heal, but it´s a burst heal. Sub Assault is delayed burst and people call it burst. Yeah, rally is not as good as the hot live, but still a heal. I know it requires a 2H, it also required it on Live. So? I didnt talk about that. What are you talking about?

    Six. Vigor has better HPS than ever. On a Pvp, that is good. I´ll enjoy that.

    Seven. My main is a magplar PvE healer, my Sorc is PvE DD, and my stamden is my PvP toon. Those are the classes i mostly play. Tbh my perspective about PvP is related to stamden and i feel he will fare as well as he does now. Much better than my Sorc and templar, btw.

    Not really need to explain this but you look like such kind of people who posts around self-imagined thoguhts about how some people is. Doing personal attacks wont prove your point, but that´s something we live on the forums and there is nothing much to add here.
  • Darkenarlol
    Aznarb wrote: »
    Grandma wrote: »
    each class still has some flavor, and there are a few that have a good amount [necromancer comes to mind]. magdps is fun and usable 100%. you can play however you want. people making it sound like the end of the world are score pushers. you can replace a few skills with new dots and still do good dps.

    Not everyone care about score pushing and pulling 90k+ on dummie.
    You don't need that much to do content..

    Their is room for lot of flavored build if ppl are creative.


    but voice of reason can't be heard by YT lemmings...

    they totally beleive that they need dps equal to world top 10 parcers

    in their normal craglorn pugs...
  • Stibbons
    Heymexa wrote: »
    Now meta for manna classes is not much different. All use the same abilities. Degenegation, Consuming Trap, Reach, Scadling rune.

    1. The identity of the classes is destroyed.
    2. No need for spam ability.
    3. DPS is less than that of stamina classes.

    Total. Mana classes have become uninteresting and NOT NEEDED, since with the same survival rate, DPS is less.

    For example, the build for m.Sorcerer:

    1. No Spam ability
    2. No Liquid Lighning (or flood)
    3. No Twilight
    Degenegation, Consuming Trap, Reach, Scadling rune. Scamp.

    Thank You ZOS.
    Good Bye Teso.
    p.s Sorry for my poor English and for unnecessary emotions.

    How is this different from sword and board/two-hander stamina meta? Now stamina has to adapt and stop crying.
  • HappyLittleTree
    no mana in eso.

    k bye
    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • TheHsN
    Vlad9425 wrote: »
    Vigor nerfed, Rally nerfed, Caltrops nerfed, Rearming Trap nerfed, among all the other nerfs class specific or otherwise nerfs to stam. I don't think Mag builds are the only ones nerfed this update...

    Yes still stronger.... Give a thought about that:):):)
    Magicka SORC - PvE/PvP
    Stamina NB - PvE/PvP
    Magicka NB - PvE/PvP
    Magicka Templar - PvE
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    Magicka DK - PvE
    Stamina DK - PvE
  • Heymexa
    This patch has been released. Congratulations to all. It's time for useless mana builds unnecessary in raids.
  • Dojohoda
    What is mana?

    It's the word that occurs when Mario says the word "man". Ex. " The maila mana has runa."
    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
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