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Battleground bugged

Soul Shriven
i swear to god, if you can't fix those damned battlegrounds, at least remove the deserter buff. After waiting 20 minutes for deserter to expire after i left a "waiting for players" bg in which i waited 15 minutes, i get high ping and got disconnect, guess what? again 20 mins deserter. and NO, its not my internet conection, NO the internet cable dint fall off from my PC, NO, the internet didnt get lost on the way, my internet connection is very good. It's a shame such a cool game has its experience smashed into walls by so annoying bugs.
Edited by TwistedSoul on January 20, 2019 1:43AM
  • gameshark79
    I've had the same issues with waiting for players in the battleground. I don't agree with the 20 minutes either. When you get disconnected and come back within a few minutes, you shouldn't get deserter.
  • ChunkyCat
    ZoS don’t care.
  • Darkmage1337

    I've been reporting on this for 8 months now.

    ZOS does not care.
    There has been no communication nor acknowledgment about this issue.

    @ZOS_MattFiror @ZOS_RichLambert @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RobGarrett @ZOS_Gilliam @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_SarahHecker

    See? Nothing. No reply.

    Did I miss anyone of relevance? Maybe give it another 8 or 9 months. Hopefully by next July / midyear mayhem.
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    ESO subscriber since launch. ESO Platform/Server: PC/NA.
  • Anotherone773
    It took 5 years to get them to do something about the horrible and dysfunctional guild store interface. It will be another 4 years yet before they address this bug. Bugs are on a 5 year plan. 4 years to analyze the bug and the 5th year to actually do something about it.
  • DonRavello
    Please fix this bug. It occurs every day - I'd say every one out of 5 battleground sessions you are stuck in a dead game, where no more than 8 ppl can join. It is always a maximum of 8, and usually the distribution 4 - 3 -1 across the groups. Of course ppl can leave, but only up to 8 can join.

    These sessions never seem to start, so they even don'T close, if not all ppl leave at once. I joined the same session after my deserter "buff" was over, just to be stuck again because of some very patient ppl ...

    So please, at least let us know, that you are aware of this bug @ZOS_MattFiror @ZOS_RichLambert @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RobGarrett @ZOS_Gilliam @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_SarahHecker

    After the awareness some action would be nice ...

    Thank you!
  • DonRavello
    It just happened again. I have opened a ticket via /bug in addition.

    red team: 4, green team: 3, purple team: 1, as soon as someone left, the spot was refilled with another poor soon-to-be-deserter-soul.

    I know, reporting this bug is in vain, but I will keep doing so. If I ever stop, I have stopped playing the game / battlegrounds.
  • JackAshes
    All of the above long overdue for a game breaking fix!
  • DonRavello
    Just happened again - right after the previous deserter "flag" was gone. This time 4 - 2 -2, waiting for players to join ...

    Screenshot attached, in case it helps. Or anybody from ZOS is interested. Or not. #sad

  • DonRavello
    And again tonight ... this time with the team setting 4 - 4 - 2

    This is new to me (yeah), but it does not change anything ... could someone of ZOS at least acknowledge this bug is known? The next level would be to tell us that someone is working to fix it (or to remove the bloody deserter penalty). If somebody actually did it, that would be even better. The ultimate message would be that it is fixed with the next hotfix ...


  • DonRavello
    It just happened again. I noticed that it seems to be linked to the type of battleground. To me it happened most of the times (if not always) with crazy king or domination battlegrounds. Maybe this helps. If anyone reads it.
  • todokete
    OK. They don't care. Move on
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