Naming your Necromancer

I always find it a little sad when I see someone named Driiiizt. The game has been out for close to 5 years, and it can take sometime to find an unused name that isn't filled with special characters or twisted around. If you have an open character slot, you may want to make a character to "hold" the name you want to use. When the chapter releases, you can then delete that character and use it for your Necromancer.
  • Caligamy_ESO
    Already did this :x But yeah I agree were all basically on the same server except for the EU folk and names are getting SCARCE. I was a bit surprised how many tries it took me to find an acceptable name, I even poured over LOTR lore for like 3 hours figuring out something lichy and most of the obscure things I tried were taken. XD

    I ended up using to create a name in Tolkiens Elvish
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  • Zathras
    My in-game chars tend to have unique names, so I'm not concerned about availability. I'm thinking more along the lines of fashion at this point.
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  • Ackwalan
    Already did this :x But yeah I agree were all basically on the same server except for the EU folk and names are getting SCARCE. I was a bit surprised how many tries it took me to find an acceptable name, I even poured over LOTR lore for like 3 hours figuring out something lichy and most of the obscure things I tried were taken. XD

    I ended up using to create a name in Tolkiens Elvish

    It's amazing how many people use LOTR lore to find a name. I've found even the most obscure names from lore have already been taken.
  • Karmanorway
    Ha already did! :D sry guys "Dark Widow" is already taken :D
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  • Tasear
    My names tend to be poetic and related to moon.
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  • Acrolas
    Ackwalan wrote: »
    I always find it a little sad when I see someone named Driiiizt.

    Functionally impossible as you can use no more than two of the same letter in a row. o:)
  • WuffyCerulei
    Mine's probs gonna be a lizard, and in the spirit of the dongers this year, something like Nulaastiid, which is Still Life Time OR Shadow-Bringer or something along those lines.
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  • Sylvermynx
    I have thousands of names in file, all of them from my own imagination, or the books I write. I'm not playing necromancers, but I still have many many names that would be appropriate (without any hint of silly RL stupidity).

    I invent names ever day. It's.... an exercise....
  • antihero727
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  • Slack
    I will call him "Mac the Romancer"

    Or simply Brian and run sloads on it.
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  • Sylvermynx
    Oh for cats'sakes. Whatever is wrong with just normal names? Why do you people need stuff that's.... just silly?
  • Narvuntien
    It depends on what race I am using because I try to use lore friendly pun names.
  • Sylvermynx
    Eh, I never make pun names. SO not my thing. I have a friend who ONLY does pun names. Each to her own.
  • Silver_Strider
    Idk honestly. I tend to switch between Lore Friendly and Pun names a bit.


    I could go on. I think I'll make 2-3 Necros, see how I like them and decide if I keep them or not
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  • Waffennacht
    Oh wow... Good question....!

    What race too...?

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  • Wildberryjack
    It will depend on the race, and that will depend on how the class plays. It isn't hard to come up with "dark" names. Hopefully we get some details on the 15th so I can go ahead and pick the name and reserve it.
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  • General_Zeranth
    I'm holding the name Romances-Many-Necks for my husband who doesn't have the character slots for when the Necromancer comes out, and when he snags the name from me then I'll just be creating a character with a unique name that I know won't be be taken since all my names are my own OC's and hard to copy. ^-^
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  • gronoxvx
    “Karen from finance”
  • Knootewoot
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  • Ertosi
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  • mommadani907
    I have a name on hold already lol. I usually have normal-ish, somewhat lore friendly type names. But this time, I have a silly name and it still makes me giggle. Its really dumb honestly lol, but it cracks me up
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  • xAk_MoRRoWiNdx
    I'm not gonna put my ideas out there but all I have to say is that they're all super edgy. True disappointment if every Necromancer name isn't
    New to forums and stuff so I 99.9 percent probably won't see your response and such, so use the at symbol at me I guess? IDK :/. This BBCode stuff is really cool!! :D.
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  • Turelus
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    Zathras wrote: »
    My in-game chars tend to have unique names, so I'm not concerned about availability. I'm thinking more along the lines of fashion at this point.
    Same for me. Most of my characters have modified names from the lore names on UESP. I do somewhat regret not nabbing some of the in demand games at launch to sell.
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  • Jaimeh
    'I-see-undead-people' :smiley:

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  • Uviryth
    I call mine "Electronic Arts", because they are using necromancy on their games for 20 years now.
  • alainjbrennanb16_ESO
    it really depends if your character will remain a necro or will it become a lich, so name will depend on that
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