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Not getting Event Tickets

Is anyone else missing event tickets for this event? I've handed in daily quests in Vivec city, and yet to receive any tickets. I cannot see another discussion about this, this year. So apologies if this is a known issue.
  • DiNanna63
    If you finished the daily world boss and delve quests and didn't get your event tickets, first check to see if you're already at the 12 ticket limit. I'd put in a support ticket if you're not.
  • LeHarrt91
    I remember the last event has a UI bug where is didnt show up when you handed it in but iof you check currency it was there.
    PS4 NA 1300+ CP
    Have played all classes.
    Warden Main
  • Sharalei
    Thank you for the responses. I have plenty of ticket space, and I've checked the currency.
    I've put in a ticket. Was just hoping it was a known issue and not a 'me' alone thing. lol
  • Daehlan
    Soul Shriven
    Pretty sure I should have at least 8, but it stalled at 6/12
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