So how will you use your 3 Race changes after this seemingly last racial update (make a list)

  • Morgul667
    So far i reroll orc
  • Sylvermynx
    Repeating.... not race changing anyone.
  • technohic
    Stamplar khajiit to Nord again as I think it will fit my build

    Stamblade stay khajiit

    Magsorc stay altmer

    Magdk not sure but probably stay dunmer

    Stamdens I need to finish leveling probably stay orc.
    Technohic - DC Templar
    Technohicz - DC Nightblade
    Technohix - DC Sorc
    TechDKnohic - DC DK
    Tech No Hic - DC Warden
    Necrohic - DC Necromancer
  • veil_
    Redguard templar, nb, sorc = no change
    Orc dk, warden = wont change
    Dunmer nb and dk = nb will become a breton and my dunmer mDK goes to pvp duty.
    Altmer Sorc = 100% change to breton
  • Imryll
    I won't be race changing any characters. Their race is too large a part of who they are. That said, my sub ran out in January, and I'm waiting to see what direction ZOS goes with their changes. If my altmer are no longer fun to play, I'll play other games. If they are, I'll renew my sub. I'm not saying I'll quit if ZOS implements the current version of their racials, just that if they no longer feel fun to play after the patch, I'll find something else to entertain me.
  • CrimsonGTX
    I'm not changing anything.

    Altmer: (Mag Sorc, Nightblade, Warden)
    Breton: Mag Templar
    Dunmer: MagDK/StamDK
    Redguard: Stam Sorc
    Bosmer: Stam Warden & Stamblade
    Sorc & Warden Main - PC NA(CP 810+) & Xbox NA (CP 1k+)
  • r34lian
    I'll just change my warden bosmer to redgaurd cause I love redgaurds and after playing AD quest line I feel like bosmers are kinda fetish race can't bring myself to play one.
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  • FrancisCrawford
    Not sure yet.

    Breton sorcerer -- keep
    Altmer sorcerer #1 -- keep
    Altmer sorcerer #2 -- ???
    3 Breton templars -- keep
    Breton magblade -- keep
    Dunmer magblade -- ???
    Bosmer stamblade thief -- ???
    Altmer warden -- ???
    Argonian warden -- keep, but shelve
    Imperial warden -- keep on the shelf until I want to tank
    Redguard DK -- keep on the shelf until I have a great desire to play bow/bow on a non-nightblade
    Imperial DK -- keep on the shelf until I want to tank
    Dunmer DK -- ???
  • RebornV3x
    Ill probably change my High Elf healer over to a Breton and depending on testing I might change my main DPS from High Elf to something else other than that my other 6 characters were never really intending to follow the meta anyways so I have no need to min max so 3 race changes for me is probably fine for me.
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • ValkynSketha
    Altmer to Lalafell ;)
  • Cadbury
    Altmer to Lalafell Miqo'te ;)

    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • weedgenius
    Dunmer MagDK - Change to Orc StamDK
    Dunmer MagSorc - Change to Altmer
    PS4 NA
    Better Homes & Gardens
  • Lord_Eomer
    For me I have 11 characters at 50

    Magicka Templar: Altmer to Breton
    Stamina Warden: Bosmer to Khajit
    Magicka Nightblade: Dunmer to Khajit

    My other characters:

    Redguard Stamplar
    Bosmer Stamblade
    Orc Stamdk
    Altmer Magsorc
    Orc Stamsorc
    Argonian Warden Tank
    Nord DK Tank
    Dunmer MagDK

    Why spamming PTS forum and General all over, Bosmer, Dunmer and Altmers are not going to be deleted by ZOS and they are in good position.

    Please make sure to post screenshot or video of ur pre and post race changes.

    OP thinks Cat is BIS but its L2P issue!
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  • Demra
    Does the race change token allows you to change races between faction? I noticed many people stated desire to change from one alliance race to a different allience.d
  • Träumer
    I am going to change the name of one character.
    Edited by Träumer on February 12, 2019 8:07AM
  • Megatto
    We're getting 3 race change tokens for free? I would just use them to adjust the looks of my Dunmer NB, my Altmer Templar, and my newly made Breton DK
    "Let the guess ripen in the mind and only speak when the fruit grows certain" - Vivec

    Arenor Telvayn - Pact Dunmer Necromancer
    Arvena Telvayn - Pact Dunmer Sorcerer
    Varona Telvayn - Pact Dunmer Nightblade
    Valerica Snow-Song - Pact Nord Dragonknight
    Niranya Mothril - Dominion Altmer Templar
  • max_only
    I’ll use one to adjust a butt slider and the other to make over my poor neglected Sorc. Not changing any races.
    #FiteForYourRite Bosmer = Stealth
    || CP 1000+ || PC/NA || GUILDS: LWH; IA; CH
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  • Gythral
    Why bother
    any changes you make today will get nerfed in one of the later patches - probably inside a year...
    “Be as a tower, that, firmly set,
    Shakes not its top for any blast that blows!”
    Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy
  • Ri_Khan
    You mean my 3 appearance change tokens? A couple of my characters have some frowns to turn upside down. Need to adjust some other sliders as well. Some things in character creation didn't translate well into what I ended up with in-game. Not really annoying enough to spend money on but since these will work and I'll never change any of their races, why not?
  • jcm2606
    I don’t think this is the last PTS update ... the patch drop hasn’t been announced yet.

    Remember, ZOS still reserves the right to ninja-change racial passives between PTS and the live update (has happened before).

    yeah but next patch will probably be live and they wont make big changes on live in case it gets too drastic

    When Horns of the Reach went live, they ninja-nerfed Mother's Sorrow, pushing it out of meta temporarily. People spent hundreds of thousands of gold on Mother's Sorrow inferno staves. You're kidding yourself if you think Zenimax won't flip the meta on its head on the live patch of a DLC.
  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    When do we get the tokens? I want to change my templar to a breton so I can make my main character khajiit a warden.
  • Flares
    FYI, one more week
  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    Flares wrote: »
    FYI, one more week

    Thank you.
  • Kuramas9tails
    No changes in my future.

    I already have a High Elf Mageblade, a Khajiit Mageblade, a Dark Elf Mageblade and an Argonian Mageblade.

    I created characters based around Mageblading so they are all different races already.

    If I do change a race it would probably be my Argonian Tank or High Elf Healer if another race has more benefit for the roles. I think my PVP Breton healer will stay a Breton.

    Now now that I think about it....maybe I will make a Breton Mageblade now to add to my Mageblade collection.
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      AD Khajiit Mageblade DPS -- Flawless Conquerer
    • Ye_Olde_Crowe
      I might use the tokens to change the appearance of some of my chars, but I will not change their race. Unless Maormer was a racial option. In that case I would use the token on my Altmer whom I play as a Maormer, anyway.
      If Ohmes-raht was another option, I would change my generic Khajit into one as well. I have a soft spot for 'regular' folks with catty tails. And I prefer cat heads on four-legged folks... never was too happy with the Khajiit versions following Daggerfall.
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      Team Skordo.
      PC EU.
    • Brrrofski
      My pve Argonian tank will stay. I only do vet dungeons so it will be fine.

      I have a redguard stam DK that I PvP with that I may change but not entirely sure. Might do orc or even dark elf so I can go mag DK if I want.

      My PvP stamplar is orc so that's fine, even if they take away the health or some of the stam.

      My PvP stamblade is bosmer so will be fine I think.

      I have a pve magsorc DD that has everything levelled, so will probably go either khajit or dark elf. Again, I only really do dungeons not tirlas, so losing a bit of DPS is whatever, and either of those will give me the option of going stam if I get bored.

      So in short, not really sure yet....
      Xbox One EU
    • satanio
      It will remain unused.
      Current public stam parses on Iron Atro so far (esologs - Harrowstorm)
    • JKorr
      Leave them sit.

      Not planning on changing anything. I play the game for fun and enjoyment, not to min/max constantly change to the flavor of the instant or the currently this second bis whatever. Thank the Divines I have no interest in pvp or running trials in .002 seconds to get the leaderboard for teh uberest leetest player evah. YMMV, of course.
    • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
      I won't race change any of my characters. I'm not a min-maxer. Everything will be fine.

      Jahsul at-Sahan - Redguard Sorcerer (Stamina - Werewolf) Free Bites - PVP Main
      Silivren (Silly) Thalionwen - Altmer Templar (Magicka) Master Angler - PVE Main
      Derrok Gunnolf - Redguard Dragonknight (Stamina - Werewolf) Free Bites
      Vlos Anon - Dunmer Magicka Nightblade (Magicka - Vampire) Free Bites
      Amber Emberheart - Breton Dragonknight (Stamina) Master Angler
      Kalina Valos - Dunmer Warden (Magicka - Vampire) Free Bites
      Liliana Littleleaf - 9-Trait Grand Master Crafter (non-combat)
      Swiftpaws-Moonshadow - Khajiit Nightblade (Stamina)
      Tithin Geil - Altmer Sorceress (Magicka)
      Dhryk - Imperial Dragonknight (Tank)

      Guild Master - ESO Traders Union
      PC/NA - CP 1250+
    • Keldheir
      I only have one character and I'd never change her race. However, if I ever want to change her hair colour or make other minor changes to her appearance those tokens will come in handy. (-:
      PC EU
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