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Unable to log into support section of the website

So I can log into my account profile just fine, I can log into and Bethesda launcher just fine. I can get into the game no problem, all using the same credentials. But when I go from my account profile or the forums where I am logged in to the support page it prompts me to log in. Once I enter my credentials again, the same ones I use across the board, it prompts me for an access code, despite nowhere else in the site doing so. When I enter the code emailed to me, both manually and with a copy paste, it kicks back invalid login. Every single time. I tried account recovery, made a ticket for it, it gave me a reference number, but no confirmation email a ticket was created and no tickets listed in my support ticket history. i even tried signing up again on the off chance it used a different credential database, but it just brings me to my already existing account profile. I am trying to submit a ticket for a guild name changes, which can't be done in game, but because of this i can't submit any tickets on the support site. Advice?
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