So how will you use your 3 Race changes after this seemingly last racial update (make a list)

For me I have 11 characters at 50

Magicka Templar: Altmer to Breton
Stamina Warden: Bosmer to Khajit
Magicka Nightblade: Dunmer to Khajit

My other characters:

Redguard Stamplar
Bosmer Stamblade
Orc Stamdk
Altmer Magsorc
Orc Stamsorc
Argonian Warden Tank
Nord DK Tank
Dunmer MagDK
  • Bigevilpeter
    I don’t think this is the last PTS update ... the patch drop hasn’t been announced yet.

    Remember, ZOS still reserves the right to ninja-change racial passives between PTS and the live update (has happened before).

    yeah but next patch will probably be live and they wont make big changes on live in case it gets too drastic
  • Jhalin
    I wouldn’t change that mag dunmer over to Khajiit, if this is really the last round of changes, Khajiit mag dps is going to fall far behind the others after losing 8% crit chance
    J'halin - 50 Khajiit Stamblade
    Ziryne - 50 Breton Magplar, Healer
    Varus Arano - 50 Dunmer MagSorc
    Raza al-Qerik - 50 Redguard DK, Tank
    Darien Sorick - <50 Breton Stamplar, Tank
    Do-Khaizo - <50 Khajiit Stamden
    Caerdolos - <50 Dunmer ("Maormer") StamSorc
    Varona Drelos - 50 Dunmer Magblade
  • Starlock
    Nope, my characters still aren't transracial. They'll sit there being unused with me wishing I could sell them to the people who would use them.
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    - Vasha (Khajiit, magicka nightblade), a master thief and cunning murderer; specializes in trolling guards and general mayhem.
    - Alexander (Imperial, stamina templar, main tank), an artificer, futurist, and idealist; specializes structural integrity and gears. Mostly just gears.
    - Leoda (Bosmer, stamina warden, werewolf), a cheeky huntress dedicated to the Queen; specializes in putting arrows in your face.
    - Llaus (Dunmer, magicka dragonknight, vampire), a grim outcast with a temper; specializes in death by conflagration or exsanguination.
    - Shantava* (Redguard, stamina sorcerer), a pirate and treasure hunter; specializes in whirling blades, camel wrangling, and your money.
    - Kitara* (Breton, magicka warden, main healer), an elementalist and tree hugger; specializes in herbal remedies, tea, and pleasant bedside manner.
    * Work In Progress, may be deleted/revised
  • mommadani907
    The only decision I really need to make is whether or not I am going to race change my primary PvP character or not. The rest are probably going to be fine as is, at least until I have more time to dedicate to one of the others. If at that time I decide something needs to change, then fine. But I do know that I am not paying for race changes to deal with this, I'll shelf characters first at this point because I'm grumpy af over Bosmers right now.
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    Lilith Darknova ( Dunmer Mag DK - Master Crafter - PvP/AD)
    Riisa Bastet ( Khajiit Stam NB /AD)
    Auria Grayire ( Altmer Mag Templar /AD)
    Darkenova ( Imperial Stam DK /AD)
    Luna Darknova (Altmer Mag Sorc/AD)
    Morning-Starr (Argonian Mag Warden/AD)
    Khara Morek (Orc Stam Sorc/AD)
    Amellia Bane (Redguard Stam Warden/AD)
    Amarie Sethe (Breton Mag NB/AD)
    Lilly Acornvale (Bosmer NB/AD)
    Morwen Ravenstorm (Nord Stam Templar/AD)

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  • Sevalaricgirl
    I'm not using them. I only have 2 dungeon peeps, a mag templar Khajiit who does really well except for sustain but the changes will help him and a Breton sorc healer vamp who has no problem with sustain. Every other race/class I made on purpose for the fun of it.
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    Rhiordan Carrick, Imperial, stam warden
    J'amie Fraser, Khajiit, mag templar
    Orlandra Barak, Orc, mag DK
    Savannah Serval, hybrid nb, "This one would never kill or steal. This one is innocent. This one promises."
    Winter Starling, Breton warden
    Rhinna Romulus, dunmer, stamblade, werewolf
    Achenar Madae, dunmer place holder for necromancer of the same race and name
  • Zer0oo
    all stam to orc
    all mag classes change to breton
    one mag templer and mag nb stays argonian

  • Tasear
    I bought a race token last year so I have 4 (eventually) thinking I wanted to swap my bosmer to altmer... ha ha good thing I didn't.

    Altmer - Nord

    I wanted something to dps and heal, but kinda falling in love with idea of stacking resistances from nord and rune... you thought dk was nice but templar tank could be light amour tank!. Also nord healer will have it's use. Not 100 percent sure but this is up for serious consideration.

    I will be using 2 name change tokens for faithless keeper, and gift of the moonlight to something more poetic. I might give my templar a name change if they feel too different but moonlight saint is such a cool name.
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  • Steelshiv
    1.) Altmer to Breton

    My main PvP character is an Altmer Magsorc. If the racial changes to Altmer are not tweaked then I will begrudgingly change to Breton. The good sustain, good/great (great if afflicted with a status effect) spell resistance, and good resource pool makes Breton the better choice for my playstyle; however, when the changes go live I will see how Altmer performs and if I like it.

    2.) Altmer to Nord

    The first character I ever made in ESO was a StamDK. Nord is an all around good choice for Stam DK based on my playstyle and the frost resist would be great for fighting Wardens.

    3.) Bosmer to Redguard/Khajiit/Orc

    Shortly after I made my Dragonknight I made a Bosmer Stamblade and main'd him for years. I use him for PvE/crafting. The switch to either Redguard, Khajiit, or Orc will allow me to achieve the highest DPS possible for trials which is what I play him to do.
  • Holycannoli
    Imperial stam sorc: staying the same (this one was on the fence two weeks ago)

    Orc stam DK: staying the same

    Redguard stamplar: staying the same

    Breton magblade: staying the same

    Redguard stamblade: staying the same

    Altmer mag sorc: staying the same

    It would take a lot more than these changes to make me change their races. I'm overall pleased with how they're handling it.
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  • Bouldercleave
    I'm going to wait until the race changes are finalized and pushed live. Then we'll see.

    So far the only consideration for the race change is my Imperial NB. I will be changing him to ANYTHING else.
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  • zaria
    Khajiit to Khajiit. save two. probably an name change on another Khajiit as she don't follow naming conversion
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  • Tryxus
    I might change my MagBlade crafter but I don't know which race to pick, only that it's not gonna be a DC race. I wanted to pick Khajiit first, but the latest PTS update made me reconsider.

    Any suggestions? :)
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  • Grandma
    i don't know if this is the last patch. I hope not anyways, what with how khajiit sorcs just got gutted. I was so excited to finally live out my dream of having not just a viable khajiit sorceress and necromancer, but the most optimal. I'm not sure what I feel about this anymore. So i'll post two scenarios.

    Scenario 1: Khajiits are still viable for dps roles

    Token 1: Altmer - > Khajiit
    my main sorcerer is an altmer and has been for as long as i can remember, but changing her to a khajiit would be amazing not just because i could maintain dps, be a cat, and have extra pickpocket bonus, but because i'm bored of her being the same and i hate her current voice.

    Token 2: Argonian - > Argonian
    When i made my argonian warden healer I thought about making him a weak fragile little boy. I made him too weak and fragile though, he's like a bendy molded stick of beef jerky. Figured i'd spend a token touching him up.

    Token 3: save for future use.

    Secnario 2: Khajiit are unviable for dps roles

    Token 1: Argonian - > Argonian (see above)

    token 2: Altmer - > breton (with any alliance any race pack)
    If altmer changes stay the same then screw that. At this current point I feel like altmer are still gonna be worse than khajiit even if the changes stay this way. My only other option would be wood elf, and since i'm a sorc dps i'd rather get the upgrade so i could make it whatever race is more viable next. Probably breton for magicka dps if i had to guess, from sustain, or maybe dunmer.

    Token 3: dunmer - > redguard (same as above alliance pack)
    I had a magblade dunmer dps until like 2 nights ago i respecced her as stam in an effort to diversify my builds, since i don't have a max level stam build until now. Still gotta level her weapons to 50 but the head start on other stuff doesn't hurt. If dunmer aren't good on live i'll change her to whatever stam race works, maybe even khajiit ironically.
  • nihirisutou
    I will change my Altmer Sorc to something else idk, Khajit or Breton or Dunmer or just Altmer idk.

    I will probably swap my StamDK to a Dunmer but this character has been shelved for a while.

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  • idk
    Until the patch goes live we cannot consider this to be the last update to the race passives.

    Zos, and any good MMORPG will make changes to a patch from the last PTS and it going live. Otherwise that last week of testing is pointless. Though I understand it makes for an idea for creating a thread.

    Though it does seem Zos is winding down. Further, more testing will be needed before I will change a thing.
    Really, idk
  • Colecovision
    Khajiit probably took a big nerf today. Waiting to test myself. Also waiting for the tests from the elite players, who show the full potential of the passives.

    Then next patch. Then live. Then I'll wait because they might still change things a couple weeks later like they did with murkmire enchantments. By that time, I'll hold off because the next chapter will have class changes that will change the value of racial passives.

    If I didn't value the fact that these are free and limited, I'd go hog wild. As is, I'm going to be careful and there's certainly nothing to consider now.
  • alanmatillab16_ESO
    I won't be, they will be just left gathering dust because I am not a FOTM reroller.
    I am Rock, Rock needs buffing to be viable. Paper is OP and needs nerfing and Scissors should just shut up whining and L2Play.
  • Tandor
    I won't be using them, my characters are what they are and that's how they'll stay, besides which I haven't seen anything that suggests they'll become any less viable after the changes come in.
  • ArchangelIsraphel
    I'll only be using mine to fix some appearance issues with my characters. I have no desire to switch races otherwise, I'm happy with what I have and really don't feel the need to change just to achieve better dps
  • WikiMeister
    I have 9 fully ranked characters. I will change none of them, since all of their builds/setups will make sense when the Racial rework is implemented.

    I will thank ZOS for the free tokens for cosmetic purposes though. ;)
    PC-NA. Beta veteran since 2014.
  • Wildberryjack
    Let's see, I have:

    on EU server:
    MagTemplar Argonian - might change him to Breton
    StamWarden Redguard - no change
    StamNB Khajiit - no change

    on NA server:
    MagSorc Altmer - no change
    MagTemplar Argonian - no change
    HybridNB Khajiit - no change
    MagDK Dunmer - no change
    MagWarden Argonian - no change
    Hybrid(leaning Stam)DK Orc - no change
    StamSorc Redguard - no change

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  • BlueRaven
    Well I am going to have less Bosmers that's for sure. As a rule I do not play PvP, and they have a passive that is dedicated to PvP only.
  • firedrgn
    Ya i really wanted to make a crit mag pet sorc. Was going to roll a cat. Up in the air now. Have to see how stuff pl lays out.

    I am pretty sure the crit would have been better than the alts spelldamage on a pet sorc.
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