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PC-EU Server Update - April 11

  • RDMyers65b14_ESO
    For those who are just logging in to the game after 'months', keep in mind that after every update, it takes a few minutes longer to load the game. The more patches, the longer the longer the process. It does this every time.
  • Verbal_Earthworm
    Turelus wrote: »
    Thanks for the update Matt, good to know what's been happening and what the plan is going forward.

    I hate to add a negative comment to my post but if the cause of some of the EU performance issues have been known since January why couldn't we get a statement as to why earlier?
    There have been A LOT of threads from angry PC EU players over the last few months which were met with silence, and only now when the situation has become critical do we know what the cause was.

    I think a lot of people might have been appeased if they had known the reasons sooner.

    Any way I don't want to focus too much on the negative but I wanted to add a bit of critic, especially with ZOS talking about wanting to improve communication this year.

    Onwards to upgraded servers and many new friends to play the game with!

    Short answer: It wasnt impacting their bottom line.

    Long answer: They would rather wait until things get ugly and have to go with extreme measures rather than spend money up front to get ahead of an issue.

    Unless it's PC-NA apparently.
  • jbjondeaueb17_ESO
    There's a lot of chances that the situation get worse from this weekend, first it's Easter weekend, and second, the biggest zone in France for school holidays have theirs starting for 2 weeks tomorrow evening.
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  • crondira

    ZOS - server environment :) Time for an update I think: P * LMAO *

  • Apox
    Now what about the universally higher ping and server desync?

    I charged someone with crit rush in a bg, travelled the full distance to them, dealt damage to them with melee, and then they hit me with a piercing javelin that knocked me entirely back t where I was before I used crit rush

    This game is awesome, its fun, takes place in a universe we all love, but its biggest problem is performance and lag If you guys could work that kink out it'd easily be the best game by a mile.
  • Cążki

    glad hands on you finaly :) hahahhah you lazy at performance :P but glads you know do somethin to this issue after two months very fast very !! really !!!
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  • Rex-Umbra
    Only play in the off hours ;)
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  • Coolio_Wolfus
    As Russia is planning to block international servers and we have RU players demanding that the RUESO addon is made official, why not spin up a local RU server for them as one way to ease the EU server?

    You may also want to consider spinning up an Eastern server for CN, JP, KR etc.

    And a server for our AU and NZ players to help reduce their latency.

    These should further reduce pressure on the current pair of live PC servers as an added bonus.
    Edited by Coolio_Wolfus on April 11, 2019 6:22PM
  • SammiSakura
    I would like to know if we will get any clarification on the guild history then. Though I imagine this will get lost in a see of comments. We really need at least 7 days for our history. Come on "/
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  • Alucu
    ✭✭✭ data on player activity via steam
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  • Cążki
    DJfriede wrote: »
    So after I'm done with this one...


    ... I will get in line for Cyrodiil, probably queue of 45 as in the past days.

    When I'm done with Cyro, I will queue for battlegrounds. After 30 times pressing F it will port me into a half empty BG. After 20 minutes of deserter fee, I can queue again.

    #The Elderscrolls In Line.

    Not for last week, but for at least two months this is it what you write !

    Ok / zos moderators pls this will be last today :pensive:
    I will promise its quite funny and enjoyable.

    this song for #QueUExit

    Edited by Cążki on April 11, 2019 6:24PM
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  • Aarlur
    2 weeks? Joke! My time in queue was 16 minutes, and when it went down to zero, its still didnt logged me in. After another ten minutes I just turned it off.
    Honestly, you think I going to believe that you havent see this coming? If you dont, someone should be fired, but if you did, someone should be fired.
    And, as always, its happening with eu server. Would be nice if once, just once an american company should not handle europians (and everyone else outside of america) as second class customers! I know its impossible to beleive for you, but you are not more important, or better than everyone else.
    I am paying every month, I expect to be able to use the product and handled equally as other customers. I dont care ingame gifts and whatnot, or extended subsciption time, I would expect to get some of my many back.
  • technohic
    Its really cool that ESO is growing and that ZOS is adding hardware and I am hoping in time before this happens on NA; but getting to the point EU is at I can't help but feel momentum will be lost. It would be nice if even before this, if there was error on the side of more than needed that sounds like it would also have better performance rather than just cutting it so close that the game cannot take an influx of players.
  • Intextio
    SaltySudd wrote: »
    Unless there really hasn't been an influx in players and this is a tactic to convince people that ESO has a growing community in order to convince them to buy the game...


    On a more serious note: It's nice seeing a post from Matt :) huzzah for communication!

    WOW refugees are immigrating here in droves. Not to mention it is quite easy to see all the new players running around in my platform, PC/NA.
  • Mainman99
    Ozzard wrote: »

    Matt or greens - any chance, sometime, of a rough guide to the tin you use to run this stuff? It'd be fascinating - well, to me at least.

    Don't think they dare to show it.. Its obvious that its inferior to what it should be
  • natsamson
    As an IT Support engineer myself I know first hand the stress and load the servers will be getting especially from the recent sales, anniversary and hype of the upcoming expansion Elsweyr.

    It is great to hear an estimated time of 2 weeks to get the ball rolling with new hardware, for the queue's themselves I myself have only dealt with 11 minute peaks during the week (It is Easter Holidays for some parts here in the UK)

    I can feel for people on slower connections getting disconnects and issues, luckily my Ping and internet is stable enough to not run into these issues (period).

    Even though in the short term it's not ideal to have long queue's its always nice to hear the game is expanding at such a fast rate, its just a test of time whether the "first impression" for new players works out ok with this issue cropping up.
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  • Acrolas
    Short answer: It wasnt impacting their bottom line.

    Long answer: They would rather wait until things get ugly and have to go with extreme measures rather than spend money up front to get ahead of an issue.

    The real answer is that budgets aren't approved overnight, particularly ones dependent on supporting evidence, and work orders aren't immediate because funding and labor just don't work like that. That the expected turnaround time is only two weeks is evidence that they're not making this *** up as they go along.

    These inconveniences will be forgotten in a month. But it's the Internet and people will do what they normally do in the comments section.
    signing off
  • kuutar
  • agegarton
    Here’s how this shonky queue system has worked out for me:

    You are placed in a queue.

    The timer ticks.

    Before the timer stops, the client crashes.

    You reset.

    Your are placed in a queue.

    [please return to the top]

    Awesome work. And by awesome I mean absolutely *** awful planning and execution. If you worked for ANY company I have worked with, you’d be out on your ear (assuming you made it this far).
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  • GeneralEU
    15 minutes of waiting! after which there was information "30 sec and not reduced, it came out that I waited 30 minutes to log into the game.

    GG Zenimax.
    In this way you will lose players.
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