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AU based ‘Crusaders of Akatosh’ social & PVE guild

  • AlanTheDragonLord
    do you accept someone whos in different country and diferent nationality but similar timezone?

    Absolutely! Many of our members are in the US, some are in Singapore. All locations welcome
  • The_Spacecheese
    Soul Shriven
    Are you guys still around? Playing on and off with work coming in at random times :smile:
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    Yes, we're still around. Note that we have an inactivity rule that anyone who has been logged out of the game for 21+ days is removed from the guild as inactive. Let me know if you still want to join us :)
  • The_Spacecheese
    Soul Shriven
    Sure why not! I should be on at least 2 - 3 times a week, but I am a teacher so sometimes I just get smashed and have no time to do anything.
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    invite sent, welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • Mujum
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, Aussie looking for another AU based guild! @Mujum
    Edited by Mujum on September 20, 2020 11:12PM
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Mujum your invite has been sent, welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • Kinnahz
    Hey Guys, if you are still recruiting could i grab an Invite? i have just moved over from Xbox and beginning the grind all over again on PC.

    My PC account is the same as xbox and my username here on the forums, kinnahz

    EDIT: I am an Aussie on Eastern time :)
    Edited by Kinnahz on September 25, 2020 3:47AM
    Xbox Gamertag: KINNAHZ
    Stamina Nightblade; Stormproof, Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer, Ophidian Overlord, Boethiah's Scythe
    Magicka Nightblade; Stormproof, Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer, Ophidian Overlord, Assistant Alienist +1, Shadow Breaker +1, Boethiah's Scythe, Divayth Fyr’s Coadjutor
    Stamina Templar; Stormproof, Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer, Boethiah's scythe
    Magicka Templar; Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer
    Stamina Sorcerer; Flawless Conqueror, Shehai Shatterer, Boethiah's Scythe
    Magicka Sorcerer; Stormproof, Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer, Ophidian Overlord, Boethiah's Scythe, Shadow Breaker +1
    Stamina Dragonknight; Shehai Shatterer, Mageslayer
    Magicka Dragonknight; Shehai Shatterer, Stormproof
    Stamina Warden; Shehai Shatterer, Stormproof
    Magicka Warden Fresh
    Magicka Necro; Fresh
    Stamina Necro; level 20
    vHRC HM, vAA HM, vSO HM, vMoL HM, vHoF HM, vAS+1, vCR+1, vDSA, vBRP, vMA
  • Venerex
    Soul Shriven
    Hey! Fellow Aussie here and would love to join your guild if you're still inviting! ID is @Venerex
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Venerex and @Kinnahz your invites have been sent, welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • esidik
    Soul Shriven
    May I request an invitation? I am a newbie 2-3 times a week player from Indonesia, doing mainly PVE.
  • Catmophere
    Hi - I haven't played for like over 4 years and I've pretty much forgotten how to play... got space? :) Looking for peeps to play with. Rerolled while I relearn.
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Catmophere what is your ingame @username?

    @esidik your invite has been went, welcome :)
  • Lordstannis0620
    Back from a break and would like to join if there is room.

    All hail His Grace, Stannis of House Baratheon, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm."

    PC NA
    Ebonheart Pact

  • AlanTheDragonLord
    @Lordstannis0620 I've made some room for you, welcome to the Crusaders :)
  • jaygao79
    Hi I am a 4 months old player playing odd hours and have been told that my time would work well with AU based players. Can I have an invite please? Playing daily @JayTheAlmighty thank you.
  • Varnor
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Just getting into ESO after playing all the offline (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) ones for years. Local, so would be good to see people on when I am playing if your still sending invites....

  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Varnor I'll send you an invite shortly.

    To everyone, this thread is now closed, as we've changed our guild name. The new recruitment thread is here:
    AU based 'Order of the Star' social guild is recruiting!

    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on October 20, 2020 10:44PM
  • ZOS_Lunar

    As this guild has changed its name and created a new thread, we have gone ahead and closed this thread. You can find the new thread here, where you may continue the conversation.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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