Do you like the changes to the bridges and milegates?

Just interested whether people are enjoying the changes made to bridges and milegates.
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Do you like the changes to the bridges and milegates? 180 votes

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Like the idea but not the implementation
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  • frozywozy
    Too soon to make an opinion. What I can say is that it looks like something nice for a very active map (primetime during the weekend) but won't change much the rest of the time.
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    • Change emperorship to value faction score points and not alliance points - see this and this
    • Fix the permanent block animation - see examples : link1 link2 link3 link4 link5
    • Change Retreating Maneuvers to apply only to 12 players and give it the Streak treatment
    • Add 2 more quickslots to the wheel or add a different wheel for sieges weaponry only
    • Gives players 10 minutes to get back into Cyrodiil after relogging / crashing
    • Increase Forward Momentum snare immunity duration to 8 seconds
    • Assign specific group sizes to specific campaigns (24-16-8)
    • Make forward camps impossible to place near objectives
    • Add an escape move to templars other than mist form
    • Fix crashes when approaching a keep under attack
    • Make snares only available from ground effects
    • Change emperorship to last minimum 24hours
    • Fix body sliding after cc breaking too quickly
    • Fix the speed drop while jumping - see video
    • Bring back dynamic ulti regeneration
    • Fix speed bug (abilities locked)
    • Lower population cap by 20%
    • Add Snare Immunity potions
    • Wtb dynamic population
    • Fix long loading screens
    • Bring ResSickness
    • Fix gap closer bug
    • Fix health desync
    • Fix combat bug
    • Fix server lag
  • Theignson
    I find it tedious.
    I also don't like how ZOS broke the 3 fold symmetry of the map by sticking EP with a town sticking into AD territory (Crops) vs. an outpost (which DC and AD got), since the outposts are much easier to defend and built for defense. EP is at a disadvantage. This was pointed out in PTS but ignored.
  • Mrsinister2
    I ride down expecting bridge fight and there is no bridge or fight to be had
  • RedRook
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    Maybe it'll grow on me. I'm just glad they made some changes to the map.
  • Dudis
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    Overall i would say im positive to the changes, they need some tweaking though
  • Sandman929
    Any time invested in making changes in Cyrodiil is welcome in my book, and in console land I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
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  • Elong
    Friendly fire is now an option. I'm in love.
  • Mayrael
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    I don't like milegates as they are unfair. One side can be blocked while the other can still pass.
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  • arkansas_ESO
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    Three gates/bridges per "side" is too many; by the time you've destroyed all three bridges somebody's already went and repaired one. Should be lowered to two, spread far apart (ex. the bridge between Alessia and Sej and the bridge closest to the map's edge, with the second bridge in the middle beind removed) to encourage fights at the alternate paths they added in this patch.

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  • gabriebe
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    They should have less HP and you shouldnt be able to pass them after only getting it up to 25%.
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  • Ranger209
    I like things that allow players to impact the environment and the flow of the game so yeah I think it is a positive. May need some tweaking to get it to where they want it to be, but it's a good start.
  • Vevvev
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    The milgates are good, but they also have a serious flaw. If you want to assault lets say the AD from the DC side you can repair the left and right sides. This allows your faction to scale that wall while making it impossible for the AD to do so, but all it needs is one person to troll everyone by shooting at it. Suddenly the wall cannot be repaired and it causes a whole lot of heartache for everyone on their faction.

    Can we go around? Yes, but it could have been so much simpler if we could have had the sides repaired and usable.
    Edited by Vevvev on October 24, 2018 6:28PM
  • zyk
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    I have mixed feelings. It will be interesting to see how gameplay evolves.

    So far, very little has changed when one faction has an advantage over the others. They still steamroll the map with large stacks of players.

    I feel that lost in the novelty of destructable milegates and bridges is that we've lost some very fun structures to fight on.
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  • Mazbt
    In regards to the bridge, at first I thought it wouldn't be a good idea since people can run under, but they fixed that. I quite like that change. Milegate looks a lot nicer now as well.
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  • Ackwalan
    That goat path across the river is awesome. Had a scroll run across it, and even when AD had much greater numbers, the few that stayed to block the path. Did so, and completely stopped the greater numbers from crossing long enough that the scroll was long gone.
  • Recremen
    I have no strong feelings about the changes. I've only played one day with it but it didn't seem like a bad change, that's for sure. I'd say neutral and leading towards good for the slightly more complex map play?
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  • killahsin
    i absolutely think the changes to cyrodil are great for structured pvp.
  • NyassaV
    They need to put in a lot more hidden footpaths
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  • killahsin
    i think the sides of milegates need a lot less hp if im going to add anything. The sides should be equivalent to the center in total.
  • Mazbt


    Lol that made my day. Great situational awareness on their part too :P.
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  • blabafat


    Couldn't agree more with Karstyll
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  • Zer0oo
    Like the idea but not the implementation
    The milegates are asymmetrical while the bridges are symmetrical. All gates give always one side an advantage.(middle destroyed makes it only unpassable for one faction, you still can go up and attack the other side)

    Not sure how much tactical play they offer if they can be repaired that fast or let's say i have not seen one faction forced to take the goat path.

    A destroyed object is more or less a stale mate and just says move on. It does not really offer some kind of conquering it with one player sneaking past and open a portal etc.

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  • Nermy
    Any change to the map makes it a bit more interesting for those of us who have been there since release. Changes strategies which we haven't even began to think about.

    I have no problem with the outposts being closer to here or the other alliance has an advantage, it's all relative.

    Anyway, whatever changes they make won't stop the guys who PvDoor every morning, just makes it more interesting for prime time. :D
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  • Crixus8000
    I do and don't at the same time but leaning more towards no. I always enjoyed bridge fighting and now it can still be fun when people are trying to siege the bridge, but then there is other times when it's destroyed, I get no fight and have to run a long distance to get to the otherside and that get's very tedious.
  • amir412
    I think it is poorly implanted just to shut the community up.
    If the bridge is broken, what u see is 2 factions spamming projectiles like ***,
    NOW if some1 at ZOS had b****, they could easily use this situation to create 2-3 alternative routes to pass so pepole will actually need to spread, but not run the entire map again.

    Gotta love the comments "any changes to cyrodill is welcome" kek.
    Edited by amir412 on October 30, 2018 8:54AM
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  • d3adpain
    stupid change as if we didn't have those siege simulator players
  • Deep_01

    Best use of these are made only when huge groups coordinate on both sides of the battle. Not so good for solo players to contribute to the war.
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  • Beardimus
    susmitds wrote: »
    It looks good on paper, but is useless against zergs. You can repair them faster than anyone can damage it. 3 guys can repair them enough to be passable in 6 secs.

    Can you repair them while they are taking damage? Or are they like doors / walls?
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