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AU based 'Order of the Star' social guild is recruiting!

The Order of the Star is recruiting friendly people who enjoy helping others and being social - we're a social guild after all! We have members in Australia, the US and other areas of the world, so we're active regardless of the timezone! We have over 300 members at the moment (it varies, depending on the day) of all races and factions. We're noob AND vet friendly, have a very active guild chat, and are often doing guild PVE activities like public or group dungeons, world bosses and trials, and some of us are jumping into Cyrodiil for PVP activities too. We use Discord for forum-type information and discussions as well as for voice chat, and we have a weekly raffle for members to win prizes while helping the guild raise funds to purchase furnishings for the guild house (Earthtear Cavern).

We're a family friendly guild (we're a swearing-free zone), and all ages are welcome. We have rules available in Discord that encourage members to be respectful and supportive while having a good time, and we don't hesitate in quickly removing any 'bad eggs'. New members are encouraged to join Discord to read our rules and stay up to date with guild announcements and information, and we also remove members if they haven't logged in to the game in 21 days, so our guild is always active. Our goal is to have fun, and we do pretty well at that.

A bit of background... I used to be a beta tester back in 2014, but left the game soon after it went live because of all the bugs and bots. I came back after a few months when I heard they'd been resolved and eventually formed a RP guild called the Crusaders of the Seventh. After a while I took a break from the game for almost a year, and came back again in October 2016. I built the guild up again from nothing (kicking out most of the 40-odd inactive members) but focused on it being a social guild instead. Early 2017, after a week of guild discussion and voting, we changed our name and became the Order of the Star.

We're proud of who we are. We wear our guild tabards with pride. And we have a vision for our future, to be one of the best social guilds of friendly, supportive and active players in all of Tamriel.

We invite you to join us for the ride. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me a message in-game or add your in-game @username below and an invite will be coming your way!
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  • Teverus
    So, hey everyone. I'm a member of The Order of the Star, and I just thought I'd say that this is a pretty special guild. I've been gaming for decades, and it's only every once in a great while when I come across such a great group of folks. Most of us, in my words, are big helpful nerds. It doesn't take long to get noticed and to get settled in so long as you're willing to talk at us and you feel free to ask questions - and, best of all, there are a ton of people playing the game 24/7 and there's always someone willing to help you get something done or group up with you for fun.

    I'd say that the age range for the guild skews pretty high. That is, we're mostly older players not keen on drama, and like our esteemed leader says, we strive to offer a "family friendly" environment in so far as we keep it about as tame as ESO gets. I've been with the guild a while now, and there have been a lot of discussions and interactions while I've been with the guild, and none of them have produced even an ounce of drama.

    That being said, we still like to joke around and you can tell we're easy-going chatty sorts. It /is/ a social guild first and foremost and we warmly welcome new members all the time. So come be a part of the things we're up to, it could be some fun!
  • Valera Progib
    Valera Progib
    Change name to "Orde of the Lord" make Fengrush guildmaster and you can send me an invite.
    PC/EU 800 CP.
    PvP MagSorc.
    Pedro Gonzales - Mag Sorc EP vMA Flawless Conqueror clear
    Valera Progib - Stam Sorc DC vMA Flawless Conqueror clear
    Valera Pozhar - Mag DK EP vMA Flawless Conqueror clear
    Valera Podlechi - Mag Templar AD vMA Flawless Conqueror clear
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Change name to "Orde of the Lord" make Fengrush guildmaster and you can send me an invite.

    Well, thanks for your offer. If that ever happens, I'll get in touch :)
  • AlanTheStarLord
    We reached 300 members last night. An exciting milestone! Get in touch if you're interested in joining.
  • AlanTheStarLord
    We're still open for recruitment. Does anyone have any questions?
  • AlanTheStarLord
    We're up to 312 members tonight. And that's after removing a few inactive members as well. We have an activity policy - anyone that hasn't logged into the game in 1 month 14 days is removed from the guild. It helps us make sure that we're full of active members rather than inactive members. At any time of the day or night, there's other guild members online to chat with or do guild activities with.

    I love inviting guildies out to help me kill a world boss. It's great fun to always (well, usually) have people around to help you with the tough stuff!
    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on March 28, 2017 10:45AM
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Oh hi! Yep, we're still recruiting. Up near 340 members now. Come and say hi :)
  • MTSHxPreacher
    Can I join please?

  • AlanTheStarLord
    I've sent you an invite, welcome :)
  • Castagere
    I have sent you a couple of emails
  • AlanTheStarLord
    I've invited you twice now, hope it works!
  • mcooper249rwb17_ESO
    Myself and friend would be interested in joining
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Awesome. What @usernames would you like me to invite?
  • YoungChaplin
    Would love to join if you have room! I am new and would love some people to play with and help me!
  • engramz
    Me too @engramz :)
  • IndayBoogie

    Would like to join your guild if there is space. I am a long time elder scrolls player (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim). First time playing an online game with rookie level 10 characters.
  • AlanTheStarLord

    Account not found. Please give me the correct account, thanks
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @engramz and @IndayBoogie, you've been invited. Thanks! :)
  • Fat_Polak
    Aus player would love to join @Fat_Polak

  • locomolarry
    I usually try to get in and play for an hour or two. You guild sounds interesting. Please invite. My ingame toon name is One Foxy Grandpa @locomolarry . I am from the USA and play ALL hrs of day or night. I'm retired so have no schedule anymore.
    Please send invite and thank you and have a great day,
    Larry in Sunny Florida, USA
  • Baronh2o
    I would definitely be interested in joining to have extra people to run dungeons with and talk to while I play. I am US based.

    I'm already a member of a PVP guild that I helped to form when the game first released (it's just mostly close friends now)...I hope that's not a problem.

    I enjoy every aspect of this game PVE and PVP. This guild really seems to be special and I would love to join.

    It seems like your focus is on the PVE side of things and that's fine. However, I just wanted to put it out there that I do PVP and wouldn't mind grouping for that as well.

    Please send an invite to @Baronh2o, hope to hear from you soon.
    "Not all who wander are lost." - Tolkien

  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Fat_Polak and @locomolarry, you've been invited, thanks :)
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Baronh2o, you've been invited too. We also have a group of members who are right into PVP (they're part of our Strike Team), and their actions have resulted in our guild owning a castle for a while on a couple occasions this year. Your involvement would be welcome :)
  • locomolarry
    Please invite again. I hit wrong button.
    One Foxy Grandpa @locomolarry
  • nrMAGr
    Soul Shriven
    keen as to be apart of an AU guild! from S.A :smile:
    let me know
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @locomolarry and @nrMAGr, welcome to the guild :)
  • locomolarry
    alanzeyes wrote: »
    @locomolarry and @nrMAGr, welcome to the guild :)

    Thank you for the welcome. I have a Discord account now but don't know anything about it. ieHow to tie it into the game. I can't make heads or tails out of their help.
    Thank you,
    locomolarry.....Larry Bowen aka One Foxy Grandpa
  • AlanTheStarLord
    I'll get in touch with you in-game
  • rhysrwb17_ESO1
    Hi Alanzeyes,

    I would like an invite (Fellow Aussie player on/off since beta). Please invite @shathiell

  • Jipsey
    I'm a returning player, could I have an invite please?
    ocx player

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