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What can "fix" ESO?

  • Starlock
    UI Overhaul (Guild Trader)
    Right now, the only thing that bothers me is the Guild Trader UI, especially since they broke the bloody searches with a recent patch. It went from "usable, but a pain in the rear" to "not even worth the trouble for most things." It used to be when you filtered by rarity, you would JUST get items of that rarity. Now you get items of that rarity and above. It's why the one New Life writ I got hasn't sold in my guild trader... nobody can FIND It. Just implementing a text search already would help, or even adding more categories, but hot damn... fix the damn crap in the guild trader search that you broke recently, guys. It makes trader searchers borderline unusable.
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    - Shantava* (Redguard, stamina sorcerer), a pirate and treasure hunter; specializes in whirling blades, camel wrangling, and your money.
    - Kitara* (Breton, magicka warden, main healer), an elementalist and tree hugger; specializes in herbal remedies, tea, and pleasant bedside manner.
    * Work In Progress, may be deleted/revised
  • Sandman929
    A committed development team that cares about the quality of their product. We haven't had that in a long long time.
    Daggerfall Covenant - Xbox One NA
  • Thoragaal
    heavier wrote: »
    Thoragaal wrote: »
    Sort the performance would mean a complete overhaul of the current engine. I'm all for it. ZOS probably isn't.
    Sorting the engine would be a long term investment, with a very unsafe investment return. There simply is no guarantee that the money spent on a new engine (to sort the performance) would produce a net gain. Especially when the majority of performance issues are related to Cyrodiil pvp, where money doesn't need to be spent by players in order to enjoy the game.

    The other part of the community is the PVE side of things, where performance only really matters to the "top tier" players (competing for a better score based on how long a clear takes and performance becomes a huge factor). Once again this group of people is a minority (like the pvp vet's) and an improvement of performance would most likely not result in a net gain for ZOS.

    All this is tied to what the game is on a more fundamental level; easy access for everyone.
    A progression would mean many players in the current community (not the community ESO had in it's early days) would be locked out of content. Not only that, but on a competative side of things many people would find themselves disadvantaged because they don't have the "time" to invest into becoming "better".

    There are ways around this, however, but the majority of players in these categories are completely unaware of the games fundamental flaws in order to have a proper discussion about it. The other group of players doesn't have a progression mind set and thus the issue doesn't apply to them, and this is the majority of players which ZOS is "taking care of".

    Simply put, most of us caring about getting better at an end game stage is playing the wrong game.
    ("Yay!" for being so positive) ^^

    yes when rebuilding the engine make it do action combat kthanks

    I make no promises, but I will try ;)
  • SkysOutThizeOut
    @Thannazzar hybrids are viable.
  • Cillion3117
    Didn't know it was broken.
  • Rain_Greyraven
    Considering the game has less problems than most active MMO's these days....not sure about the validity of "fixing"

    Fixing (aside from addressing performance issues) usually translates to "Pet things a certain player or clique wants.

    Yeah.. yeah...I know


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  • BoloBoffin
    Maybe getting rid of all the salt mines?

    EDIT: Seriously, performance issues are the fix it needs, but all the salt is a really close second.
    Edited by BoloBoffin on January 11, 2019 4:53PM
    I ride in a zerg ball of one.
  • jrgray93
    Performance fixes
    Overwhelming votes for performance. Imagine that.
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  • Ajax_22
    Remove the Champion Point system, and revert all the changes caused by it.
    Fight for your right to enjoy an AOE cap free Cyrodiil.
    Wrobel's AOE Cap Post
    Original AOE Cap Poll

    Support you local Stam Sorc.
    Stam Sorc Feedback Thread

    Fight the Surge nerf.
    Surge Poll
  • Toc de Malsvi
    Toc de Malsvi
    More classes/fixing current classes
    While everyone hates performance issues, the game has to grow to keep bringing in new players. Old players don't bring in new money. Subscriptions are nice but one sub can be easily replaced with one purchase of the game every 2-3 months by a new player. That isn't even considering crown store sales or new subs.

    Eventually the performance could get bad enough to cause a mass exodus, but right now that isn't happening. Players are instead switching to builds better suited to survive bad lag. Vivic is still maxed out on players every evening. Trust me I want performance fixes as my Bow/Bow builds do not do well holding block and waiting for the server to respond. But the game must continue to add new content for it to continue to grow.

    Hopefully the game will get large enough for ESO to look to add more staff and work more on performance.
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  • Tandor
    I guess it depends on what is meant by "fix".

    If there are people with performance issues then those certainly need to be fixed, but not everyone has them and for many the game will seem fine as it is.

    The trading system is a rubbish one in my view, and whilst that could do with being fixed, the game as a whole is fine. Individual issues may therefore need fixing according to each individual player's own perspective, but that doesn't mean that the game as a whole needs fixing, or that addressing one of the poll options will result in the overall game being fixed.

  • Elwendryll
    Find a way to make all roles meaningful, and change the dungeons/trials so you can't cheese by skipping the mechanics with damages. Less one shots, or tied to mechanics that allow you to prevent them from occurring other than just bursting the boss down before it moves.
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  • RebornV3x
    Performance fixes
    Performance and bug fixes and subtle class balence changes
    Xbox One - NA GT: RebornV3x
    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • MasterSpatula
    1. Rethinking the monetization strategy.
    2. Restructuring the gameplay/combat team, with a strong emphasis henceforth on remembering that making the game less fun is never a good tactic.
    "A probable impossibility is preferable to an improbable possibility." - Aristotle
  • LiquidPony
    ESO needs fixes, certainly. But I don't know if it needs "a fix", implying that it's altogether broken.

    I like the game a lot. It certainly has issues but IMO they're mostly things that can and will be addressed over time in incremental updates.

    That said, Cyrodiil performance is poor and even though I don't often play open world PvP, that's probably the most glaring issue in the game.

    Among the other options,

    1. I couldn't possibly care less about a Global Auction House. The current guild trader system is sufficient for my needs.
    2. We're getting a new class in the next Chapter, and while the current classes could use some tweaks, I have a lot of fun on many different specs right now (and they all shine in different roles in different content).
    3. UI Overhaul ... this is probably more urgent for console players. The UI is great on PC and enhanced by all sorts of fantastic add-ons.
    4. World updates ... it would be cool to have bigger, more dangerous events in the open world. I'd call this a nice enhancement, though, not a "fix".
  • Shadow-Fighter
    Nothing but the hope dies last
    Natch Potes is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get
  • Lathrop3
    Really I thought the game was fine if you found it boring you can always explore various different game modes, create a new character, and strive towards 100% completion which likely no one will ever get.

    In short, if there are large portions of the game that you haven't completed then I feel there isn't much of an argument of blaming the game.
  • barney2525
    So you're saying all those things are broken? Including 'other' ?

    Why doesn't your poll simply ask "What do you think is Broken?". And leave it at that. No extra examples or categories. It's never good when you try to influence the reader by inserting your own bias.
  • Mr_Walker
    Duukar wrote: »
    There needs to be a "classic" pvp server where proc sets don't work.

    Immob and snares need a look.

    Yes? When it's straight weapon skills it's a lot of fun, but most of the time it's two sets of tools trying to outsnare each other. Yawn.
  • WeerW3ir
    when noone online i just feel. 'its dead jim.'
    but tbhwhat we need is better servers, permoance changes, not destroying sets and not making huge nerfs which makes giant dissaproved by community.
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  • ZOS_GregoryV
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  • Thoragaal
    As a comparison, lots of the negativity currently in WoW atm holds true even in ESO:
    Which is basically the same subject I was touching upon earlier in this thread; lack of progression.
  • Yuffie91
    Why "fix" and not "improve"?

    More weapon skill lines so I can use more different weapons (some type of casting book like ff online uses for scholars would be cool!) So there is some more variety. And bosses dropping mounts,pets or other collectibles.
  • Krayl
    I only ever realize ESO is broken when I come to the forums and taste the salt.
  • Androconium
    I voted nothing on the basis that if any of the perceived problems were fixable, they would not currently be problems.

    Whatever you perceive as a problem to be fixed in ESO, they either can't or won't fix it.
    It's that simple.
  • Sygil05
    1. Fire whoever is in charge of combat, and then hire someone that understands how to develop large projects. 2 months later, and they still can't communicate their long-term plan, yet they're going ahead with introducing a new class and skill lines.

    2. Fire whoever is in charge of QA, and replace them with someone that understands how this process should work. We should not have to dread every update over something getting broken. Issues identified during PTS should be resolved or roll back the changes until you're prepared to release a finished product.

    3. Improve communication with the player base from people who are in positions to speak to the actual topic so that the response is relevant and thought out, and not just some throw away post to placate consumers.
  • AllPlayAndNoWork
    Separate PvP & PvE.
  • commodore64
    Most players I speak to would value time spent fixing bugged content, then performance of the game client. Anything else is 'topping'.
  • KoultouraS
    Performance fixes
    *ZOS sees the results being overwhelmingly for permormance fixes
    *Decides to launch a new set of crown crates
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