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dragons and big fat cats in sunspire look awesome !

Just wanted to say Kudos to the people at ZOS who design the 3D model of dragons and how they move. After killing several in overland as well as in Sunspire I have to say they are very very well done ! From the dimensions to the details. And I'm glad because when you start running these trials daily and in the future even more, you really start noticing the details.

Same for the new sench type big fat cats =P
  • royo
    Agreed! The trial looks great. I even like the bug where the cats hang in the air for a second or two. Leave it in!
  • Ermiq
    In Sunspire? Well, maybe. But those crocodiles with wings in open world, they look awful.
    One of the two of us definitely has gone mad. It only remains to define whether this one is the world or me.

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  • grizzledcroc
    I think the world boss ones are ment to be the generic kind of dargons. No disernable features as the npc ones do.
  • O-Los_Zulis
    Yes they do!
    "My words mean nothing if you never listen."

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  • Davadin
    i love talking to the big kitty.
    Davadin Bloodstrake - Nord Dragon Knight - PC NA - Vivec
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