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“Eight Oh Clock Sharp” - Vet Trials Progression Guild ***RECRUITING***

• Are you tired of continually joining progression groups that fall apart after a short time?
• Are you truly NOT interested in listening to uber-leet-try-hards raging in your ear hole and flexing their epeen during PUG runs?
• Are you comfortable with NOT trying to be the next HODOR?
• Do you have a limited amount of time for gaming & work a full-time job and/or have familial obligations?
• Do you enjoy collaborating with and helping others?
• Can you achieve at least 30k DPS on a solo parse?
• Do you game primarily during the evening of the EST time zone?
• Are you interested in joining a committed, friendly group of like-minded, adult gamers?


Me, too!!!

What) We’ll start with the Craglorn trials and work our way towards more difficult content as group cohesion/experience allows. We’ll primarily utilize the free BAND app for group matters and communication.

When) We’ll run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and (sometimes) Saturdays from, you guessed it, 8:00-10:00/10:30 p.m. EST.

Why) To experience the challenging vet trial content ESO offers and have FUN whilst doing it (and earning that sweet, sweet loot). Our focus is NOT on chasing record times and leaderboard ranks. Rather, let’s learn and play the mechanics together and enjoy the experience!

If you’ve read this far and are interested or have questions, shoot me a pm here on the forums or message me on Xbox. GT: MakeMeUhSamich

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