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Beginner dungeons: How is a tank to learn if all the level 50s run ahead?

  • idk
    Recent wrote: »

    Zos there has to be and needs to be beginner dungeons only for appropriate low levels with no cp

    There are dungeons great for learning. They are the normal difficulty.

    Further, form your group from one of your guilds. Make sure the know you are new to tanking and want to go slow to get used to it. Many are happy to help. However, using GF to get that group is probably the worst way to go about it.

    It is your choice. You have the power. Make it so.
  • MehrunesFlagon
    buttaface wrote: »
    And it has -nothing- to do with the tank being "too slow" and everything to do with bad play habits in MMOs. I've never seen a tank "too slow" who wasn't afk, and have only experienced that a couple of times. Face it, we are talking a difference of seconds here, not hours. DPS pre aggroing the mobs is bad team play in teams in MMOs, anyone who doesn't instantly realize that is either an MMO newb or being dishonest. Finally, difficulty level doesn't matter. There are players undergeared enough to die instantly to normal dungeon mob aggro when a tank has to clean up an overpull, and I have seen that very thing many times of late where some "hotshot" DPS doesn't know that there are 10 more mobs behind the rock where they just aggroed 5 and gets insta ganked.
    No,but I have I have seen tanks just sit and do nothing for several minutes between bosses.Usually when they do this it happens than once.Realistically if the tank is sitting with his thumb up his ass,there really is no reason not to clear mobs if dps and healer can handle it.It simply gives the group a beginning,and no I'm not talking about a speed run..Just finishing in a timely manner. I No reason to go pulling the entire dungeon though.
  • bakthi
    p00tx wrote: »
    That said, I'm going to re-suggest the guild idea that I know you're digging in your heels about. A good guild full of normal, well-adjusted humans is not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. If you want to play with them, then do so, and enjoy the connections that allow you to now find a proper group that suits your needs. If you don't want to play with anyone, don't. I'm in 5 guilds, and i get a lot of requests to run content from players in all of them (tanks and healers get the most requests for help), but when I just want to play solo, which happens about once a week or so, I put myself into offline mode in the guild roster and on my Xbox profile, and I go do my thing. No one gets mad and no one faults me for it.
    This. OP, have you been in a guild, or just are assuming what being in one will be like? I'm in 3, and I really don't feel pressured. There are events, and you go if you want. If someone goes crazy about people being online and doing their own thing...don't be in that guild.

    I did one of the new dungeons with a PUG, and the other with guildies on Discord. You can probably guess which was more fun.
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  • SvariBK
    Imo normal dungeons are far too easy to learn how to tank, you barely take any damage and the mobs die too fast in the cleave damage to be stacked together in time.
    If you wanna get practice as tank you should go with a premade group into a vet dungeon. They'll have more patience with you if you mess up and are more likely to wait for you to pull the boss or trash.
    Start with easier dungeons when you feel confident try the first dlcs like icp, mazzatum and CoS. They are all sort of challenging in their own way for a tank.
    In icp you just get tons of trash and semi hard hitting bosses. In CoS and RoM especially you have adds to priorities with taunt and some challenging boss fights.
    I think that's the best way to start your tanking career.
    After that you can just try other vDLC dungeons and/or normal trials

    What you also can do without friends is tanking the gargoyle world boss in I think rivenspire. He hits pretty hard and spawns adds aswel. Just try to keep taunt on the boss and survive for the first part, when you get better at it try to control the adds aswel as debuffing the boss with crusher engulfing etc.

    Remember it's a multilayer game and most fun with friends. If you haven't already maybe consider joining a social guild for the beginning, they often do normal trials, vet dungeons etc, perfect play ground to start with. If you wanna get into vet trials you probably want sth more advanced. There are plenty guilds that focus on bringing beginners into bet trials so that would be prefect.
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  • Alienoutlaw
    very simple, just ASK. most of us will be very willing to slow down and even hold back for new/low level tanks to take agro and learn the pulls, i for one will always ask if i see low level players in the group if they need the quest or not, i know there are some players who will just run on regardless but few and far between
  • mystfit
    I gotta say, this has been on my mind alot now that I'm running dungeons more. It'll be 3 810s and one level 35. The last case, it was all lower toons and me at 810. I've been turning down my dps to make it last longer for them to get experience on mechanics but not really talking about it. I think I'll be more aggressive at the beginning and see what the lwoer characters want to do.
    I will say, a separate que to separate might be helpful so lower toons don't get steam rolled.
  • Sirvaleen
    Now, I don't think they will let you read all the books or notes you pick up, but you're kind of in the minority of people who are interested in dungeon lore. I don't know how to solve that.

    So for most players ESO is similar to a daily routine of commuting and work ? If that's the case and the majority are speed-runners wanting to "get it done", implementing such a criteria to the matchmaking system for dungeons seems appropriate. Would make everyone happy.
  • Zer0_CooL
    Reduce the xp bonus from the daylie random dungeon for the nonvet ones. Problem solved.
  • ohitsjradd
    Soul Shriven
    OP, I realize that you don't want to join a guild.

    At the same time, you can't expect a PUG to want to listen to every NPC talk in a dungeon, just like they can't expect you to run through dungeons as fast as possible with them.

    Like others here have said, finding a chill social guild will only benefit you. No decent guild forces you to do anything besides log on to the game every so often.
  • Sahidom
    @DarcyMardin and I practice tanking with each other. That's an advantage of having a gamer wife. :)

    It's also a reminder that you don't need a full crew of four to do easy dungeons. All 16 of the base dungeons can be duoed just with a tank and with a damage dealer who also does some healing. That's true of some of the "2" dungeons as well, although those are likelier to have particular fights that frustrate weak groups.

    You could also duo most DLC dungeons too with a tank/damage dealer. The key there is understanding the AI/game engine controlling the combat mechanics. Such as, ground based AOE projectiles can be block most of the damage by elevated terrain.

    Here's a video to demonstrate how elevated terrain can mitigate those type of attacks. This was me goofing around in vSS to testing some sets with Spinners for heavy armor/penetration build. Sadly, I was knocked into a wall and needed to reset the fight after dealing with the archers and healers.

    Learning to tank can be practices using different dungeons or trials. Veteran players that are aware of game mechanics along with moderate/high DPS output will often speed run the pledge/random, as a collective force just slaughtering the content therein.
    Edited by Sahidom on October 6, 2019 7:03PM
  • Sahidom
    Here's a longer video to demonstrate how you can use terrain to position mobs, manipulate enemy's actions, and than using terrain to your advantage. I used some add-ons to show you that, yes I"m doing this in vet mode and burning down 3+ million HP cats. I was testing here, so I didn't need to slot Pierce Armor; but that would have helped squeeze extra damage in but eh, speed isn't everything and gave me more feel for future changes to the build.
    Edited by Sahidom on October 7, 2019 7:54AM
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