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What aren't houses physically limited?

  • Aimora
    They had something similar in LOTRO - you had to pay rent to keep the house or were locked out, initially you didn't lose the house, but it resulted in may neighbourhoods being ghost towns as people stopped playing and houses were abandoned, then they changed it so you lost the house if you didn't pay the rent which allowed others to buy the house - personally I prefer the way ESO does housing.
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  • Ermiq
    Odd, no one mentioned that this thing just couldn't work in ESO's megaserver model. Do you know how much players are there at the same server with you? Those people you see in towns is not all the people in the town actually, there are separated channels and you just don't see other players from other channels.
    Just imagine, players from all the Europe, Africa and Asia trying to get the same house for their character.
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  • bellatrixed
    Star Wars Galaxies was the first MMO I played and it had open world housing. It was neat in that game because it was a sandbox game (the likes of which no longer really exist, sadly) and the entire game was designed from the ground up to support the idea that players could place things in the open world.

    This would never work in ESO because ESO is an instanced themepark game. Why do I care if someone else owns the same house I do? Mine is a private instance that can be anything I want it to be. I think I've spent enough hundreds of $$$$$$$$$ + tens of millions of gold to have the right to have as many houses as I want without additional limits.
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  • Xerikten
    in an other mmo you just had to pay rent and there was a unlimited number of houses ( apartments/guild halls) for each location. you had to pay rent to enter and for others to enter. if you ever wanted to do housing that mmo has the best I have ever seen. you could even pay rent up to 12 weeks in advance. the only downside was some rent also cost status points which was earned most easily from crafting writs.

    I see no reason to have to lose a house in this game as there is really no reason for it to ever happen. ie they are not unique to the game in the sense only one player can have it. besides many of us have spent hundreds of thousands of gold and a lot of crowns on them.
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