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Working as intended? ZOS fix the bloody rams!

I'm pretty sure rams are not supposed to go to the middle of top floor of a keep . . .

Sorry if this topic has been beat to death, but with the amount of sieging via ram, or sneaky wood as we like to call it for the lols, this issue is persistent. Please fix! I'd upload a pic, but don't really have a means.

  • Ackwalan
    Well it has been going on for several months now, so it's a feature.
  • SweepsAllClowns
    Ackwalan wrote: »
    Well it has been going on for several months now, so it's a feature.

    Correct and when it's a feature there's absolutely nothing to fix, it's called automated ram parking, just works!
  • dtsharples
    What's really embarrassing is that they have not even addressed this at all, or the sudden undocumented change to sneaking in through doors.
    it's more proof that they are just 'winging it'.
  • Kadoin
    Never has happened to me yet! Then again, I never bring a ram...
  • Nermy
    I've had ballistas ported to the top of the gate and me along with it. Really freaky.
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  • Kilcosu
    you have to talk to the ram like it's a toddler that tries to wander off and it'll come back to you. "no. no ram. come back. yes thank you ram. good ram."
  • Delphinia
    I think they’re just tired of beating their head against a wall....well door
  • edges_endgame
    I like this new feature. Nothing beats a RAM standing next to me above a FD, while the X vs 1 community doesn't know what to do. It definitely is standing in my oils FYI, also being very careful the RAM doesn't catch fire.
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